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President Kikwete’s 2010 Strategic Failure

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Makange, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Makange

    Makange Member

    Aug 28, 2010
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    President Kikwete has been having his lips dripping with the words of incompetence and unreliability since coming to power, and it's become nearly impossible to keep track of them all. With his forced and contrived smiles, he simply cannot stop himself from engaging in duplicities, exaggerations and propaganda that always distort the political record in his favor whenever he opens his mouth.

    He did it again last Friday during a somewhat contentious official launch of his re-election campaign in which he chastised the oppositions out of the gate: "I have looked at their manifestos and established that they have tried to copy ours. You, therefore, have no reason to go for a photocopy while the original is here".

    Perhaps the biggest joke being fobbed by CCM to the Tanzanian public is that they are some sort of experts when it comes to policy making. We all know that CCM are good at nothing. Remember these are the same people who have been in the administration for about half a century now of failed leadership and intolerable abuse of power. I am therefore asking myself – why does President Kikwete keep pretending that he is still a good leader?

    Listening to President Kikwete lecture on Good Leadership is like listening to Mr. Chenge a.k.a "Mzee wa Vijisenti" talk about morality; zero credibility.

    Tanzanians will recall CCM's Motto in 2005, "Ari Mpya, Nguvu Mpya, Kasi Mpya" in which they claimed that they were going to bring about "Maisha bora kwa kila Mtanzania". Well, we have all been the victims of this whole anticipated prank.

    President Kikwete talks the talk, but he has never walked the walk in his leadership, especially when it comes to accountability, fighting corruption and resource management. Not only has he accepted egocentric contracts, he has also been dealing irresponsibly with his corrupt allies. We therefore need to know – isn't he one among them?

    CCM's pretensions and duplicities will all be a comic story if their potential political implications are accurately perceived by the people. They are now trying to reconstruct their tarnished image but our noble minds tell us that this poor leadership is clearly positioning itself for a big fall. Anyone who thinks otherwise is simply fooling themselves.

    Well said, but Mr. President, CCM's Electoral Manifestos set out both strategic failure and the same old story we are tired of hearing.

  2. b

    bobishimkali Member

    Aug 28, 2010
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    Soma hapo nilipo-bold na ku-underline. Maisha bora kwa kila mtanzania hayawezi kuja bila wewe mwenyewe kujishughulisha na kazi mbalimbali.Unataka upate maisha bora bila ya wewe mwenyewe kujibidisha katika kazi.Kama unasubiri Kikwete akupe (akugawie) pesa ndipo uwe na maisha bora basi ndugu yangu haujaelewa philosophy ya kikwete ya maisha bora kwa kila mtanzania'. AMKA SASA NA UJITUME KATIKA KAZI NA UTAPATA MAISHA BORA,USISUBIRI KUGAWIWA PESA NA KIKWETE AU SERIKALI