Elections 2010 Opposition MPs First 11: A team of rivals?


Jul 4, 2010
Opposition MPs First 11: A team of rivals?

Following the just concluded general election (which the whole world knows was clearly rigged), Tanzania is set to have a formidable team of around 100 opposition MPs for the first time in the entire history of this country. This represents roughly one-third of Parliament.

One thing is certain, there will be fireworks in Bunge.

Here is a quick look at the main personalities from the opposition camp likely to dominate national politics in the next five years:

1. Tundu Lissu (CHADEMA) - Firebrand lawyer-turned politician. He is exceptionally sharp, highly intelligent and likely to outshine all opposition MPs in Bunge. Critics say he needs to adopt a more moderate approach and shake off his "radical" image.

2. John Mnyika (CHADEMA) - He has been touted as the future Nyerere of Tanzania. He is a rising star in Tanzanian politics. Five years in Bunge will help catapult him to mainstream national politics beyond his Ubungo constituency.

3. Zitto Kabwe (CHADEMA) - His ego is enormous. Perhaps over ambitious for his own good. Likely to be outshined by Lissu, Mnyika and other opposition MPs. He is openly campaigning to become the Leader of the Official Opposition in the National Assembly contrary to party protocol. Such a position should be determined by internal party meetings. He is rumoured to have sent a text message to CHADEMA national chairman Freeman Mbowe to declare his "firm and sincere" intention to become Leader of the opposition. He sees the post of Leader of the opposition as his best chance of avoiding being overshadowed by the new kids on the block. He is seen as sometimes having a destabilising influence, but is otherwise a very effective opposition MP.

4. Freeman Mbowe (CHADEMA) - The party's chairman and former presidential candidate. He is believed to still harbour presidential ambitions, albeit quietly, and may consider giving it a second try in 2015 if WILLIBROD SLAA won't throw his hat in again. He is expected to be named the Leader of the Official Opposition in the National Assembly, a move that would spell political uncertainty for the young Zitto Kabwe.

5. David Kafulila (NCCR-Mageuzi) - He is fiercely loyal to Zitto of CHADEMA. He sees Zitto as his mentor and Zitto regards him as his protégé. Kafulila is seen as an intelligent politician and is a good orator. Some say he is a much better orator than Zitto himself. If he could step out of Zitto's shadow and becomes his own man, he could have a bright future in Tanzanian politics.


6. Halima Mdee (CHADEMA) - She has already proven herself as a very capable politician.
7. Godbless Lema (CHADEMA)
8. Ezekiah Wenje (CHADEMA)
9. Prof. Kulikoyela Kahigi (CHADEMA)
10. Vincent Nyerere (CHADEMA)
11. Mustapha Akunaay (CHADEMA)

* If members of the so-called "Team of Rivals" can put aside their egos and rivalries, and tame the overly ambitious Zitto Kabwe, then opposition MPs can build a strong foundation for a resounding victory in the 2015 general election. CHADEMA will almost certainly form the opposition camp, but CUF MPs will also be key in having an effective opposition camp.


JF-Expert Member
Jun 8, 2009
This is a briliant analysis. Indeed, The 'Team of Rivals' will have to lead the way.


JF-Expert Member
Aug 21, 2007
Too much zitto kabwe in the analysis , some will ask if this whole article is not about defaming him...... (◎_◎;)


JF-Expert Member
May 13, 2010
I see the issue of Zitto is again starting to be held in a sort of hidden interests. The guy hasn't done anything wrong, but some people create things wrong over his back, for their own interests...

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