No Milk you You


Jul 28, 2007
Little Johnny was playing in the farm yard one good morning.
The chickens were out running around, and getting in Little Johnny's way. In a temper tantrum he started running after them and kicking them. His mother caught him kicking the chickens and said ''that's it! No eggs for you for one month!''
Later that afternoon, Johnny was playing in the pasture, soon he started chasing the cattle and kicking them with his feet, His mother again caught him, after a brief moment of thoughts, said "no milk for you for one month!''
Early that evening, Johnny's mother was cooking dinner in the kitchen when his father came in from the barn, As he closed the door the barnyard cat slipped into the kitchen. Johnny's father gave gave the cat a kick back outside.
Little Johnny looked at his mother and said ''Are you going to tell him, mommy or do you want me to?''
hmmm!!!! what does little johny know about cats or has he been pigaring chabo his parents?

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