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President Kikwete in New York with Mayor Bloomberg at UN

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by igwana123, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. igwana123

    igwana123 Senior Member

    Oct 3, 2012
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    Innovative Maternal Health Program in Tanzania Expected to Impact At Least 50,000 Mothers and Children by 2016

    An innovative maternal health program in Tanzania funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies is projected to impact at least 50,000 mothers and their children over the next three years, Mayor and philanthropist Michael R. Bloomberg announced today.

    More than 100 local non-physician clinicians including assistant medical officers and nurse midwives in Tanzania's most isolated areas have been trained to perform life-saving procedures including caesarean sections since the program began. The number of maternal deaths from bleeding and other complications in Tanzania have been reduced; in one district alone, maternal deaths declined by 32% in less than 2 years due to the project.

    To date, more than one thousand babies have been delivered by c-section in villages where women previously had to travel several hours to receive care – often when it was too late. Women in Tanzania deliver an average of 5.5 children in their lifetime, meaning every mother's life saved not only impacts her and her newborn but also the well-being of her other children.

    Tanzania has the eighth highest number of maternal deaths in the world; a woman dies from complications of pregnancy and childbirth almost every hour in Tanzania.

    "No one should have to die giving birth," said Michael R. Bloomberg. "Sadly, in some parts of the world, too many women die due to complications in childbirth because of inaccessible and inadequate care. We are implementing a pilot in Tanzania, a country with one of the world's highest rates of maternal deaths, where we have built a unique program that we know is already saving lives by providing emergency obstetric care in rural communities."

    "Reducing maternal deaths requires innovative approaches to delivering care in the hardest to reach places," said Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations. "I am encouraged by this type of partnership which, as we see in Tanzania, promises to improve the lives of women, their families and communities."

    "Through the efforts of Bloomberg Philanthropies and their partners, we are making progress in reducing maternal deaths in Tanzania which has been a high priority for my government," H.E. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, President of Tanzania, said. "The results-oriented approach of this program has provided life-saving procedures to thousands of women, and we look forward to expanding this effort with the additional support of the H&B Agerup Foundation to save lives and improve the health of Tanzanians."

    "After traveling to Tanzania to see firsthand the work, progress and results of this maternal health program, we saw an opportunity to contribute to the continued development and implementation of this program," said Helen Agerup, chair of H&B Agerup Foundation. "As an entrepreneur and medical professional, I was impressed by how this program challenged conventional medical approaches to improve mothers' and children's health and to save lives in some of the most remote parts of Tanzania."

    "With the contribution of H&B Agerup Foundation and the cooperation of the Tanzanian government, we can deepen this program's impact in some of the most remote regions of the country," Bloomberg said. "Early results show a two-fold increase in the number of health center-based deliveries, an important step towards reducing maternal death. As we monitor the progress of this ground-breaking work, we think it has the potential to become a model for other countries in Africa where maternal deaths are unacceptably high."

    Facts About Bloomberg Philanthropies Maternal Health Initiative

    According to the United Nations, almost 300,000 women die globally from pregnancy and childbirth every year. For every woman that dies, another 20 suffer an injury, illness or disability, often with life-long consequences.

    99% of maternal deaths occur in developing countries with over half of these in Sub-Saharan Africa. Tanzania has the fifth highest number of maternal deaths in Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Access to comprehensive emergency obstetric services can prevent most maternal deaths, yet women continue to die because there are few facilities with skilled personnel and the distances are long. The crux of the Bloomberg Philanthropies Maternal Health Program is the decentralization of life-saving health care services to the level of the village, where it is needed the most.

    The approach has two components:

    1) Upgrading Infrastructure
    Almost every community in Tanzania has access to a health care center that can provide basic health care services. The Bloomberg Maternal Health Program has upgraded these health centers by constructing operating rooms and other critical infrastructure needed for comprehensive emergency obstetric care.

    2) Training healthcare workers

    Most remote communities of Tanzania do not have a medical doctor, and obstetricians are almost non-existent in rural areas. Tanzania was an early adopter of a practical solution known as "task-shifting" which allows non-physician clinicians to provide health care services. Non-physician clinicians are much more likely to work in isolated communities than doctors. Recognizing this, our program trains non-physician clinicians - called Assistant Medical Officers (AMO) - to manage complicated deliveries, including caesarian sections, and nurse midwives to administer anesthesia.

    Today, Bloomberg Philanthropies announced a new investment in the program through a partnership with Geneva-based H&B Agerup Foundation over the next 3 years -- bringing the total commitment to $15.5 million since late 2006. The program operates in close consultation with the Tanzanian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. It is implemented by the World Lung Foundation and is evaluated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in partnership with the CDC Foundation.

    Tanzania: By The Numbers

    The United Nations' Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 5 calls for a 75% reduction in maternal mortality rates by 2015. At the current rate of progress, Tanzania is not on track to reach MDG 5. Our program strives to accelerate progress and early results suggest we are headed in the right direction. We are showing that women will use life-saving medical treatments and facilities when they are easily accessible and provide high-quality care.

    So far:
    1. Nine extremely remote heath centers have been upgraded. Prior to the program, patients had to travel 3-4 hours to the nearest hospital.
    Now, emergency obstetric care is available in the community.
    2. More than 100 non-physician clinicians have been trained in comprehensive emergency obstetric care or anesthesia.
    3. Health center utilization for delivery care has increased substantially, from about 3,500 deliveries per year in all 9 health centers prior to the program to about 9,000 in 2011 after the intervention.
    4. More than 1,000 c-sections have been performed.
    5. The Ulanga district, one of 7 districts where the program is operating, saw a 32% decline in maternal deaths after the program was implemented.
    6. Conservative projections show that at least 50,000 women and children will be impacted by our work.

    Oct 02, 2012 | Bloomberg Philanthropies
  2. igwana123

    igwana123 Senior Member

    Oct 3, 2012
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    Pongezi sana Mh. Rais Kikwete na Mayor Bloomberg kwa program hii nzuri itakayo saidia kina mama na watoto husan vijijini
  3. Saint Ivuga

    Saint Ivuga JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2012
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    you have gas and oil. Thats good we are coming to you
  4. H

    Honolulu JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2012
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    Kitendawili..... Tega!!! Ni nani rais goigoi na mwenye pepo la kuombaomba katika Afrika?...

    MPIGA ZEZE JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2012
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    Sasa na wewe GT igwana123 unafungua uzi na hata kabla mtu mwingine hajatoa maoni wewe unaanza kutoa pongezi za kimagamba!! Hili ni suala ambalo wananchi wenye maono wamelipigia kelele sana.

    Ninakumbuka katika kampeni za uchaguzi mkuu 2005 nilikuwa Dodoma na wagombea wa upinzani walikuwa wakitoa machozi kuhusiana na akina mama kujifungulia katika kitu walichokuwa wakikiita 'miyomboni' (sina uhakika na neno kama nilipatia kwa usahihi). Kilio hiki kimeendelea kiasi kwamba Mhe JK katika kampeni za mwaka 2010 aliwaahidi akina mama kuwapelekea Bajaj huko vijijini wakati kuna mashangingi yaliyonunuliwa kwa pesa za walipakodi yanakosa parking Dar - which was (and still) a shame on him.

    Sasa hamwezi kuamini kuwa hilo ni tatizo na aibu kubwa kwa nchi yenye utajiri tulio nao hadi lisemwe na Bloomberg na tena lisemewe New York ambako inabidi Rais asafiri kwenda huko kuambiwa kuwa hilo ni tatizo kubwa sana nchini mwako. Na mtu anajiita GT anakurupuka eti 'pongezi sana Mhe".

    Mimi kuna pahala ninafika nashindwa kuelewa nani alitulaani jamani.

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  6. Cynic

    Cynic JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2012
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    Kwa hiyo Bwana JK unafurahia hii achievement ya uongozi wako inapotangazwa on your face?
  7. Nicole

    Nicole JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2012
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    huyu mr. dhaifu anatudhalilisha sana, sasa hapo anaelewa kitu kweli?? maternal health na mtu anayezaa kila sketi ikimpitia karibu wapi na wapi?? huyu mzee atakuwa alidhaliliswa utotono sasa anataka kuprove watu kuwa yuko sawa while he is not.sasa huyo meya wa london si kama jerry slaa au yule walomweka magamba mwanza juzi kati, yaani rahisi anaona bonge la ishu kwenda kuongea na meya?? hivi kwanini alshabab hawatusaidii kumtungua huyu janga la kitaifa kama walivyomfanya saitoti?? hana faida nasi na wengi wamemchoka, binafsi nikisikia alshabab wamemlipua na bomu nitafanya bonge la sherehe, nitatumia savings zangu zote kualika mtaa mzima kula bata!!!
  8. sembuli

    sembuli JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2012
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    hiyo ziara ya marekani kwa nini asingemwagiza mh membe ambaye yupo hukohuko tangu majuzi?:spy:
  9. Azipa

    Azipa JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2012
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    JK anamnadi Membe kwa wafadhili. Hata ile kuhutubia UN nahisi ilikuwa part of the game plan

    Lowassa imekula kwakwe sema JK hatamweka bayana chaguo lake because Lowassa is still a strong force to reckon with. So JK playing his cards close to his chest very carefully not to hurt Lowassa for fear of retribution
  10. Mzee Mwanakijiji

    Mzee Mwanakijiji Platinum Member

    Oct 3, 2012
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    Mradi mzima unagharimh dola milioni 15.5?
  11. Father of All

    Father of All JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2012
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    Siku akitoka madarakani huyu Vasco da Gama atakufa kwa kukosa tripu za dezo. Huenda anakwenda kujiangalia afya yake. Maana viongozi wa kiswahili kwa kuficha maradhi hadi kilio kiwafichue.
  12. EMT

    EMT JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2012
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    Mimba siyo ugonjwa kama kama ilivyo malaria, kipindupindu au ukimwi. Lakini kupata mimba na kisha kujifungua salama kwa wanawake Tanzania ni kitendawili. Kila baada ya saa moja mwanamke mmoja anapoteza maisha wakati wa ujauzito au uzazi nchini. Kwa maana hiyo, mwanamke kuwa mjamzito ni either kufa au kupona.

    Kuwa mjamzito Tanzania is a very high risk kwa maisha ya mwanamke. Kati ya wanawake 35 wanaofariki kila siku wakati wa kujifungua, zaidi ya watoto 700 hubaki katika hali ngumu ya maisha huku wakikabiliwa na magonjwa mbalimbali yaliyojitokeza wakati wa uzazi. Wengine huzaliwa na kufa.

    Rais Kikwete alishawahi kusema kuwa "katika kukabiliana na changamoto za utoaji wa huduma bora za afya zinazosababisha vifo kwa wajawazito na watoto, Serikali imeanzisha mpango maalum kwa ajili ya kutoa huduma bora za uzazi salama." Lakini takwimu zilizopo zinaonyesha wazi kuwa katika kila huduma ya uzazi inayotolewa kwa wanawake 100,000, kati yao 450 hupoteza maisha na makadirio yanaonyesha katika kila kifo cha mjamzito, watoto wao nao hupoteza maisha.

    Sababu ziko wazi; ukosefu wa dawa na vitendea kazi kwa wafanyakazi wa afya, upungufu wa wafanyakazi na kukosekana kwa motisha wa kuendelea kuwaweka kazini wafanyakazi hao. Si jambo la busara kuona kuwa dawa na vitendea kazi hacipatikani kwa wafanyakazi wa afya. Hii ni dhahiri kuwa hakuna mawasiliano mazuri kati ya upangaji bajeti ya serikali na sekta ya afaya na matokeo yake vifo huongezeka.

    Hiyo program itasaidia wanawake 50,000 tuu kwa miaka mitatu kwa ku-upgrade infrastructure na ku-train healthcare workers. Baada ya hiyo miaka mitatu hao healthcare workers wataendeleaje kufanya kazi kama serikali yenyewe imeshindwa kuwa na bajeti ya kutosha kwa wizara ya afya?

    Utapunguzaje vifo vya wanawake wazito wakati umeshindwa ku-address concerns za wanaowatibu? Can you satisfy your customers if you can't even satisfy your employees who serve those customers?
  13. EMT

    EMT JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2012
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    The new investment in the programme just announced by Bloomberg Philanthropies over the next three years brings the total commitment to $15.5 million since late 2006. The fund is mainly provided by an American Bloomberg Philanthropies. Project is implemented by an American organisation and evaluated by another American organisation in partnership with another American organisation! So, you have American organisations involved in a $15.5 million project in Tanzania which will have an impact at least 50,000 mothers and their children over the next three years.

    At a news conference at UN Headquarters in New York, attended by President Jakaya Kikwete, he said "it is not fair for a woman to die while giving birth, while giving life to another human being. It is not acceptable." Got that?
  14. M

    Mkandara Verified User

    Oct 3, 2012
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    Kinachonishangaza miye hiyo Bloomberg Philanthropies hiutoa misaada kwa NGOs, kuna mshikaji amewahi kujiandikisha kuomba uhisani wao, leo nashangaa umekuwa mradi wa Taifa sielewi picha hii.
  15. Mzee Mwanakijiji

    Mzee Mwanakijiji Platinum Member

    Oct 3, 2012
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    Mkandara ndugu yangu kinachonishangaza mimi ni kuwa:

    a. Tumeshindwa kumobilize kutoka kwetu wenyewe kwa miaka yote tangu 2006 hadi sasa dola milioni 15.5 kushughulikia tatizo hili.

    b. Tumeshindwa kufanya hivyo (a) kwa sababu kwa muda wote huo hatujaona uzito wa janga hili la kitaifa. Miye nimeshtuka kwamba Tanzania ni ya 8 duniani kwa vifo vya kina mama wanaojifungua. Hili peke yake lingekuwa jambo la kusababisha mjadala Bungeni na kuleta matokeo ya haraka.

    c. Kwa sababu ya a na c tunahitaji Wafadhili ili watusaidie kukusanya resources na kusimamia ili kupunguza vifo vya dada, mabinti na mama zetu. Hii ni kashfa ndani ya kashfa kwa kweli.
  16. NdasheneMbandu

    NdasheneMbandu JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2012
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    Nyerere alisema kwamba UMASKINI WA MAWAZO NI MBAYA KULIKO UMASKINI WA AINA YOYOTE ILE na ndiyo tatizo la viongozi wetu wa kiafrika na hasa wa Tanzania. Thinking ya Rais Kikwete siku zote ipo inclined kwenye MISAADA na siyo ubunifu wa KUJITEGEMEA. Ugonjwa huu wanao viongozi wengi wa CCM. Wakati mwingine ninapokutana na mambo kama haya, huwa namkumbuka Edward Lowassa. Kwangu mimi, EL ni kiongozi pekee wa hivi karibuni aliyediriki kuhamasisha wananchi kujikamua na kujenga shule za sekondari za kata bila kutegemea misaada kutoka Marekani au Ulaya. Kwa maneno yake mwenyewe, aliwahi kusema kwamba shule nyingi za sekondari Tanzania zilijengwa tangu enzi za mkoloni na baada ya hapo serikali haikuwekeza sana kwenye ujenzi wa shule mpya. Kupitia initiative yake hiyo, leo hii tunaongea habari ya kuongeza walimu na vifaa vya kufundishia. Hatuongelei tena madarasa. Huu ni mfano wa kujitegemea katika kujiletea maendeleo.

    Mambo mengi katika nchi yetu yamekuwa hovyo siyo kwa sababu hatuna uwezo wa kuyashughulikia. Ni kwa sababu hatuna viongozi, full stop.

    Ni aibu kwa rais wa nchi kubwa na tajiri kama Tanzani kurandaranda kwenye nchi za wengine kushughulikia msaada wa USD 15.5 tena kwa kipindi cha miaka mitatu!!!! Ukipiga hesabu ya gharama ya safari na tripu zote atakazofanya akiwa kwenye harakati za kushughulikia suala hilo, inaweza kufika robo ya msaada huo!! Ni aibu, aibu, aibu sana. Fedha nyingi zinaachwa ziliwe na wanaoitwa eti wawekezaji kwa misamaha tele ya kodi halafu huyohuyo anayesamehe kodi anajidharirisha utu wake wa kuomba misaada ya kushughulikia suala nyeti kama la akina mama kujifungua, lahaulah!!, hakika nchi hii ina laana inayowatafuna viongozi.

    Huo ndiyo ulipaswa kuwa msimamo wa viongozi wetu. Namwomba Mungu sana atupatie kiongozi jasiri atakayebadili mtazamo wa kudhani kuwa maendeleo yetu yataletwa na wajomba kutoka Ulaya na Marekani badala ya sisi wenyewe. Naomba nimaliziea kwa kumnukuu Baba wa Taifa Mwl. Nyerere aliyesema "KAZI NDIYO MSINGI WA MAENDELEO. NCHI MASKINI HAIWEZI KUENDELEA KWA MSINGI WA FEDHA. NCHI MASKINI HAIWEZI KUJITAWALA KAMA INATEGEMEA MISAADA KUTOKA NCHI ZA NJE". Kwa mwenendo huu na tangu nimfahamu Kikwete kupitia kauli zake kwenye midahalo na mikutano ya kisiasa, siku zote anawaza MISAADA. This can explain why he has done nothing significant in economy in this country during his erra.
  17. Mingoi

    Mingoi JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2012
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    Malizia kujijibu na la mwisho.

    KOMBAJR JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2012
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    P.T.O. Donor syndrome:eyebrows:
  19. M

    MzeePunch JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2012
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    Hatuwezi kuachia hali hii ya kuomba omba iendelee milele. Kikwete na watu wake wanapaswa kutambua kuwa nchi yetu ina utajiri wa kutosha, na kamwe haipaswi kutegemea wafadhili kukomesha matatizo kama ya vifo vya wajawazito. Kwa nini matumizi yasiyo ya lazima serikalini yanazidi kuongozeka huku tukiacha kushughulikia masuala nyeti kama usalama wa wananchi wetu? Mpaka sasa sielewi, kwa mfano, kwa nini serikali inaendelea kutumia fedha za walipa kodi masikini kununua magari ya kifahari kwa ajili ya vilaza wasioleta tija yoyote kwa taifa. Nani anaweza kuelezea hili? Mbona serikali za wenzetu, wakiwemo majirani zetu, wametambua hili? Ikifika 2015 (ingawa mimi naona ni mbali sana) tuwakatae viongozi wabinafsi na wasio wabunifu ili angalao tuweze kupiga hatua ya maendeleo. It really gets on my nerves.
  20. l

    luckman JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2012
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    du, nimekusoma vizuri mkuu, mkwer-e akili alizisahau kwao, hayo hayajui make focus yake inaona masaa mawili mbele hali wao ni zaidi ya miaka mia mbele!yangu macho ka sintakuwepo kabuli langu litakuwa shahidi!tunauzwa tunajiona?kwanini misaada Tanzania kila wakati?sisi ndo tunahitaji misaada kweli?sio mali asili zetu kweli>??mkwer-e ni mkwer-e macho yake yametiwa pilipili!