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Nafasi za Kazi

Discussion in 'Nafasi za Kazi na Tenda' started by BSCLtd., Dec 26, 2010.

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    BSCLtd. Member

    Dec 26, 2010
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    Nafasi zifuatazo zinahitaji kujazwa:

    One of our clients, a water wells drilling company, has the following vacancies to be filled:

    1) Operations Supervisor

    Expected Duties:

    Below are the minimum and not limited expectations of our Company from an Operations Supervisor.
    An operations Supervisor is responsible for a company’s product line, our product line at the moment is:

    1) The Mobile Drill Unit

    2) The Support Truck Unit
    3) All Company vehicles, rented owned or otherwise.

    4) All tools and equipment enabling the above to work properly, including but not limited to: drilling pipes, drill bits, wrenches and spanners and spare parts of trucks and drill rig and drilling equipments.

    5) All staff working on above units i.e. Drillers, Mechanics, Assistant Drillers, Helpers.

    6) All day to day consumables for above units like; Diesel, Engine Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Compressor Oils, Grease, Coolants, Water, Brake Fluids etc.

    All the above items are under your direct supervision and control and needs to be in perfect working condition and order at all times.

    HSE Health Safety and Environment and Tanzania Laws and Regulations

    Adherence to companies HSE procedures and regulations, adherence to Tanzania laws and regulations on Boreholes and Water Wells Drilling at all times i.e. while in our yard, off our yard and during working at drill sites are all part of your direct responsibilities.

    Assisted by all staff under your direct supervision and given full support by the General Supervisor to ensure high working standard, quality control and all Tanzania laws and regulations and HSE matters are met and exceeded.

    You are expected from time to time to review and verify the quality of services and procedures including daily maintenance routines, weekly maintenance routines.
    You are expected to ensure all consumables, maintenance parts and all necessary tools are always readily available in your stock to ensure smooth operation of Drill Rig and Support Truck at all times.

    You are expected to review, document and report all activities under your direct management on a daily basis.

    You are expected to be in a position to train employees under your direct supervision on proper drilling techniques, on quality and standard routine maintenance of our drill rigs, support trucks, drilling hammers and in general all tools and equipments. And on all HSE procedures and Tanzania Laws and regulations on borehole drilling and water wells.
    You are expected to ensure that all staff under your direct supervision are well trained, well equipped and well disciplined to carry out their daily activities in the highest standard possible.

    You are expected to recommend advice and report to the General Supervisor on:

    1) How the daily consumables will be controlled and reported.

    2) How the daily, weekly, monthly maintenance and work plans will be and how they will be reported.

    3) How the daily, weekly, monthly work and progress reports will be and how they will be reported.

    4) How the company assets and tools under your direct supervision and control will be tracked and reported.

    5) How the Staff under your direct supervision will be monitored for performance, competence and it will be reported.

    6) Any other subjects related to your work but not mentioned above needs to be addressed and reported from time to time to GM.

    7) Written reports are required as standard reporting procedure.

    You are requested to formulate a plan with the help and support of your GM to formulate:

    1) Materials, tools and consumables requirement procedures and forms.

    2) Staff evaluation, reporting, recruiting, monitoring and work procedures including job assignments, job descriptions, for all staff directly under you.

    3) Projects planning, including all tools, materials, staff, support, funds and anything else required to ensure fast and quality completion of project. Needs to be formulated and planned now.
    [FONT=&quot]4) Budget preparation and control for your department.



    Position Title:
    Administration Officer
    Reports to:
    Administration Manager/Accountant
    Dar-Es- Salaam, Tanzania.

    Preferred Qualifications
    1. Advanced Diploma/Certificate in Business Administration, Public Administration, Accounting or any other related field in Office/Business Management.
    2. Advanced Diploma/Diploma/ Certificate in relevant computer programs.
    3. Work experience in office management or related administrative/financial experience for at least 2 years.
    4. Experience in working with government ministry, recognized institution or non-governmental organization is highly preferred.

    Minimum Required Knowledge and Skills
    Administration Officer must have proficient expertise, skills and experience in:

    1. Office management/administration and operation.
    2. Bookkeeping and assisting in Accounting.
    3. Microsoft Office programs such as Excel, Power point, Word, Access, Publisher, Outlook and Calendar.
    4. Computerized accounting programs at a highly proficient level or willing to learn.

    1. Typing skills 45 -60 wpm.
    2. Excellent verbal and written communications skills.
    3. Excellent calendar management skills, including planning, implementation and coordination of complex executive tasks.
    4. Proficiency and fluency in Kiswahili and English languages.
    5. Time management skills

    Personal Attributes

    Administration Officer must possess and maintain high professional competency as well as strict confidentiality in performing her/his duties and must demonstrate the following personal attributes:
    1. Work ethics.
    2. Integrity.
    3. Respect.
    4. Flexibility.
    5. Cultural awareness and sensitivity.


    Administration Officer must implement and maintain the entire executive, financial and personnel services in order to accomplish day to day office operations and meet company requirements in accordance with the following scope of work:

    1. Execute all office duties and operations.

    1. Document all office operations by providing and maintaining reference numbers for all pending and accomplished services, office documents, outgoing and incoming letters.
    3. Ensure paper-based and computerized company data entry and management.
    4. Assist in preparing and maintain balance sheets and financial statements.
    5. Maintain petty cash control for various office expenses.
    6. Assist in reconciling general ledger.
    7. Ensure all financial transactions are complete, accurate, properly recorded and entered into the computerized accounting system.

    1. Issue, sort out and process payments for invoices.
    9. Assist with administering and monitoring of financial system, including but not limited to preparation of budget and annual audits.

    1. Identify and manage monthly office utility bills.
    11. Administer all customer services and respond to all office and customer inquiries.
    12. Manage filing, storage and security of office documents.
    13. Maintain office assets and equipment.
    14. Maintain office inventory and purchase orders.
    15. Maintain office personnel files and records.
    16. Identify needs for office repair and maintenance services.
    17. Ensure general cleanliness of the office and its surroundings.
    18. Submit weekly, monthly and quarterly office administrative reports to management.

    1. Perform other related or relevant duties as may be required/assigned by superiors or management.
    If you think you are qualified for any of the above vacancies, please contact:

    Business Services & Consultancy Ltd.
    Business Millennium Park, Office No. 7,
    Morogoro Rd.
    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
    Mob: +255754484384

  2. mpenda pombe

    mpenda pombe JF-Expert Member

    Dec 26, 2010
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    Thnx kwa info..
    Deadline ni lini?
    Me sifa ninazo...
    Kesho naleta cv ofisini..
    B'ness Millenium Park ipo wapi?
  3. kaygeezo

    kaygeezo Senior Member

    Dec 27, 2010
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    makutano ya barabara ya morogoro na Shekilango
  4. Rich Dad

    Rich Dad JF-Expert Member

    Dec 27, 2010
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    ya kwako hizi za kitapeli za kina HIMO ONE
  5. B

    BSCLtd. Member

    Dec 27, 2010
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    Deadline 15th January 2011

    Business Millennium Park, Office No. 7,
    Ipo Morogoro Rd.
    kabla ya Traffic Lights za Shekilango on your left ukitokea City Centre, baada ya Traffic Lights za Shekilango on your right ukitokea Ubungo.
  6. Pdidy

    Pdidy JF-Expert Member

    Dec 28, 2010
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    nimetafuta sehemu ya thnks nnimekosaTANKS
  7. mpenda pombe

    mpenda pombe JF-Expert Member

    Dec 28, 2010
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    Thnx pia.. Leo nimeleta CV zangu hapo kwenu..
    Naamini nitafanikiwa..
  8. K

    Kanyafu Nkanwa JF-Expert Member

    Dec 28, 2010
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    We Mpenda pombe unadhani nani atakusikiliza? Usije ukawaharibia wenzako wengine watakaokuja kesho watoa kazi wakidhani wote ni wapenda pombe!
  9. mpenda pombe

    mpenda pombe JF-Expert Member

    Dec 28, 2010
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    Kanyafu hyo ID tu..