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No party shall survive politics without adressing youth expectations

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Profesa, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Profesa

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    Aug 5, 2012
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    We have a huge challenge now in Tanzania, our young people have dangerously developed unrealistic expectations that are increasingly duelled into current personalised and selfish types of politics, they no longer see parties as entity with key philosophy and identify and acknowledge the context and content but easily without even understanding they take politics as entertainment where you simply become a fun of one party over the other by virtual of how one on the stage of politics compose the content of the political entertainments whether facts of fake.

    CCM (I am saying CCM because of its legacy in the current sectoral system which other parties are yet to demonstrate the altenative ideas, and potential for CCM to continue ruling the government) in the next election manifest needs to strongly review education contents to ensure that they prepare young people with ideologies that mould their mind to believe in unity, piece and harmony even with different political ideology. I strongly feel the education reforms are part to blame on the behaviour and characteristics of the youth population of today. I understand media has a contribution in this, but with key strongly improvised social background knowledge and skills they can stand the pressure of the media.

    The education we wish can only be successful if the sector can independently be run with our own resources without depending on donors. I tend to believe CCM might have forgotten its ideology of Ujamaa na Kujitegemea, or is tactically not promoting it as it contravene the act and behaviour of the party to date. Taking into considerations on how CCM government currently embrace donors which definitely limits our innovative into becoming socially, economically and therefore traditionally independent. Our Children are watching as media is becoming more accessible, I hope this is not what we are transferring to our children, begging skills.

    If we don’t think twice about the future Tanzania now by changing political behaviour, get away from promoting our personality of which we do, and use the best vision and innovation for future country's economy and therefore social status that we want, no one will settle not even those politicians who are currently running selfish politics. Meaning, how we behave in politics is exactly how we prepare our children and youth, we should not blame their behaviour as it is definitely turning to be completely challenging already. Not even CHADEMA or any other party once they rule will settle. I am so worried by the comments of some youths against CCM, there is no way we can underestimate their number, they indicate unnecessary hate which is obviously promoted by the current politics and facilitated by media. This behaviour no party will survive, unless their expectations are addressed.