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Of tribalism and diversity! Positive aspects

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by WomanOfSubstance, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. WomanOfSubstance

    WomanOfSubstance JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2008
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    For a long time people of Tanzania have taken justifiable pride in their deeply ingrained national mood of tolerance and peacefulness. Indeed, Tanzania, for all its ethnic diversity with more than 120 tribes, is practically unique in Africa in having navigated a succession of modern political hurdles – the transformation from colonial dependency to independent nation, from socialist state to free-market economy, from mono-partyism to fully-fledged democracy ( this is debatable but out of scope of this discussion!)- without ever experiencing sustained civil or ethnic unrest. What prompted me to initiate this discussion is the ever-increasing sentiments about tribalism and other prejudices levelled against some tribes and communities in Tanzania. Much as there could be elements towards that end, I believe we have more and better things to appreciate about our own diversity. I also feel that we need to transcend politics of division that fuels the animosity, and bring out the best that is found in our rich diversity. A mzaramo or a Zanzibari may be laid – back but may also be very hospitable. A Chagga may be too much money –minded but could be possessing entrepreneurial qualities that others may emulate. A Haya may be perceived as a snob, yet can be very elegant and suave . Likewise, a Msukuma or Mfipa may be perceived as superstitious but very hardworking. A Mkurya is looked at as a wifebeater, harsh and violent and so the list of prejudices goes on and on. Why cant we then start a discussion that will bring out the best in each of our tribes as part of learning and exploring the existing potentials so that we can make the most out of our diversity?
    I for one would like begin by appreciating the Kurya Tribe.I have had a number of Kurya friends.I used to perceive Kurya as the most cruel, hostile and crude lot. I knew for sure that Kurya have no respect for women at all.Yet on knowing some at a very personl level, I have come to have a lot of respect for the Kurya.There are Kurya who are very caring, peace-loving,with tons of affection and respect to women and children. I salute KURYA people.
    Can we hear positive views regarding different tribes in Tanzania?
  2. Masanja

    Masanja JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2008
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    What is affecting our people is poverty.

    The animosity is brewing up simply because our system has increasingly created the "we and them", "us and others" syndrome. The sytem we are creating is not giving equal opportunities for all.

    While unity and diversity can be cherished in a larger polity of TZ but truth is, people are getting second thought..kwa nini tunadanganywa kila siku? kwa pretext ya uhuru na umoja? can uhuru and umoja be used as a pretxt of some few ripping off our hard earned taxes? Cana uhuru na umoja bring food on the table? Iam sure better administration taxes and our resources can.

    But what Iam sure of, as a country we would be better off, to use the prevailing calm and "political stability" to uplift our people from the ever growing chains of poverty. I dont know if at all its possible for a hungry peasant who sees headlines of mega corruption everyday to appreciate the so called peace and unity. In otherwords watu wanafika a point of no return na wanaona hata wakeleta vurugu hawana cha kupoteza.

    Duniani kote, chuki na vita vimeletwa na viongozi wanafiki na wachoyo ambao hawaangalii maslahi ya watu wao. Thats what is happening in Tanzania.

    So this uhuru na umoja itabaki historia, siyo kwa sababu wananchi wanataka..no,... ila kwa sababu wananchi wamechoka na wanagundua taratibu kwamba wanadanganywa.

    In a nutshell you are right, we ought to appreciate our differences and embrace our diversity, but not in the current situation where few are using such words to enrish themselves at the expense of impoversihed millions.
  3. WomanOfSubstance

    WomanOfSubstance JF-Expert Member

    Oct 5, 2008
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    You have brought up many dimensions - poverty, corruption, uhuru na umoja and kudanganywa.I quite agree that these are important variables that need to be considered.But my point is we need to have some positive thoughts about each other... it doesnt pay to be bitter and angry with everybody all the time... we have been wronged but not everybody has wronged us. And who knows... you may find that some of the people here who are compaining bitterly may also be part of the problem in the sense that they have also wronged others in the course of what they are doing.
  4. s

    sumar Member

    Oct 6, 2008
    Joined: Jun 15, 2008
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    I accept your thinking. I also think kwamba tatizo letu hasa ni kwamba we lack total commitment and we always look for short cuts to our problems. During the last few years yale mambo ambayo yalijitokeza kuelekeya kuwa tatizo tulijaribu kuyapa sifa ya uzuri au uwepesi. Maneno mengi mazuri mazuri yakazalika kama uwajibikaji, rushwa,ufisadi, takrima, utandawazi nk. Sasa fikiriya neno uwajibikaji. Maana yake hasa ni nini. Limeanza lini? Limetupeleka wapi? Jee daraja ya uwajibikaji katika matendo ya serikali yetu yanaridhisha.

    Rushwa ni msamiyati wa zamani tu. Na ni neno ambalo limetumiwa na kila mgombeya urais pamoja na ahadi nyingi na kubwa kubwa tu. Leo tujiulize liko wapi fagio la chuma? Lili fanya nini na lina fanya nini?

    Fisadi ni mtu hasid. Ni mtu asiyetaka mema. Ni mtu wa kuharibu haribu tu. Inasikitisha kwa yule aliyeiba badala ya kuitwa mwizi, leo tunamwita fisadi.Tumempunguzia uzito wa shutma zake. Si mbaya lakini ana roho mbaya tu.

    Rushwa ilipodhihirika kuwa ni kitendo kichafu likazalika neno takrima. Hili lilikuja kulipa uepesi au uhalali rushwa. Na hata lilipoharamishwa basi likapotea hivi hivi tu. Je wale ambao walikwisha toa takrima nini hukumu yao?

    Mh. Mkapa akaja na neno utandawazi. Hakuna kufichana. Mambo hadharani. Baada ya EPA na mengine kama ya EPA, hakika ni KICHEKESHO.

    Haya sema sasa- yatakuja maendeleo. Mie nashangaa kuwa baada ya yote haya bado wapo ambao wameridhika nayo. Shida ya wa Tanazania ni wasahaulivu mno. Jambo huripuka likawa jambo, na ghafla hufifiya lizukapo jengine jambo.
  5. Sam GM

    Sam GM JF-Expert Member

    Oct 6, 2008
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    I think you bring a good point here and as a matter of gesture, I think I am somehow seconding you in appreciating the diversity of other tribes. our pre-conceived ideas and ideals of other tribes act as a barrier or a stumbling block that we are only able to see the faults and short comings of other tribes. It is then our stereo typical nature that takes the front seat in our judgement to somehow condemn innocent people simply because they hail from such and such a tribe. I think with everything goin on with the Kurya community and the parliamentary seat election, I would not think of any better tribe to appreciate considering the height, tensions, misunderstanding and anger that is flaring around and about in Tarime and that politicians are able to turn brother against brothers and sister against sistets!.