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Open Letter to L.K.M et al: Can Masha and RM tell Tanzanians, how safe is the nation?

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Shadow, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Shadow

    Shadow JF-Expert Member

    Feb 20, 2009
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    To: Hon. L.K. Masha – Minister of Internal Affairs
    Dar Es salaam, Tanzania.

    Mr. Rashid Othman,
    Director Tanzania Intelligence Services

    Dear Hon. Minister and Mr. Director,

    The Dark Side of killing our very own Albinos: Can Masha and RM tell Tanzanians, how safe is our nation?

    I am writing this letter with trauma and nightmares of face of an innocent Leticia Bahati, our very own fellow little sister who happens to have been born with skin deficiencies (Albino). She was robbed her life in a cold blood and then dismembered by some heartless beasts who happen to be living among us.

    Dear waheshimiwa, the above incident is not an isolated one but it has been now a common practice and your leadership look like have conceded and decided to condone such inhumane acts. Last time to see such sporadic acts were during the Bosnia Herzegovina at the city of BanjaLuka but now it is happening in our beloved Tanzania.

    Mr. RO, I can see you that you want to shut my mouth based on infringing the provision of Security Act of 1970 (of the Laws of Tanzania). But take a note that I am insulated by the Bill of Rights especially to speak for those who can not speak for themselves. Bwana RM, I am glad that Nyerere amended the constitution in 1984 to allow us to have a freedom of expression. So, please I am just speaking the truth, close that statute let us continue with our analysis.

    I am delighted by the people who are out there who are trying to deliver the same message to you guys. Folks, let us face the reality, your two offices have let down our beloved countries. Hon. Masha, with due respect, I know you missed by default , some JKT and other useful education of the time like singing ‘Tanzania nchi yangu nakupenda' but I know your read the great president of America's speech. Oh sorry I meant to mention he is none other than Abraham Lincoln and his passion for freedom, rule of law, good governance and not to forget equal rights like right to life to our beloved brothers and sisters with skin deficiencies. So that is not an excuse for your shortcomings.

    Mr. RO, I o know you well, but I presumed that you well groomed under Nyerere unless you fluked to get up there. Your conducts will exonerate you or take you down with you. That is all I can say. Baba wa Taifa had had good vijana wa kazi unakumbuka treason case the way they dealt with it. Now my friend we are not dealing with Osama. We are dealing with people who are living among ourselves, who go out there terrorize, kill and varnish among ourselves.

    I know you are writing down on that paper that I am talking rubbish, because serikali does not believe kwenye mambo ya uchawi. You are dead wrong Mr. R.M. Have you ever done your homework? Do you know how much Mchungaji was selling human remains? You got that wrong it was Tshs. 30 million. You see that provide incentives for the murderers even if PM Pinda came with his own ‘fatwa' i.e. " Jino kwa Jino" " a tooth for a tooth". That was a desperate move by Hon. PM. Just remember since mob justice started to be practice in Dar es Salaam, is there improvement in deterring or stop vibaka from stealing? Again you got that answer wrong. It has never worked.

    Bwana R.M, I don't want to go as far as on EPA scandal. I am just sticking on this simple and workable and resolvable problem which you and Hon. Masha have surrendered because "huko hakulipi" if not why not resolving this puzzle? Tutasemaje sasa?

    Honorable Masha and Mr. RM, listen to your conscious and tell us and assure Tanzanians including our brethren albinos (just a whisper: they are also Tanzania wazee and deserve to live in peace and harmony and not in constant fear). Please, folks assure us that our security is ok. Because, it will come 2010 and those killers might come with such nasty like "win reelection without campaigning just bring organs of a virgin child" watoto wetu watapona kweli? That is just hypothetical case to show you how big this problem may escalate.
    Hon. Masha, you have been given power to keep among other peace and order; protect properties and save lives of Tanzanians.

    Bwana R.O let me refer you to TIS ACT 1996. Majukumu yako yamewekwa pale yako wazi kabisa mkuu. Oh I am sorry you are too busy to open it I will paste them herefor you:

    5.-(1) Subject to the control of the Minister, the functions of the Functions
    Service shall be- of TISS
    (a) to obtain, correlate, and evaluate intelligence relevant to security,
    and to communicate any such intelligence to the Minister and to
    persons whom, and in the manner which, the Director-General
    considers it to be in the interests of security;
    (b) to advise Ministers, where the Director-General is satisfied that
    it is necessary to do so, in respect of matters -relevant to security,
    so far as those matters relate to departments or portfolios of
    which they are in charge;
    (c) to cooperate as far as practicable and necessary with such other
    organs of state and public authorities within or outside Tanzania
    as are capable of assisting the Service in the performance of its
    (d) to inform the President, and any other person or authority which
    the Minister may so direct, of any new area of potential espionage,
    sabotage, terrorism or subversion in respect of which the Director-
    General has considered it necessary to institute surveillance.
    (2) It shall not be a function of the Service-
    (a) to enforce measures for security; or
    (b) to institute surveillance of any person or category of persons by
    reason only of his or their involvement in lawful protest, or dissent
    in respect of any matter affecting the Constitution, the laws or
    the Government of Tanzania.

    Honorable Masha and Mr. R.O facts speak for themselves, oh Hon. Masha I meant Res ipsa loquitur, I am sorry learned brother. So if that is the case please decide what to tell my fellow Tanzanians. Is it time to say enough is enough,I can not hold anymore that is upon you folks to decide.
    God Bless Tanzania and protect mostly our brother and sisters albinos because they need him most that vyombo vyetu vya usalama.


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  2. Bongolander

    Bongolander JF-Expert Member

    Feb 21, 2009
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    RM? Mkuu nimepotea kidogo au kuna jina la ukoo la mtu
  3. Shadow

    Shadow JF-Expert Member

    Feb 21, 2009
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    Bongolander, Thanks for the obervation.

    it was a typo. It is supposedly to read RO.
  4. Andrew Nyerere

    Andrew Nyerere Verified User

    Feb 21, 2009
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    Unaandika RM halafu RO,sasa sijui Mkuu wa Usalama wa Taifa ni nani.
    Lakini sidhani kama vifo vya albino ni kazi ya Usalama wa Taifa. Kwanza albino jina lao hasa ni zeruzeru,lakini walipoamua kuwagombeza watu wasiwaite 'zeruzeru',ndipo wamepata jina zuri na destiny mbaya.
    Rais wa Comoro,ambaye ni albino alikuwa anasema kwamba albino hawateswi katika nchi yake,labda tu wanaweza kuzomewa.
    Tazama,polisi wana kazi tofauti.
    Wapo Traffic ,Customs,Immigration,FFU.
    Usalama wa Taifa ni State Police,kuwalinda viongozi,kuhakikisha hakuna mtu anapindua Serikali,siyo kazi yao kushughulikia homicide.
    Anayehusika hapa ni Lawrence Masha tu peke yake. Anapoulizwa kuhusu mauaji ya albino anakuwa very defensive,anasema hawezi kumkamata mtu kama hakuna ushahidi.
    Lakini kama Lawrence Masha ni competent or not is not for me to decide,nataka tu kusema matatizo ya albino possibly siyo jambo amabalo linahusu Usalama wa Taifa directly.
    Ukitazama investigation of crime in the developed countries,utaogopa kufanya uhalifu wa aina yoyote. Kwa sababu,even if you just sneeze at the crime scene,DNA evidence can convict you.