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Naomba msaa kuichambua hii proposal iwe ya kiingereza cha kweli

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Lugha' started by Radio Producer, Feb 25, 2011.

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    1. Introductions
    2. Courses offered
    3. Durations
    4. Budgeting &Pricing


    Home Radio Center is the professional developing site which provides different services includes Radio Training, Radio Production, Radio Scheduling and other services. It great to work with your media house (Radio Station) for helping the radio run interesting, entertaining, educating, preaching and earning more income! We will keep your radio popular!

    We offer the following courses

    • Journalism
    • Broadcast
    • Radio Production

    See how these courses are planned:-


    Languages: English, Swahili

    The course can base on Basic Journalism, Broadcast and Radio Production. It depends what is your need to your staffs.
    The contents of the course are:-

    · Introduction to Journalism.
    · Media Ethics
    · Broadcasters Ethics
    · Media laws
    · News collecting, writing, editing, presenting and publishing.

      • Presenting skills
      • Vocal training
      • Live presenting
      • Live music programming
      • Using DJ software such as Virtual DJ, BPM studio, tune tracker etc.
      • News and Sports presenting
      • Programs Presenting

      • Microphones
      • Sound
      • Recording
      • Using hand machine for recording.
      • Studio (Equipments)
      • Program formats
      • Jingle, Spot and Adverts Production
      • Program Productions
      • New Program Programming (ideas, proposal writing and Demo)
      • Creativity in Radio Production (updating world current issues in Media)
      • Audio editing using software such as Adobe audition, Audacity, Kristal etc.

    1. To enable participants to work in media fields as professional skilled.
    2. Helping youth with vision to serve God via media!
    3. Helping participants to search for employment in different radio stations!
    4. To increase the number of staff in a located Radio Station.
    5. To help jobless youth to get into the market of competence.


    Learning Outcome

    · Participants will be able to work on any radio station as multipurpose Radio Producer.
    · Participants will be able to write and distribute news to the area of interest.
    · Participants will be able to record, edit and deliver the CD with complete program.
    · Participants will be able to use studio equipments and software for broadcasting.
    · Participants will be able to produce professional jingle, spot and adverts.
    · Participants will be able to judge sound quality.
    · Participants will be able to work as DJ’s and MC’s.
    · Participants will be able to serve the kingdom of God through media.


    1. Well trained workers will be found.
    2. The organization will benefit presenters during field work for new trainee.
    3. The Radio Station will earn more income through creativity and new programs.
    4. The radio can ask for trainee to volunteer before employment.
    5. It is great that you will choose professional staffs to work with you.
    6. This could be the nice chance to help orphans, and other people through this program.

    Courses are running in different durations it depends according to the need of Radio Station! Here below is how courses can be long training:-
    1. 1 week (Five-Six days) for building capacity on staffs.
    2. 2 Weeks for training staffs on the chosen area of studying.
    3. 3-4weeks implementing professional and skills in radio production.
    4. 2-6 months involves new training (non staffs) to increase staffs on your radio station.
    NB: Duration can be well settled by communicating to the training provider.

    · Equipments
    · Class room
    · Trainers

    ♣ Computers (Mostly HRC have computers for training)
    ♣ White board
    ♣ Flip charts
    ♣ Mark pen
    ♣ Handouts and Exercise books.
    These equipments are from HRC but you can partner with RHC to reduce costs! Remember we will need electricity for the use of computers during training!

    This should be communicated and be prepared by the Radio Station where training will be conducted! Not need big and many rooms just one small can fit but it depends according to the number of trainees!

    Almost trainers are two or one it depends on the number of staffs wants to be trained! The payment should be settled by HRC and agreed before the course start! This is depends on the number of staffs want to be trained. We are helper we will make easy and cheap for you let us contact on this!
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    mmm haya usiofu wataalamu karibu wanakuja