President speaks out on defeat


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Nov 22, 2007
If he were to lose the election next February, President Yoweri Museveni says he would return to his Rwakitura home and live a comfortable life thereafter.

“If the results are not in my favour, you know I have got very good accommodation at Rwakitura [country home in Kiruhura district]; I am a very comfortable man.

Don’t think that I am in all this in order to look for what to eat. I am on a pan-Africanist programme. This is a programme we are always putting before you. But even if the people of Uganda were to vote and say we don’t want your programme, I would go and have my own programme in my home,” Museveni told journalists in Gulu on Sunday, at the end of his week’s tour of the Acholi sub-region.

The President was, however, quick to add that losing the election is a very remote possibility.

“Although theoretically I would go to my village and be very comfortable, practically I think I am likely to be back there in State House,” Museveni said

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