open letter to mugabe

Son of Alaska

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Jun 2, 2008
COMRADE,and brother in arms,MUGABE.
The current situation in zimbwabwe,leaves a lot to be desired,your current standoff,with the western world,is doing more harm to zimbwabwe,then good.whilst,its a known factor,that the british,have not honoured their part of the bargain,nevertheless your stance on this matter,is choking zimbwabwe to death.whereas,you know,that the can only be one winner,yet at the cost of a nations wellbeing you percieve with unattainable goals.In a nutshell,you are not only putting a brake on the development of zimbwabwe,but infact reversing what has allready been gained,this constitutes a crime against the sons and daughters of zimbwabwe.Comrade you have reached a point wherby,the likes of idi amin,bokassa are just choirboys by comparison.The ghost of cecil rhodes must be haunting you,day and night.when he came up with his imperialist dreams,the current state of affairs,political and economicwise was cleary not in his would be wise of you to hand over the leadership baton,before its to late,bow out gracefully,it would be unwise,to leave to late,as by then,the tribunal in holland,will have enough evidence to give you a long stretch in jail
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