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People’s power movement and our political Barometer

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Geza Ulole, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. Geza Ulole

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    Mar 6, 2011
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    [FONT=&quot] People's power movement and our political Barometer[/FONT]
    It's obvious the current patriotic maneuvers that have taken CHADEMA to the Lake zone regions have cold feet CCM and found them in an impasse situation to exactly know its implications to their survival in power considering their increasing disapproval of their impunity ordeals in the eyes of the Wananchi! But, shouldn't CCM ask itself why has CHADEMA taken such an approach to directly face the Wananchi? It is disheartening to realize how our Bunge has gone Draconian now (compelled behind the scene by heavy weights who remotely control our figure head Madam Speaker) to safeguard the self-interests that will soon harm this nation! Here is a turn of events at our just ended Bunge!

    • Dowans issue that had every chance to be diligently discussed in that "not so esteemed law Chamber by now" was dragged to a delay if not to a complete blockage from any possibility a motion to be tabled for discussion on that corruptly hefty lump sum awarded. When the argument heated up we heard the issue had been submitted at the Court though to any smart person that was a scape to halt any possibility of introducing the matter in the parliament as there was no any serious intentions of active court even during proceedings that awarded hefty compensation on the alleged breach of contract. All this happened on the eve of a unit cost rise and a seriousily crippling power rationing (detrimental to our manufacturing sector and investors confidence)introduced by Tanesco with the blessing of our caretaker EWURA.
    • Moreover a democratic healthily argument arose between the "insensitively but thepoors detached" but openly and jestingly self-proclaiming "Mtoto wa Mkulima" and a charismatic Junior MP from Arusha on what transpired on the eve of Arusha killings of demonstrators! The ineffective authoritatively "Mtoto wa Mkulima" was reported to have said the Mayor election went according to the set democratic regulations; a statement that persuaded the Arusha MP to request for an explanation of what actions can be taken when a government highest cadre in the Parliament is misrepresenting facts that touch on affairs of his constituent. As a sign of intolerance of that respected chair of Law makers, the Madam speaker explosively summoned the Arusha MP to attest on alleged "PM lied accusation" but on the countdown towards a submission day the Madam speaker reversed her orders and asked the Jr MP to submit his evidence in person probabily as a result of sensing an overwhelmingly public interest on the issue!
    • As a coincidence while the main issues went unanswered, the Gongo la Mboto reckless accident occurred two years after a similar incidence but on a different spot occurred and this time claiming lives of nearly the same innocent people to the one prior(i.e. 26 deaths compared to 30 in Mbagala). Bunge was abruptly adjoined as a result of evading a possibility of calls to resign to the elite but untouchable, irresponsible minister of Defense and Army Chief from disgruntled opposition MPS ! Though it was deludingily explained as a result of Gongo la Mboto accident, no official state mourning of the lost souls was conducted (e.g. the half-flag processions that usually take place on such occasions).
    In such undignified cowardance manners to censor any possibilities of constitutional mandated opposition to discuss issues of great importance to our nation welfare; where could have been a substitute venue for a patriotic party to speak out their disapproval of government mishandling of issues that heavily impact the Wananchi's daily affairs while continuing to threaten our cohesiveness as a nation? Can the current outbursts of the CCM cardes be substantiated? Don't we need the wrath of the people to fall on them so as to show their disapproval of state failures to solve their daily woes?

    CCm thinks NO! But it is no secret anymore with the current unabated hiking of living expenses and a continuing refusal of the Government to tackle them by simply issuing decent wages to civil servants and contain adverse effects of spiraling costs of commodities (including food) that also affects our economy badly; the government has muzzled our accustomed approaches to address the issues and has stubbornly refused to offer an action/rescue plan as a way out of the problems that face each of us and hence fell out of touch to the common Wananchi. From those due facts it is then not surprisingly the current political tour by CHADEMA has got CCM displeasure fever especially with the current turn of events on the popular uprising taking place in the Middle-east.

    I for one, condemn the unconstitutional, disrespectful and unappealing misguided-remarks by our deaf eared Commander in chief (another figure head) on matters concerning our stability but issuing a derogatively response on recommendable democratic path taken by CHADEMA to face the people after being locked out by force in the Parliament, by the cover of a threat to the general PEACE. If at all our Commander in Chief is sensitive on matters that heavily affect us, he should have acted effectively on the matters that have eroded a general public faith on his governance.

    I also congratulate the good work CHADEMA does to sensitize the general public to take an active participation in matters that affects them but have been taken for granted by the ruling party since AWARENESS is lacking. I argue the state security organs to abstain taking orders from power obsessed CCM and use any excessive force to prevent the ongoing democratic means taken to address the forgotten poor people of the ordeals that are sabotaging the country since the Parliament and the Court have been made useless!