One foot!!!!!


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Feb 24, 2010
A lady on Honeymoon, calls back home and get the father on phone " Daddy!, where is mum...(Sobbing)..How come nobody told me my Husband has one foot?", Daddy is confused, "What do you mean he has one foot? (Confused)... Calls the mother...." Honey! come and talk to your daughter, I dont understand her. Now the mother picks the phone,"What's the problem honey?, How's your honeymoon??, ...Daughter crying loudly " Mum, How come nobody told me that my husband has ONE FOOT????"......Mum laughing .."aha ahah..congratulations!!! Honey, your daddy here has SIX INCHES, so enjoy the ONE FOOT, but make sure you dont put it in the will choke youu".......Daughter crying loudest....." Mum how come people dont understand me?????, what I mean is ,MY HUSBAND HAS ONE FOOT, THE OTHER IS ARTIFICIAL!!!!!!!!!!"........oooohooooooohhhhoooooo!!
I undertood her at first,before Mrs.Six inches came and made me think

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