Mzee kamau, A Man of FEW WORDS


Jul 28, 2007
My next-door neighbour Mzee Kamau had an argument with
his wife who got too angry, packed her bags and went
back to her parents home.

Unfortunately for Mrs. Kamau, she had to pass her
husband's home everyday as she went to and from work
and even to the shops.

Days passed and still Mrs Kamau did not go back to her
house until Kamau realized that Mrs. Kamau was not
coming back and so he decided to go to Nakumatt.

When he got to Nakumatt, Kamau bought five XXL ladies
panties in five different colours and went home.

As Kamau's wife pass's by his house on her way to her
parents home only to see one XXL Red panty hanging
from the wash line.......she pretends to ignore it and
walks on!

The following day there is an XXL Pink panty hanging
on the wash line....she once again pretends to ignore
it but walks on fuming inside.

The next morning there is an XXL Blue panty hanging on
the wash line and guess what.

She couldn't hold it any longer..........Kamau sees
his fuming wife approaching him,screaming her lungs
out " fat woman of yours will make
me leave my home, I am back........."

Have a very blessed weekend u all.........!!!!!!!.........
hahaha! mrs kamau alitikisa kiberiti cha mzee kumbe kimejaa nyooooooooooo!!!ndio yalee ukibeep wenzio wanapiga kabisa!!.Sipati picha kama Mrs kamau alikuwa ni kiportable halaf anaona XXL pants zinatundikwa kwa kamba!!...Wivu sina ila roho inaumaa dedeee!!!

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