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New CCM primaries system still marred by corruption, fraud

Discussion in 'Uchaguzi Tanzania' started by BAK, Aug 8, 2010.

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    Aug 8, 2010
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    New CCM primaries system still marred by corruption, fraud

    By Rodgers Luhwago

    8th August 2010

    Contrary to expectations, the newly introduced system by the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) for the preferential polls as a curtain raiser for the polls proper in October, has fuelled rather than curbed corruption.

    A further blow to CCM is that the anticipated enrichment of democracy by assigning all members in the primaries as voters instead of confining the role to tiny cliques of leaders, didn't materialise.

    The net result as glaringly evidenced by the rough play in the just-concluded primaries – is that vote-selling and vote-buying that characterised the primaries over the past decade has intensified rather than decreased.

    It is an up-side-down sort of scenario, because the system was expected to create more and fairer openings for relatively poor people to seek and secure chances for elective offices; but it is money and material incentives, plus mudslinging, that carry the day.

    Another by-product of the 2010 CCM primaries is that they will go down in the history of the country's political landscape as the humiliating year for political heavyweights.

    Topping the list is former Prime Minister and ex-CCM Vice-Chairman John Samwel Malecela, who would have avoided that eventuality had he heeded the advise by people styling themselves as ‘Dodoma regional elders', to step down voluntarily.

    To his credit, however, ‘Mzee' has displayed political maturity by conceding defeat gracefully. But history never lies. Those with fresh memories of the 2005 general elections will, no doubt, recall how MPs who were seeking re-election lost either in the party primaries, or in the ballot paper. A quick survey conducted by The Guardian on Sunday shows that about 82 MPs were not re-elected. However, this figure includes those who retired voluntarily from politics.

    Working on such benchmarks it should not take the public by surprise when they find some more aspirants falling by the wayside, come October 31. Early this year, the Research and Education for Democracy in Tanzania (Redet) issued its research report whose findings indicated that almost 60 per cent of the legislators were in the danger zone of losing in this year's general election.

    Quick calculations show that up to now over 60 MPs elected from Mainland constituencies will not participate in the general elections for it is either they have lost in the primaries or did not seek re-nomination .
    The list of legislators who have lost in the primaries includes Hamza Mwenegoha (Morogoro South), Castor Ligalama (Kilombero), Ahmed Saddiq (Movemero), Dr Mzeru Nibuka (Morogoro Urban) and Dr Juma Ngasongwa (Ulanga West). Charles Keenja (Ubungo) and Rita Mlaki (Kawe) did not seek re-nomination. But Mwinchumu Msomi (Kigamboni) lost in the opinion poll exercise.

    Others who lost in the primaries are Joseph Mungai (Mufindi North), Monica Mbega (Iringa Urban), Steven Galinoma (Kalenga), Benitho Malangalila (Mufindi South), Jackson Makweta (Njombe North),Yono Kevela (Njombe West), Prof Raphael Mwalyosi (Ludewa), Dr Ibrahim Msabaha (Kibaha Rural), Zainabu Gama (Kibaha Urban), Ramadhani Maneno (Chalinze), Ephraim Madeje (Dodoma Urban), George Lubeleje (Mpwapwa), Paschal Degera (Kondoa South) and John Macela (Mtera).
    Also in the list of the losers are Prof Philemon Sarungi (Rorya), Deputy Minister for Fisheries and Livestock Development James Wanyancha (Serengeti), Ludovick Mwananzila (Kalambo), John Shibuda (Maswa), Felix Mrema (Arusha Urban), William Shelukindo (Bumbuli), Bujiku Sakila, (Kwimba), Ponsiano Nyami (Nkasi), Deputy Minister for East African Cooperation Dr Deodorus Kamala (Nkenge), Deputy Minister for Information, Culture and Sports Joel Bendera (Korogwe Urban).

    Others are Wilson Masilingi ( Mulea South) , Nazir Karamagi (Bukoba Rural), Ruth Msafiri (Muleba North), Prof Fedham Banyikwa (Ngara), Harith Bakari Mwapachu (Tanga Urban), Mbarouk Mwandoro (Mkinga-he did not seek re-nomination), Dr James Nsekela (Tabora North), Dr Charles Mlingwa (Shinyanga Urban), Fred Mpendazoe (Kishapu) who he defected to CCJ and then Chadema, Siraju Kaboyonga (Tabora Urban), Lucas Selelii (Nzega), Alloyce Kimaro (Vunjo), Elisa Molel (Arumeru East) and Mudhihir Mudhihir (Mchinga)

    Others defeated in the primaries are Juma Hassan Kilimba (Iramba West), Mgana Msindai (Iramba East), Guido Sigonda (Songwe), Esterina Kilasi (Mbarali), Gideon Cheyo (Ileje- he did not seek re-nomination), Omar Kwaang' (Babati Urban), Damas Nakei (Babati Rural), Prof Idris Mtulya (Rufiji). Ludovick Mwananzila (Kalambo), Paul Kimiti (Sumbawanga Urban), Chrisant Mzindakaya Kwela) and Athman Janguo did not seek re-nomination.

    The list stretches to over 60 MPs if names of those who lost in Zanzibar‘s constituencies and on Special Seats are included. Currently, there are a total of 239 constituencies in the country after the recent addition of seven constituencies. While Zanzibar has 50 constituencies and Mainland Tanzania has 189.

    However, candidates who lost to aspirants who were involved in corrupt practices may have something to smile about since the National Executive Committee (NEC) may alter the results when it convenes next Saturday. But, according to CCM Secretary General Yusuf Makamba, this is subject to provision of concrete evidence.

    Speaking to The Guardian On Sunday over the weekend, CCM assistant head of propaganda unit Hiza Tambwe said the party's head office has received numerous complaints from candidates, adding that NEC would issue its final verdict next Saturday.

    "As you may recall that NEC in 2000 and 2005 nullified results of the primaries in several constituencies including Kigamboni, Morogoro Urban and Singida Urban, such a precedent may recur to the results of primaries conducted last week," he said. Joseph Mungai is just among the candidates who complained over foul play during the prinmaries in Mufindi North. In his statement of defence, Mungai says:
    "I can prove that my failure in the CCM primaries has direct links with reports from the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) officials that appeared in the media two days before the polling day, claiming that I was arrested on corruption, allegations, something which was not true. The truth is that I was questioned by PCCB officials and, on my part, I responded by giving them explanations before I was allowed to proceed with the campaigns.

    "Our fellow candidate who won circulated the photocopies of the newspapers in all CCM branches within the constituency, including telling voters that I was no longer in the political race. Such lie was propagated day and night, denying me an opportunity to rectify the situation. However, there are some die hard voters who were ready to vote for me despite such lies.

    "I don't have any problems with the manner in which PCCB officials are discharging their responsibilities only that it was not correct to state that I was apprehended. PCCB officials and media have ‘killed' me."

    But the victor, Mahmoud Mgimwa, denounced the claims saying there was no foul play in the campaigns. He said every candidate was given an equal chance and opportunity to convince voters, adding that what Mungai said had no element of truth.