President Donald Trump, please save America, the World, humanity and civilization


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Jan 4, 2017

The “mainstream”, a.k.a Satanic media, have been lying about everything that really matters.

They have a large share of the population believing the opposite of the truth:that is lies.

We know that the American presidential election was stolen. There are literally truckloads of evidence which prove that fact.
No court has ruled against Trump on the evidence.

Every court that ruled against Trump fabricate privolous legal excuses to not hear the evidence! Stealing the election is stealing the government! It is an ILLEGAL TAKEOVER OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES BY HOSTILE FOREIGN POWERS AND ENTITIES: namely, the Deep State, Vatican, Italy China (and other hostile nations).

The recent mass censorship of the social media against President Donald Trump by Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. is essentially working in partnership with foreign nations like China and other entities against the US!

They are already imposing China’s dictatorship on the USA, and now they are installing their puppets Biden and Harris, as President and Vice President respectively. The Biden family has been taking millions of US dollars in bribes from China for many years. Kamala Harris'husband has openly been an employee of China for many years.

He is a lawyer. His main client has been China. Nearly all of the Democratic Partys' members of Congress have been owned by China for many years. And a substantial number of Republicans too! Mitch McConnell’s father in law is a major business owner in China!Most of major American corporations have been selling out America to China.

For thirty years, they have been cannibalizing America, dismantling factory parts and sending them to China.They are selling off what Americans have built over the years and what the American people own, as shareholders, through their investments and their retirement funds, for their corporate bosses for private profit.

The mainstream media TV networks always skew the news in favor of global corporations, because they own them,and that’s what gives the TV networks their money!

Mcorporations pretend to buy the advertising,but actually own the networks.

What should Trump do. There needs to be a mass release of secrets:government documents that lay out bare the mass corruption and evil of government and corporate officials. President Trump has hopefully done such a mass declassification,
and will make such a release soon.

The 15,000 or so troops now in DC need to be used to make mass arrests of corrupt government officials,especially the Deep State, including many members of Congress, most top managers of most government agencies,
and even many federal judges!

All of the above have been acting illegally on a massive scale, handing America over to the Deep State and China!
All of those fences recently set up around buildings in DC need to be used for arresting Deep State members, not to keep protesters out! Everything that’s been going on: the stealing of the election,the massive lying about the American Election by the mainstream media a.k.a the Satanic media, and their corrupt corporate sponsors, constitute a hostile takeover of the USA and the World.

All of those actions qualify as an insurrection, and fully justify invoking the Insurrection Act of 1807.
Furthermore, Executive Order 13848 from 2018 defines foreign interference in a U.S. election as an insurrection.

That fully justifies the implementation of Executive Orders 10995 through to 11005, all dated February 16, 1962,which authorize the U.S. government to seize all the TV and radio stations in the country, as well as all the telephone and other communication systems, all the transportation systems, all power generating systems, and virtually everything else in the country!
This is necessary, because owners of much, if not most, of that infrastructure, have been used in the service of China and the Deep State against America.

If President Trump would do exactly what he is supposed to do, he will be DIVINELY saving America,the World and civilization. God bless President Trump and God bless the World.


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Oct 7, 2017
Nilimpenda Dt alivyokuwa anaisughurikia Uchina. Basi ikiwa mambo yako kama ulivyoeleza. Basi maneone ya Saro Wiwa yatatumika na marekani pia.

"America killed her own sun"

Toa taarifa ya maudhui yasiyofaa!

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