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Oil Link Filling Station: Short Version

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Ngareni3, Jul 21, 2010.

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    Jul 21, 2010
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    As you requested, this is the short version:

    I would like to draw your attention on Oil Link Filling Station, at the adjacent of Mwenge Road and Shekilango around Africa Sana opposite the Ambiance Club.

    I went there last Sunday for petrol. After the guy filled the car infront of me, it was my turn, and he purposely asked to me drive abit past the pump and he started to pump fuel in my tank without resetting the machine and I noticed that.

    Again, he also took less time than normal (for 20,000 refill you can estimate the time if you regularly fill at that price), and again I noticed that.
    Lastly he told me that he has pumped more than expected (instead of pumbping for Tshs20,000 he pumped for Tshs 24,500) and asked me to top up the difference. Of course I refused, and he requested at least to add Tshs 1,000 which I also politely refused and drove.

    When I left the filling station, the petrol gadget at the dashboard did not show changes! Actually I drove up to Science and still no change. I went back to the Station, only to recognise that the guy did not pump any fuel into my tank, and if he did, it was very little. Actually what he did was topping up where the pump has left after filling the car that was infront of me. What a tricky!!!

    The rest of what happened regarding this daylight theft is history, for you beware of this filling station. They are thieves!!!! Actually they are very tempting since their price is down by more than Tshs 100 compared to other filling stations, but remember Cheap is expensive.

    To continue with my journey I tried a different filling station for only Tshs 10,000 and the gadget went up as required...... So the problem si tu kuchakachua, kuna na hilo pia......