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Nov 1, 2013
Fellow Tanzanians, Christians, Muslims, Non believers and all believers in whatsoever, we are having a hard time these days.

We are therefore needed to close and bury out our political differences in whatever case. The nation is on the struggle to reborn again. To reborn in terms of vision, mission, interests, and concentrate to rebuild the already distracted future of our dear sons and daughters.

In Africa, particularly in these developing countries like ours, in order to do further in terms of development, we need some few things.
1. God fearing persons ( Law makers)
2. Good laws. (Way to follow)
3. Strong leadership (people determined to save morally)
3. Transparence (contracts openness)
4. Liability clause (for those misuses their power).

The Africa continent is not poor, the poverty we have has been catalysed by people given power to act on our behalf.

It does not mean that we have all bad leaders. We have some good leaders. These good leaders have been placed into the hands of bad advisors.

Back in Tanzania in the years of 1998, the time when these contracts were celebrated, we had strong Presidency, the president like Benjamin William Mkapa whom I still have faith in him to to date. Was a strong guy. The Question might be, why did he failed to notice this if at all he was a strong leader? In order to be strongly firm with our position, we need to go further having a look to the people surrounded him in those days(advisors).

Advancing even to his successor, the Fourth presidency, we should do the same in judging him.

Brother and sisters, human being do differ in understanding things. And every one has his/her peak level in understanding to general issues. Some can never be cheated and never trust anyone. Some can easily be cheated and trust more.

The era we have today is a bit difficult. Never compare yesterday with today when thinking of doing a dubious plans. Today it is hard to pass through and enjoy ur walk when u have done sth wrong. The system we have is not easy being cheated and do trust non.

The Tanzania we have today was made strong by our the founders. We need to be firm when talking the issues pertaining the interest of our nation. We need to be looking forward in finding the way to solving the problem.

President Magufuli never hate anyone. What he hates is the bad behaviour we have for some of us. Let us fight for our country in our togetherness.

Once a time ago in my writings in this forum, I once wrote. "A couple may have quarrel in their matrimonial blessed house. But if a bandits stapes in their matrimonial blessed home, they join to fight that bandits". We need to embrace this habit in our country. This country is not belong to Magufuli only, it belongs to all of us.

Let us alone never be stollen by the political de-affiliations when doing issues of our nation interest.

If at all, say there is an Epidemics eruption in Tanzania. It will never choose basing in our political differences. We all will be suffering in the same footing.

President Magufuli needs to be joined hand in this fighting. We have been being stollen a lot. Let us all say enough is enough, and join our hands to eradicating this devil behaviour in our country.

Congrats to his excellence, the Head of State, my President Dr John Pombe Josephy Magufuli. I love u father. I love ur job father. Never be disappointed by the bad deeds we have some of us, instead forgive us. We all were made to be urs. And we will never have the same level of thinking and understanding things.

Advisors to our leaders pls do ur job at a best level. Never benefit for ur on gain. Be the beneficial for the country and its people.

God bless you my president Dr John Pombe Josephy Magufuli. God bless Tanzania and its people including the natural resources we have.

By Lutengano Nkanda Mwakisalu ( 0784636261)

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