PICTURES of The 10 Global Cities With The Best Infrastructure


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Aug 2, 2010
[h=1] [/h][h=2]9. Vancouver, Canada (tie)[/h]


Jason Hargrove via flickr Creative Commons

The University of British Columbia's (UBC) Bioenergy Research and Demonstration Facility was named one of the world's 100 most innovative and inspiring projects urban infrastructure projects by KPMG.
UBC's clean energy project will be the world's first biomass-fueled heat-and-power generation system operating on a community-sized scale, the university said in July.

[h=1]9. Hamburg, Germany (tie)[/h]

Wikimedia Commons

Hamburg is home to a modern airport and Europe’s second largest container port.

[h=2]8. Sydney, Australia[/h]


paul bica via flickr Creative Common

Sydney's placement on the list is not without controversy.
PricewaterhouseCoopers called it the fourth-worst major city in the world for transport and infrastructure.

[h=2]6. London, UK (tie)[/h]


mostaque via flickr Creative Commons

Slagin Parakatil, a senior researcher at Mercer, said, “London’s high ranking in the infrastructure index reflects
a combination of high level of public services offered, with its extensive public transportation system including
airports, the London Underground buses and railroad services.”

[h=2]6. Hong Kong, Hong Kong[/h]


antwerpenR via flickr Creative Commons

Hong Kong's metro system, the MTR, is considered by some to be the best in the world. One report states as
many as 90 percent of all travel in Hong Kong is conducted on the MTR.

[h=2]5. Düsseldorf, Germany[/h]


松林Lvia flickr Creative Commons

“Infrastructure in German and Danish cities is among the best in the world, in part due to their first-class airport f
acilities, international and local connectivity, and a high standard of public services,” said Slagin Parakatil,
a senior researcher at Mercer.

[h=2]4. Copenhagen, Denmark[/h]


olgite via flickr Creative Commons

Copenhagen's small size, canals, and affinity for bike-riding make for beautiful, relaxing commutes.

[h=2]2. Munich, Germany (tie)[/h]


Nick Frank

Munich has one of the most visually stunning subway systems in the world.

In a series called "Subway," which Frank shared with us, the Munich U-Bahn resembles something out of '2001: A Space Odyssey.'
The empty stations and tunnels are by turns beautiful and frightening, though there are splashes of color, too.


Wide Seat SUBWAY

[h=2]2. Frankfurt, Germany (tie)[/h]


Wikimedia Commons

Bundesautobahn 5, part of the famed German autobahn, runs through Frankfurt. The 25-km stretch between
Frankfurt and Darmstadt is the longest section of the autobahn at eight lanes.

[h=2]1. Singapore, Singapore[/h]


slack12 via Flickr

The highlight of Singapore's infrastructure is definitely its airport — it even has its own pool!

[h=1]This Airport In Singapore Is So Wonderful, You'll Actually
Pray For A Flight Delay
[/h] Unlike most international airports, the focus at Chiangi is on the traveler
experience. There are TV lounges with big, comfy chairs everywhere.


This is no ordinary airport interior. Chiangi has an entire wall with plants that are rotated in from the airport


But it's also a money maker: visitors can only ride the full four stories if they've spent $8 at an airport retailer.


Another unique feature: Chiangi is filled with gardens. This is the butterfly garden.


Even the bathrooms are stylish. The toilets have touch screens that let you inform an attendant if the toilet paper
runs out.



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Aug 2, 2010
SINGAPORE is the PLACE to BE... But GERMANY has the BEST Infrastructures - MOST OF THEIR CITIES has different UNIQUE INFRASTRUCTURE...

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