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Mar 10, 2006
Cabinet colleagues are letting me down, Lands...

2007-12-08 10:29:04
By Guardian Reporter

Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development minister John Magufuli yesterday complained to President Jakaya Kikwete that his efforts to build houses that ordinary wananchi can afford are consistently frustrated by two of his cabinet colleagues.

He said his ministry was doing a good job building decent but affordable houses but was repeatedly let down by Infrastructure Development and Water ministers Andrew Chenge and Shukuru Kawambwa, respectively, following their failure to improve infrastructure at construction sites.

Magufuli expressed his concern shortly after Kikwete inaugurated National Housing Corporation flats at Bwilingi village in Chalinze, Coast Region, saying Chenge`s ministry had failed to build roads to areas where the new houses have been built.

``Mr President, we have built good residential quarters in some areas but the respective occupants are finding it hard to reach them because there are no roads,`` he said.

He said NHC has often incurred expenses to build roads to houses it had put up in some parts of the country, work he said was supposed to be done by the Infrastructure Development ministry.

The corporation has spent more than 1.4bn/- on the improvement of infrastructure to facilitate access to the 214 houses it has built in Boko in suburban Dar es Salaam and more than 451m/- to those in Mbweni, also on the outskirts of the city, according to Magufuli.

He told the President that NHC spent another 1bn/- on the construction of a road to the Boko quarters and 84m/- on the purchase of a transformer and electricity poles for the area.

The minister said Dr Kawambwa`s ministry had failed to connect water to the Boko and Mbweni quarters but the Dar es Salaam Water and Sewerage Corporation (Dawasco) kept charging their occupants ``for a service they have never enjoyed``.

Both Chenge and Dr Kawambwa were around as Magufuli explained his case.

``Mr President, I am telling you all these problems because they give me sleepless nights. It is good that I am saying this while the two ministers responsible are here with us.

What I am saying is the truth and nothing but the truth and I do not want to speak behind my colleagues� backs,` he stated.

President Kikwete, who is on a working tour of Coast Region, promised that the government would work on the problems cited.

My Take:

a. Ni kweli sasa tuna ushahidi kuwa Mawaziri hawawasiliani na hawazungumzi. Inawezekana vipi Waziri kumtumia ujumbe Waziri mwingine mbele ya Rais tena hadharani?

b. Inapotokea kuwa Wizara ya Ardhi na Maendeleo ya Makazi inafanya kazi za Wizara ya Miundo Mbinu na ile ya Nishati basi tuna matatizo

c. Inapotokea kuwa jina la mtu mmoja linajitokeza mara kwa mara kwenye mambo mengine yanayoenda kombo halafu mtu huyo bado analindwa, basi tuna tatizo.

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