Ni hatari, Masasi kuna upungufu wa kinga(condoms)


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Feb 17, 2012
Ni kweli kabisa,

Masasi hali ni mbaya, zinahitajika juhudi za haraka, ukipita madukani, hakuna kinga, watu wanajamiiana bila kinga...

Ni hatari.....

Wadau wakumbukeni ndugu zetu wa masasi...Ukimwi unawamaliza...

With HIV new infections in Masasi district reported to be on the rise, the Population Services International (PSI) has supplied the district with a consignment of contraceptives that have been distributed to guesthouses, bars, pharmacies and hotels.

In the year 2011/2012 in the area were 6.3 percent but went up to 7.3 percent in 2012/2013 and he attributed the increase to the limited access to condoms.
The supply of condoms is meant to increase condoms accessibility in the area so as to allow more people use them and hence prevent new infections.

Speaking recently in the district on behalf of the Masasi District Commissioner, Masasi Town Administration Commissioner, Jenifer Joseph said one of the factors that lead to the increase of new HIV/Aids infections in the district is limited access to condoms.

"We thank PSI for the supply and recognise them as one of the key stakeholders in the fight against HIV /Aids and the spread of new HIV infections," she said.
The commissioner said the target is zero new HIV infections by 2015 and zero HIV related deaths and zero stigmatization as well.

She pointed out that these goals cannot be achieved with the current limited access to condoms in many areas.

PSI Southern zone Manager, Cyprian Lungu, said they have to ensure condoms are in plenty and readily available to the residents especially in key places like hotels, bars and guest houses.

"Last year we conducted a study here in Masasi and found that the capacity of most businesses to procure condoms was low," he explained.
"So this year we have come up with an action plan to scale up campaigns against HIV and Aids 2015 by supplying condoms to guesthouses, bars and pharmacies to bridge the shortage," Lungu said.

He went on to explain that in addition, the supply of the contraceptives will also be accompanied by an awareness campaign on how to appropriately use the condoms.

Commenting, Masasi Town Medical Officer, Harry Mwambe, said the action plan by PSI will result in reduction of HIV prevalence rate in the district urging the public to make use of the contraceptives to protect themselves

Meanwhile, in a bid to improve the economic status of women living with HIV/AIDS in Mtwara and Lindi regions, over 270 have been trained of their civil and other rights including the right to own land and other properties as well as their say over reproductive health and others.

In additional to the rights, the women along with children, have also been made aware of the impact of early pregnancy and marriages
Speaking in Mtwara during the closing of the six –day training for women and young girls in the Southern zone, Mtwara Mikindani Municipal Council HIV/AIDS,Deo Mtitu, said most women in the two regions are being discriminated against by men because of they lack knowledge of their rights.

"We as women are being affected by a number of issues which push us backward in economic circles only because we are ignorant of our rights," Mtitu told the participants.

According to her lack of knowledge also contributes greatly to low self esteem, loss of confidence and women's and young girls' ability to engage in economic activities.

"Despite having various economic potentials in our two regions, such opportunities are only being taken up by men because most of us are simply not aware that it is our right as well or we lack the confidence to claim," she noted.

Seconding the view, HIV/AIDS Coordinator for Mtwara Humphredas Kitundu said many challenges facing women and young girls in Mtwara and elsewhere in the country are fueled by the lack of self esteem.

"You must be part of the change that you want to see happen," he told them adding "... Mtwara and Lindi will never be the same in the next coming 10 years and now is the time to take action and take your position in the economic changes that are happening here so fast."

Sponsored by USAID, the training was prepared by Axios Foundations and facilitated by Women Creative Solution and Association (WCSA).

Tanzania Axios representative, Dr.Benedicta Lyapembile, said a research they conducted in previous years found that most women and young girls in Mtwara and Lindi are facing many gender issue challenges including early marriages and pregnancies.

"These trainings that started back in February are meant to encourage the women and their children to big and to understand and claim their rights for better life," Dr.Lyapembile said noting that the training also aimed to encourage creativity and acquisition of entrepreneurial skills which the women can use to improve their economic status.



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Apr 1, 2013
wachague moja kuacha uzinzi au kupata ukimwi, mungu alishakataza zinaa! hilo halina mjadala.


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Dec 14, 2007
Ahhhhh wife wangu hakimu hapo so naye anapigwa kavu kavu bila mate

muhomakilo jr

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Jul 28, 2013
Daaah hatari,sasa hapo uelewa mdogo,wenye nazo wanatumia harafu wanafua na kuwaazima wenzao.....


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Feb 2, 2012
Vipi 'rambo' haziwezi kusaidia kwa mda wakati mnasubiria zana zenyewe?

Toa taarifa ya maudhui yasiyofaa!

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