Plots in prime areas for sale in tanzania, east africa.



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These lands are situated in the beautiful area of Upanga, Osterbay, Ada Estate, Regent Estate, Mwenge, Msasani Peninsula, Kigamboni, Kawe Beach, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa. Multinational companies are acquiring lands here rapidly and substantially for commercial and residential purposes. The property market is strong in Tanzania despite the economic downturn.

For more information about these below plots +255 784 225 000 or email at or visit:

These lands are being sold directly by owners for the prices range from USD 500,000 and above. Potential investors will be dealing with experienced local practitioners in obtaining the proper documentation

1.Upanga Ocean View opposite Court Yard, 2400 square meter. Permission for building eight flats to twelve. Each floor four apartments of 3/4 bedrooms. Every furnished apartment can be rented for $ 2500 t0 2600 per month. The Price for this plot is USD 2.6m/-

2. 5,600 square meter Plot. Located at Osterbay Dar es Salaam.
Ideal for Villa construction. Here an investor can build up to 14 villas. Each villa can be rented for minimum USD 3000 per month. This plot is for sale at USD 2.5mil.

3. 3200 square meter plot. Also at Osterbay Dar. It is a Beach plot. Here an investor can build minimum eight villa for which each of these villas can be for USD 5000 per month.

4. 3000 square meters. Located at Regent Estate. Here an investor can build up to six floors of four apartments of 3/4 bedrooms. Each apartment can be rented for minimum USD 2,600 or 2800.per month

5. One acre plot size. Located at Mwenge. It is a corner plot. Sam Nujoma Road opposite Menge Market. Here an investor can build up to ten floors and above. An ideal area for building office block for banking offices, shopping center, supper market. After development he can rent 30 usd per squire meter. Selling price is USD 2ml/-.

6. 2400 squire meter. Located Msasani Peninsula. Building permission for five floors. Each floor apartment of 3/4 bedrooms. With furnished can be rented for $ 2,000 to 3,000/- per month. Selling price for this plot is 1.4mil/-

7. Beach Plot located at Bagamoyo. Seven acres. White sands. USD 700,000/-.

8. Kigamboni, 15 acres, white sands, USD 800,000/-.

9. Bagamoyo. 4 acres. Beach plot. White sand. Selling Price USD 450,000.

10. Bagamoyo. 10,000 Acres. Within this farm there is great Ruvu River passing through . Dar es Salaam city and Pwani region depending water supply from this river. This farm is ideal for different kind of food and cash crops. Irrigation farming is allowed. Selling price is USD 4mil/-

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