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Nov 14, 2007


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Dear Partner,
I come to you with a broken heart.
You may have heard by now that my wife, Suzanne,
whom I love very much and always will, filed for divorce
on February 1. Even though Suzanne has been under great
stress, the children and I never expected this to happen.
Divorce was the last thing on my mind and theirs.
It was a total shock when her lawyer called me the
morning of February 17 to inform me that she had filed 16
days before. Suzanne never gave the family even a hint
that this was on her mind. Even to this moment, the
children and I don’t know why she did it.
Neither did her parents know, until I told them
myself on the 17th.
As I said earlier, I love my wife, and I am praying
that the Lord Himself will take care of this and bring
healing to my precious family.
I also want you, my very dear partner, to know that
there was absolutely no immorality involved in my life​

P.O. B​
Ox 162000, IrvIng, Tx 75016-2000 • www.BennyHInn.Org

or in Suzanne’s, ever. We both kept our lives clean and
were totally committed to each other for 30 years of
My wife has no biblical grounds for what she has done.
We both have kept our covenant with God and stayed
pure before Him, and I am praying with all my heart that
our precious Lord Jesus will heal my family and protect
His work for His glory.
I want you, as my partner in this ministry, to know
that I am going to continue preaching the Gospel and
praying for the sick as I have for 36 years. I will not
allow anything to slow me down or stop me.
My commitment to my precious Jesus is forever, and
nothing will ever change that. I know He will protect His
precious name, and glory and honor will be given to Him
And now I ask you, as my partner whom I love and
appreciate very much, to pray for Suzanne, for our family,
and for me, that the Lord will strengthen us and keep us,
and that His will be accomplished in our lives always.
My precious children, whom I love very much​
Natasha, Joshua, and Elesha
—and I thank you for all you
have done and continue to do for the glory of our precious
Redeemer and Savior, Jesus, God’s precious Son.
In closing, I want you to know that my children and I
are doing well. I am going to pray and do everything as a
dad to make sure that my children and my grandchildren
fulfill their destinies in God and bring glory to the name
of Jesus all the days of their lives.
Thank you again for your prayers and support...
I love you very much,

Benny Hinn


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Jan 25, 2010


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Mimi nilisoma jana habari ya Pastor BENNY hapa kampala nahaya unayoandika mkuu yamenishtua. Hapa kampala inadaiwa kafanya issue kubwa,habari yenyewe unamweza kuisoma vema. HII HAPA
Pastors Name Benny Hinn Sodomy Bonkmate
City Pastors at Mwanga II Court yesterday-

Anti-sodomy pastors in Uganda last night lifted the lid and named a local pastor who was sodomised by controversial and renowned international evangelist, Benny Hinn. Yesterday, we reported that Hinn, while on a visit to Uganda last year, not only faked miracles on how the “lame walked, the blind had their eyes opened, the deaf heard, the sick recovered” but also shattered Side B of a top-notch pastor in the country. We further revealed that Hinn’s romps with the pastor culminated into a divorce petition which his wife, Suzanne Hinn filed before a Los Angeles Court last month.

Suzanne filed the papers in Orange County Superior Court, citing irreconcilable differences which, sources, say are related to his obsession with whoppers. The Court papers note that the couple separated on January 26 after Suzanne learnt about the Kampala debacle, and that Hinn had been living in Dana Point, a wealthy coastal neighbourhood in southern Orange County, spanking and bonking young boys. Sources close to Suzanne reveal that she was tired of living with a ‘ghost’ Hinn who was always either in East Africa or Asia seeing boys and male pastors. City Pastors Solomon Male and Simon Kyazze yesterday named Hinn’s sodomy bonkmate in Uganda but we can’t reveal the name of the pastor here for legal reasons.

Male and Kyazze, while at Mwanga II Court yesterday, shouted on top of their voices the name of the sodomised pastor as they held copies of yesterday’s Red Pepper which carried a screaming headline ‘BENNY HINN SODOMISED KAMPALA PASTOR’.
Pastor Male shouted: “We know him, we know the pastor who was sodomised. He is Pastor… Very soon his wife will also divorce him.”
In an exclusive interview with this tabloid, Male revealed that he was not surprised to hear that Benny Hinn sodomised Pastor… because it was not the first time.
He said: “It’s not the first time. He has been sodomising many pastors around. I’m not shocked. Benny Hinn’s co-founder at TBN Network, Paul Crouch resigned from ministry in his Church after he had sodomised his employee and had to pay him USD425,000 for the information not to be published in the media.”

In September, 2004, Crouch paid a former employee, Lonnie Ford a USD425,000 (about Shs800m) formal settlement to end a sexual harassment lawsuit.
Ford alleged that he was forced to have a homosexual encounter with Crouch under threats of job termination at a Network-owned cabin at Lake Arrowhead in 1996. TBN officials acknowledge the settlement.

He added that Hinn had an advance team of followers whom he paid to fake different categories of miracles and diseases which he later claimed to have cured after prayers.
“Benny Hinn is part of the false prosperity gospel responsible for defrauding millions of people worldwide who are desperate for a breakthrough in social, economic, physical health, political, security and intellectual aspects, among others. “He is like a rotary owner who targets the desperate and is among the many preachers today involved in religious merchandising where God, Jesus and Holy Spirit are catch words,” said Pastor Male.
He added that Hinn’s plight, troubles and evils must be an eye-opener for Ugandans who think their pastors can’t go wrong, especially those desperate to pay for Visas, marriage healings and any other breakthrough.

“It’s high time people woke up and stopped hoping for good things from the West,” Male said.
He and his colleagues praised ‘The mighty Pepper’ for the work well-done, saying it was time to bring evils done in the darkness to light.


Jan 30, 2009


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It’s true. I first heard this early this week from TMZ and of course didn’t want to believe it but I finally heard Benny Hinn confirming it on his show - This is your day last night. Only God knows what’s behind his wife decision to file for divorce after 30 yrs. I pray that God give both of them Peace that surpasses all understanding.

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Dec 9, 2009

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Mchugaji Hinn sio kwelihata kidogo alitembea na huyo mchugaji wa uganda waliemtihumu, kiini cha mke wake kuomba talaka ni tofauti za muda mrefu kati yao ambazo wameshindwa kufikia muafaka, Hinn kutokana na nguvu za Mungu alizonazo amekuwa akiandamwa saana hususani na vyombo vya habari na kama alikuwa anawafanyia hivyo watu ingekuwa imeshajulikana siku nyingi kumbuka Ben Hinn ni maarufu sana na vyombo vya habari vilivyo na uhuru marekani wangekuwa wameshaliriport hilo

uganda amenda mara mbili na alialikwa na Robert Kayanja huyu ni maarufu saana hapo mjini Kampala na ministry yake inaitwa Rubada Miracle Centre na juzi kati hapa alikuwa na kashafa kubwa saana na waliotoa hizo tuhuma ni Red pepper walimtuhumu anatumia POMBE na kwamba anatembea na wasaidizi wake ana wa SODOMISED na kuna kijana moja alilazwa Mulago na walivyodai madaktari walilidhibitisha, tatizo linakuja kwakuwa Mchugaji Hinn alikubali mwaliko wa Kayanja akiwa ameshakubwa na hii kasfya ndo maana wanamtuhumu kwmaba alitembea na huyo mchugaji. Ikumbuke Uganda Dini ni biashara kubwa saana inayolipa na hata state ilichangia kukuwa kwa haya makanisa ya kilokole ili kupunguza nguvu za waanglicana na wakatoliki,

Hii yote ni kazi ya shetani tumbombee huyu mtumishi huduma yake imewasaidia mamilioni ya watu duniani na si kumtuhumu kwa mambo ambayo si ya kweli


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Nov 28, 2009


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Kama ni kweli hakuna alie malaika. Lakini miujiza hufanywa kwa kutumia jina la Yesu hata kama wewe ni mdhambi. Benny Hinn is not an exception.

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