President for a day: 'Punish corruption worshippers'



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President for a day: 'Punish corruption worshippers'

President for a day: 'Punish corruption worshippers'

Imagine you are your country's newly-elected head of state.
The BBC's Network Africa programme is giving you the opportunity to broadcast your inaugural speech.
What would you change? What policies would you pursue? Who would you work with and who would you sack? What solutions would you bring to your country's problems. Who would be your allies in the international community and why? How much would you want to be paid? What would you contribute to Africa as a leader?
Read our president for a day inaugural addresses below and send us yours using the postform at the bottom of the page:
Tuesday 2 February: His Excellency President Fredrick Mtundu
Monday 1 February: His Excellency President Tendai Sean Joe

Every Monday to Friday, throughout February, the president of the day's speech will be broadcast on Network Africa and also added to this page so keep coming back to read the latest contribution.

His Excellency, President Fredrick Mtundu:

Dear citizens of Tanzania, I hereby highly and humbly thank you all for electing me as your new president.

Just remember all of you are also part of the government, so let us build this country together

President Fredrick Mtundu

I can assure you that the work we have been campaigning for has just started and we will move this country to prosperity and dignity.
With your support, I am confident and believe that together we shall change this country.
There is no reason why this country is poor and people are suffering while we are blessed with all the natural resources on the planet.
Serious and committed
I assure you that my major aim is for every citizen to enjoy the natural resources on this land and make poverty history.
By doing so, I am serious and committed to deal aggressively with all corrupt leaders who are the main source of poverty in this country.
There will be zero tolerance on corruption by making sure all the greedy, selfish leaders face justice.
We are going to review our laws to make sure that serious punishment will be imposed on those worshiping corruption.
My second commitment will be on agriculture.

Fredrick would be committed to job creation

Since agriculture is the backbone of our economy, we will focus on improving our agriculture by providing funds to our farmers to make sure they are doing modern agriculture so there is an increase in our annual production in this sector. We will also provide agricultural experts from the villages level.
No room for bureaucracy
My third commitment will be focusing on job creation.
This will be through encouraging more genuine local and foreign investors and making sure that bureaucracy has no room in this sector.

My first promise to the people of Liberia is the provision of water, electricity, cheap transportation, better education and the promotion of agriculture
Henry M Sumo Jr, Monrovia

Furthermore we will provide training and support for young people so that they can get the skills and experience needed to build the economy of this country.
My fourth commitment will be on improving our infrastructure across the country, making sure transportation, communication and power are in good conditions.
May I finish by calling all of us to be hardworking, creative and to stand together in building this beautiful country.
Just remember all of you are also part of the government, so let us build this country together.
May God bless Tanzania!

When Fredrick Mtundu is not the president of the day, he is a student at university in the UK.

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