Palestinians Warned to Steer Clear of 'Sexy Facebook' Girls


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Apr 11, 2008


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TEL AVIV – The Gaza-based Islamic Jihad terror group is apparently concerned Israeli intelligence agents disguised as good-looking girls on Facebook are attempting to infiltrate Palestinian computers.

During intense fighting in Gaza that reportedly has most jihadist leaders in hiding, members of the Islamic Jihad's so-called military wing, the Al Quds Brigades, found time today to post a lengthy article on their official website warning Palestinian Facebook users of potential Israeli intelligence hackers.Islamic Jihad has taken responsibility for firing hundreds of rockets from the Gaza Strip aimed at nearby Jewish population centers. It also claimed credit for firing at least one Fajr-5 long range missile toward Tel Aviv.

"How do you know if Mossad became your friend on Facebook," is the title of the piece, posted today at, Islamic Jihad's main website. In Arabic, Saraya al-Quds means the Al Quds Brigades.

"Do you feel proud because your Facebook account boasts 5,000 friends? Well, here are ten steps to expose whether intelligence agents transplanted themselves inside your friends list," reads the article.

The piece warns of friend invites from Facebook users who are unknown, "especially from a beautiful girl."
The website warns Palestinian Facebook users to be weary of "pretty girls" whose accounts have small pictures that cannot be enlarged.

"This is evidence," Islamic Jihad writes, "that the photos were taken from the Internet and that these pictures are not original and are not from the girl who sent you the invitation."

Also to be avoided, lectures the terror group, are beautiful female Facebook users with three or less photographs with "sexual comments" posted on those photos from "young, excited teenage [boys]" and yet the girl's responses do not exceed the words "thank you."

Islamic Jihad adds, "Do not forget, a large number of Facebook friends does not really reflect your popularity ever."
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