P2P inarudi! Wapenzi wa Muziki kaeni chonjo.


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Oct 23, 2006
MUSIC fans will be able to download unlimited FREE and legal songs from today, it was revealed last night.

New digital service Qtrax has won the backing of major music labels to offer 25MILLION songs using file-sharing technology.

Universal Music, EMI and Warner Music have prosecuted file-sharers in the past.

But they changed their policy after CD sales went into freefall.

Qtrax spent £15million and five years setting up the site. It will generate revenue by advertising firms like Ford, McDonald’s and Microsoft — passing on cuts to music labels and artists.

The service — set to become the world’s largest legal song store — will not be compatible with Apple’s iPod music players until APRIL

Qtrax president Allan Klepfisz said: “Customers expect music to be free but do not want to use illegal sites.

“We believe this has the support of the music industry and allows artists to get paid.”

News Source: World Media
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