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Feb 11, 2007
sio Tanzania eti tukiwakamata mafisadi nchi italipuka, kauli ya mkuu wa polisi! Au kauli ya Pinda eti hili swala ni gumu sana maana kuwafilisi au kuwatia hatiani mafisadi sio rahisi kwa sababu ni wana utajiri mkubwa

Bulgaria's Interior Minister resigns over crime links

A scandal involving organised crime has forced Bulgaria's interior minister to resign. Roumen Petkov was accused of corruption and of having links with crime bosses, and agreed to quit. He insisted that his resignation was not a sign of weakness or guilt, but would allow Bulgaria to move forward in the fight against crime.

Petkov's fall comes as Sofia faces increasing European Union pressure to tackle corruption in the police, and to show that Bulgaria is serious about enforcing the rule of law. Last week saw the murder of writer Georgie Stoev, who wrote many books about Bulgaria's mafia bosses. Prosecutors did not believe his allegations, and on Monday he was found shot through the head.

There have been more than 150 gangland killings since 2001. But Bulgaria has failed to convict a single suspect, nor has it charged any official with corruption.
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