Praise be to the government


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Feb 11, 2007
Praise be to the government
Adam Lusekelo
Daily News; Tuesday,March 11, 2008 @17:01

I WOULD like to greatly congratulate the government for succeeding where other governments in most of Africa have failed. It has vastly raised the culture of reading in our scandal-ridden country.

You open any page in our papers and it's a scandal galore. Some crooks want to destroy Tanesco. Richmond , Songas, IPTL, Kiwira. And there is more to come. We ain't seen nothing yet. Some of those who have robbed money from the BoT are now being fiercely protected by their buddies in the government.

Believe me from the way I know Bongo, nothing is going to happen. No one will go to jail. But Tanzanians will be treated to a dose of more fancy cars, especially in the streets of Dar es Salaam. I hear that well-placed sources say some of the robbers swore that they were duped to be bank robbers and told they would never have to return the funds.

When I first read about this I examined my juice. Maybe someone had spiked it with some alcohol. I thought I was bombed. But no, there was no booze in the juice! Now one of the robbers says he thought he would never have to return the money. Really? I know that the bank robbers stole big. But I never knew that robbers had the nerve to insult our intelligence, too.

Of course if the government wanted to do something it would. But the robbery tarnishes nearly anyone who is anything in Bongo. Just how can someone just come to me from the sky and tell me to go and get free money being dished out at the BoT? I would run! How could you give me for money's sake?

But this has been done in our Bongo. Former governor, Daudi Ballali, was definitely not alone in the scam. I hear other BoT officials followed suit and urged other robbers to go to the BoT and get the money in exchange for a hefty cut.

Attorney General, Johnson Mwanyika has urged the media to show restraint to avoid prejudicing ongoing investigations in the robbery. I might as well remind him that in some countries like the People's Republic of China, guilty bank robbers are dispatched with a bullet at the back of the head.

In Bongo, we protect and even embrace them as they show off the toys they have bought from the filthy lucre. But former governor Ballali was a smart alec of some sort. He made sure that all the big bosses' hands were tainted by the robbery. That is why some fear that the names will never see the light of day. It is a state secret.

Ballali will continue to get sick, until he gets tired of it. Of course I know the government knows where he really is although we are told he is somewhere in Outer Mongolia learning how to be a horse rider. Some government sources swear that Dr Daudi Ballali was last seen in Mars!
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