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Namie naelekea huko mwizi ujao kutafuta moja ni hozi

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Spear, Jan 6, 2011.

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    Latvian travels 1,500miles to squat in Britain because it's an 'easy touch'... and ends up living in a £10m mansion

    Last updated at 5:29 PM on 6th January 2011

    A Latvian artist who moved to the UK after hearing how easy it was to live here for free ended up in a multi-million mansion.

    Jobless Jason Ruddick left the Baltic state after a friend told him squatters' rights were so entrenched in the UK that is was 'almost impossible' to be evicted.

    He upped sticks and travelled the 1,500 miles to London and set up home with some friends in a £10million, 10-bed Victorian home in Highgate.

    [​IMG] Freeloader: Jason Ruddick is now squatting in the London mansion in Highgate after travelling from Latvia


    What a lark! Zhypka and Chrissey in front of the Highgate mansion which has been taken over by squatters from all over Europe who like sliding down the bannister for fun

    [​IMG] Head of the house: Squatter Jason Ruddick with his live-in friends at the house in a leafy suburb

    The 21-year-old boasted how he even 'eats for free' because he goes through bins at the nearby Iceland store.

    He told the Ham and High newspaper: 'You get lots of things for free here. I knew before I came that people live in squats and have legal protection.

    'You even get food for free. We go to Iceland and get all the good food from the rubbish bins. We always have a full fridge.'

    [​IMG] Make yourself at home: A guitar at the ready for some entertainment at the Highgate property

    [​IMG] Taking it easy: Two of the squatters relax with a bottle of wine, beer, a cigarette and some music

    Before moving in to the Highgate house - where he is a neighbour to millionaire bankers and celebrities - he set up home in an empty pub called The Bull.

    After living there for several months, he went to find somewhere new and just walked down the road to the plush house on Broadlands Road.
    Smaller seven-bed homes on the same street sell for £7million, meaning the price tag of the 10-bed mansion would be into double figures.

    [​IMG] Care to dance: Jason and one of his fellow female squatters put on an exhibition watched by the house invaders

    [​IMG] Wakey, wakey: One of the squatters grabs a nap in the sleeping bags which lay strewn across the floor

    [​IMG] Welcome to my place: Plenty of room for Jason Ruddick and the squatters to spread out at the mansion

    Mr Ruddick now says he is 'reluctant' to leave Highgate, adding: It's the best place to live.'
    He said: 'I wanted to live in Highgate - that's why I was looking for properties around here. I really like the area - it's the best area to live in.'
    He admitted that in Latvia, squatters were routinely arrested and hauled before the courts, but said the UK was an 'easy touch'.

    'It's really expensive to live in such a big house if you have to pay for it,' he added.

    [​IMG] All mod cons: The styled kitchen at the mansion which is already cluttered with rubbish from the new 'tenants'

    [​IMG] On your bike: The squatters have some transport to get to the local shops if they run out of food

    [​IMG] Substantial: The mansion has ten bedrooms and three bathrooms and is valued at around £10million

    [​IMG] Leafy: Broadlands Road in Highgate where uninvited guest Jason Ruddick lives with his friends

    'There are three bathrooms with bathtubs and showers, a kitchen with all the cooking facilities, heating - and all the utilities are on.'

    Celebrities living in the Highgate and Hampstead area include George Michael, Sadie Frost, Sting, Liam Gallagher and Jude Law.