Ndege ya Precision Air iliyopasuka matairi huko Arusha yarudi hewani baada ya matengenezo


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Dec 13, 2013
Hii hapa ni press release kutoka kampuni ya Precision Air kuhusu ndege iliyopat msukosuko huko Arusha ijumaa iliyopita.

Precision Air’s ATR aircraft damaged in Arusha is back in Operation

December 17 2013…….Precision Air is glad to inform the public and its passengers that the aircraft that had tyre deflation landing incident on 13 December 2013 is operational and back in traffic.

Precision Air Flight 422, a flight from Dar es Salaam to Arusha, using ATR 42-600 (code number PWI) which was reported to have incurred tyre deflation incidence as it landed in Arusha with 4crews and 37 passengers on board has been pronounced safe and airworthy by the Airline’s Safety and Quality team and Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority who spearheaded the inspection and investigation of the incident.

On its approach at Arusha airport, the runaway 09 which is normally used for landing approach was found not to be safe due to rain on the fateful day. The flight crew then made decision to approach runaway 27. However, runway 27 did not favor the direction and speed of wind for the aircraft’s tailwind causing the aircraft to land at high speed and thus forcing the pilot to apply more force on the breaks than usual. Subsequently, the excess break force used led to the tyres to overheat above normal temperatures and caused the deflation of the tyres.

Speaking in her office, Precision Air Group CEO and MD Sauda Rajab, confirmed that as of today Precision Air again operates with full capacity and according to the normal schedule and has requested passengers to feel confident and safe to make use of the Airline’s fleet. “There was no major damage on the aircraft save for the tires which were changed the next day and the aircraft flown back to Dar es Salaam for inspection. All repairs and maintenance have been made at our hangar and as of today, the aircraft operated its normal scheduled routes”.

Although one of its aircraft was for four days out of operation for unplanned maintenance, Precision Air managed to operate without major disruptions in the schedule following rerouting of affected flights.

As Tanzania’s regional Airline of Choice and national career offering regular flights mainland to 15 destinations throughout the country, Precision Air has the highest connectivity and frequency than any other carrier in Tanzania.

The Airline’s fleet consists of 10 ATRs ( 2 ATR42-600, 2 ATR42-500, 1 ATR42-320 and 5 ATR72-500)


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Nov 20, 2010
na wasiwasi tairi walizoweka ni zile ambazo zimezibwa tena pancha.
wakome kumweka mkenya kuwa boss wao wakati watanzania wako chungu nzima wenye uwezo huo
shirika linaelekea kaburini hili.
kusingizia ni hali mbaya ya barabara ya kutua ndege na utelezi sio kigezo muhimu
tatizo ni ubora wa hizo tairi walizoweka

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