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President is presiding on dysfunctional government

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Richard, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. Richard

    Richard JF-Expert Member

    Jul 13, 2012
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    Our country is in trouble only for three reasons.

    First, the government is unable to deal with ongoing strikes in all hospitals in the country as doctors demand better pay and condusive environment to perfom their duties, pensions and reliable equipment which the governement has failed to meet.

    The only short term solution was to stop Dr Ulimboka from meddling with the discussion acting as intermediary between the government and striking doctors. Only to succumb to leaks that two or more assailant who tried to kill Dr Ulimboka were actually state agents.

    Second, the government has failed to deal with opposition as they see it as threat to their next general election and they are in paradox how to stop the popularity which is now gaining momentum with Chadema gaining more approval from electorate who especially youths want to change the scenario of political play ground.

    The third problem with this government is within it own parliament when the MPs instead of sitting and discussing issues surounding our country right now icluding economy, doctors strike, our money more than 300 bilions in swiss accounts and how they got there at first place.

    The parliament has become a place to raise many ridiculous issues such as people planning to kill other people, or some MPs been pursued fo nothing than mere suspicions that they are cooking up verbal attacks trying to get into state house by notifying public about everyday issues surrounding the dysfuntional government.

    All these is happening under watchful eye of CCM government which was given the mandate under Mr President Kikwete to lead this nation for nearly 10 years without any positive outcome. Our government is not working. It has become dysfunctional.

    Some of the dysfunctional performance of government stems from the Constitution and a system of divided government and checks and balances that purposely contain inherent contradictions to limit power among the three branches.

    The Constitution we are still going around the counrty looking for opinions as we did for introdusing multi party system in 1992, the government has divided itself in such a way we dont see any reputable politician with calibre who will be ready to be standing and saying any common sense issues, instead we see some new generation of attention and sympathy seekers somewhere coming up.

    Checks and balances when tax payers money is being misused for unjustified foreign trips and people are still looking for second meal for ending a day.

    To make matters worse, the excessively "adversarial" nature of government has driven political discourse beyond the bounds of civility and reason, devolving into a nearly continuous cycle of attack campaigns and negative blackmailing that produce dangerous levels of hostility and acrimony between the politicians from both major parties.

    I wonder ever day who will come to the rescue to restore the government so to have ability to function and have proper administration which lokks after electorate who put there.

    We dont know what can be said for future generations, who will inherit a broken state if we do not act in a way that we have responsible MPs who will forms the future of our country

    And the answer we have, we need change.

    We have votes and we keep them until general election 2015.

    What you think, bring your ideas.
  2. Richard

    Richard JF-Expert Member

    Jun 21, 2015
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    Looking at the reasons, the first in which Dr Ulimboka was treated in South Africa after he was taught a lesson by his assailants who apparently were to be found to be the state agents to stop him been an obstacle to progress.

    Also looking on the third reason that MPs were not ready to go into detail in scrutinizing the legitimacy of government officials to have offshore accounts in Switzerland, of course we can change this one with one and more lucrative graft practice of its kind-ESCROW account Zitto Kabwe had already had his mouth shut and in the end he changed his course only to follow his own personal friends who had created something in the name of ACT.

    Now he is in India at one of his last visits as the president of URT for 10 years of hell, here he comes to say goodbye to his long term friends, he comes with his long distance falling tone to say," we don't use us dollar as the currency in action".

    The dollar has surpassed our own Tanzania shilling!

    What on earth is going on!
  3. Sibonike

    Sibonike JF-Expert Member

    Jun 21, 2015
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    Countries get leaders they deserve. That is what we deserve in Tanzania.
    If we don't like it, it's in our own hands to change things.
    Mediocre people, get mediocre leaders.