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My love for my Country, Tanzania

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Maxence Melo, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. Maxence Melo

    Maxence Melo JF Founder Staff Member

    Jun 23, 2008
    Joined: Feb 10, 2006
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    I was disappointed when most of my friends wish to further their studies in the US, Europe, China and India. Not that I dislike those countries, instead I agree that they provide better future for those who study there, but I can't help but ask myself," Why they prefer to further their studies in other countries but not their own country?".

    "We don't ask what the country can do for us, but we ask ourselves what we can do for the country."

    Normally, I see my friends, boasting about how much they love the country by singing the 'Mungu ibariki Tanzania' (Tanzania's National Anthem) and writing long essays on "I am a Tanzania-And Proud of It" (when writing on JF and other blogs). The truth is they just know how to talk big, but when it comes to showing their love, they just shrugged off.

    "Words speak louder than action"

    Anyway, Tanzania is my one and only home. I vowed to love and adore this wonderful country in my coming years. I do not know what I will be in the future but I know, no matter what I am, I will stay in Tanzania. If I am fated to be a scientist, I will use my knowledge to invent useful gadgets for everyone, be it young or old, rich or poor, fat or thin.

    If I am a minister, I will use the government's money faithfully and I would not allow any corruption in my department. I would help the people to get what they need as soon as possible and I would do my part in the charity world so that everyone gets a chance to live on and study.

    So many what ifs, but in fact, I just do not know what is my ambition. The only thing I am sure is I will love to contribute to Tanzania in any ways. My friends from America asked me before," What is good about Tanzania? What is so special about it?" He was so surprised to receive a long reply from me. He spent an hour reading the whole mail. The next day, I got an interesting reply from him, "You should be the Tourism Minister or rather, involved in the tourism field, you seem very proud of your country!"

    Well, of course! You would not see me holding the Tanzanian flag, waving it frantically, shouting "Tanzania! Tanzania!" I will look like an idiot, you know! It is so embarrassing! I do not believe anyone will dare to do that. I can almost imagine myself standing on the third floor of the condominium, doing like that! People would be laughing aloud, for god's sake! I am not the daring type, but emotionally, I am proud to be a part of Tanzania.

    I feel lucky to be born here! Hii ni kutoka rohoni.

    Tanzania is peaceful. You would not read about wars in Tanzania. You will not hear about ministers fighting and punching each other though too much corruption news and our ministers/leaders resigning without fighting. You rarely read about dangerous criminals, walking freely on the streets. You will always read about our wonderful 1st President JK Nyerere, about Tanzanians feeling envied because we have so many races living together and we have so many nice food, from Indian food, Malay food, Swahili food and Chinese food.

    Apart from that, I cannot think of anything else that clearly drops Tanzania's image. Hold on, we have a lot others that are sure to charm you. Who knows your next trip will be Tanzania? We have many historical and entertaining places. There are mountain climbing and forest-adventure (Kilimanjaro, being the highest mountain in Africa and not forgetting Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Zanzibar, Olduvai Gorge etc).

    We have different varieties of food, that you will spend a lifetime tasting all of them! Finally yet importantly, we got our multiracial society that care about each other. People often ask, "How come we can maintain peace and serenity although we live with so many different cultures?" Well, there is just one simple answer," It takes two to obtain success in human's relationship". If one voluntarily understand and tolerate the other, eventually, the relationship will blossom.


    From the time
    I was still in my mother's womb,
    I have learned to love my country.
    Every night,
    The voice of my homeland whispers in my ear
    And the spirit of my nation tantalizes my soul.​

    I am listening to the nightingales,
    Whistling their piercing crescendo,
    And remember yesterday's memories.
    Feelings from a love long ago suddenly return,
    And make me dream of a better tomorrow.


    I reunite with my little neighbor,
    Who charms me with her heavenly smile.
    But I have fallen in love with another,
    Who has stolen every bit of my soul.​

    I am in love with the waves of the sea,
    Caressing my homeland from end to end.
    I am in love with the fruited plains,
    Looking out for me from the center of the land.
    I am in love with the skyscrapers, the winds


    And the heroes of my country.
    Nyerere, Karume, Mkwawa...
    And other names I have not mentioned...
    The heroes of the past, present, and future.
    Let passing time bears witness to sadness and joys.​

    Let all dreams be unwavering lights.
    Let tomorrow be a better day.​
  2. Yo Yo

    Yo Yo JF-Expert Member

    Jun 23, 2008
    Joined: May 31, 2008
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    max ni wewe umeandka haya au umekopi sehemu?.....kabla ya kujibu
  3. Mahesabu

    Mahesabu JF-Expert Member

    Jun 23, 2008
    Joined: Jan 27, 2008
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    Hii Spirit Tuwape Vijana Na Watoto
  4. Pundit

    Pundit JF-Expert Member

    Jun 23, 2008
    Joined: Feb 4, 2007
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    While I fully appreciate the multitude positive faces of nationalism, some even held dear by my very self, I am obliged by prudency to think that certainly ever since the collapse of communism at the latest and some would argue really since the collapse of both the medieval Roman and Holy Roman empires, nationalism, at least in it's existing form, is dying a slow but sure death.A prominent school of thought convincingly, if arguably, purpots that the future belongs to corporatism, the global citizen and the sad but true Darwinian realities that that scenario encompasses and embrace is fully and unashamedly posited to become an unavoidable future, if only to excuse this neo-neo-imperialistic savagery.

    Purely nationalistic tendencies are increasingly playing second fiddle to bread and butter (if not coffer and pocket) issues, often at the guise of none other cause than nationalistic centred expansive appetites. Taking Europe and the EU as a case in point, even in the case where Eurosceptics were rejecting ratifications of EU treaties, such as the original rejection of a EU Treaty ratification (Maastricht Treaty by the Danish) one of the biggest obstacle to this base was the surrender of the Danish Kroner to the Euro. This set a precedent for the rejection of the Nice Treaty and just last week the Lisbon treaty over pretty much similar issues.In other words, even the supra national "clubs" have to be careful in not embracing overly nationalistic (for lack of a better word) issues. The Irish constituent of EU on June 12 rejected ratification of the Lisbon Treaty because the EU in their view, instead of acting for the economic interest of EU, is prioritizing a bureaucratic premium on giving itself powers of being a superstate by European political elites. The expansion of the EU as a case in point, is spearheaded by none other issue than trade if you want a single most determining factor. As long as these supra-national bodies will guarantee economies of scale, bigger markets, ease of movement and harmonization of labor, nationalistic ideals will remain nostalgic but an unaffordable luxury. The OAU restructured itself towards a more EU like format in the AU, even regional clubs such as Frontline States which purely revolved around political issues are now replaced by the SADCs, the ECOWAS', EAC and COMESAs of today which are going nowhere but staying put to nag us and claim their day.As shall be seen, these clubs will gain an increasingly powerful role to the detriment of the existing "territorial integrity" charters and sovereignty respecting international etiquette rich morality.

    Nationalism, while some would go as far as describing it a primitive, basic, chauvinistic and even imperialism prone notion, is surely a fleeting illusory idea anyway (if granted effective as an aristocratic tool) mostly buoyant because of and vehemently impassioned by the struggle against colonialism.Nationalism is what lumped together the Hindu and Muslims of independent India in 1948, only to find them incompatible and necessitating the breakup of original India into Pakistan, India and East Pakistan, later Bangladesh.

    Nationalism is what lumped together the Makonde of southern Tanzania and Masai of northern Tanzania, hundreds of miles across, but at the same time severed ties among neighboring Masai (Kenyan and Tanzanian) and Makonde (Tanzanian and Mozambican) villages.

    It is a divisive, non-progressive, artificial and alien idea that was not ours in the first place.On top of imperialism and colonialism, it is responsible for such heinous atrocities such as slavery, the holocaust and the Aremenian genocide, aboriginal Australian and native American extinction. As colonialism draws nearer to the dustbin of history, it's relics, which includes nationalism, will have no choice but to succumb to the arrow of time just as the noise of a sirens bows to the realities of Doppler effect.

    If the leaders sitting at the top of nationalistic structures cannot be nationalistic it is nothing but full-blown folly to believe that the poor fellow on the corner can salvage the situation. I would like to see that happenning. With all my rooting for the underdog in this David vs. Goliath battle of epic proportionson on ethical standards , partly influenced by nostalgic sentimentalities rooted in love of culture and kinfolk, the cold facts dictate otherwise, they simply cannot be ignored. Change is inevitable, what we can do is influence that change so we can gain from it.

    The only thing I can even pretend to fight for is that this coming corporatism be fair to all and not marginalize or monopolize whole populations. For example, if HIPC's should be on the receiving end of the economic divide due to poor development, the rich nations can also be on the receiving end due to industriousness of some nations as evidenced in the technology sector by the relatively poor India.

    Right now you have a continuing steady trend towards dual nationality, we will further increasingly see a heightened level of freedom of movement, ideas and intermingling to necessitate a cacophony mixtures of layers of different dual nationalities and a sensible supra-national structure such as EU nationality.

    Right now I want a trio supranationality, SADC, COMESA and AU with an EU Green Card not to mention dual nationality, American and Tanzanian while eyeing a permanent ASEAN visa coupled with a honorary British Commonwealth Nationality and titular Andean Passport.

    Not to mention a UN "blue card" to roam anywhere. Next stop, Andromeda.
  5. A

    AmaniGK JF-Expert Member

    Jun 24, 2008
    Joined: Jan 10, 2008
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    Max yaani sijaamini kama mzee uko deep namna hii na nchi yako
  6. Mzee wa Gumzo

    Mzee wa Gumzo Senior Member

    Jun 24, 2008
    Joined: Apr 21, 2008
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    I have read Max's personal declarence of his love for Tanzania and i thought i should begin by proposing that his post be posted on a news paper and be read to our children and young brothers and sisters in schools.

    I am proposing it our of love for mother Tanzania residing in my heart.

    It is this love that every Tanzanian should have and display wherever he/she may be.I hate seasonal love that some of us normally show.Its a kind of love shown when Taifa stars is playing only, kind of love shown when the parliament is in session only.Such kind of love never grows.It just erupts and lasts for few days before it dies.It is a kind of love for the country that does not come out of responsibility but out of fear and

    I wish we Tanzanians would one day learn to love the country out of love itself and out of our responsibility to the country.We should love Tanzania because it deserves to be loved by every Tanzanian.By doing so we will be able to make our love 'all weather', long lasting till death do as part.

    We should also learn to love our country out of our responsibility to it. Like what Max said i hope quoting former USA president JF Kennedy, we should not think of what our country will to to us, we should think of what to do to our country.This is what it means by being responsible to our country.

    When such kind of love do exist, Tanzania will never remain as it is, it will change because everyone of us will be responsible.We will be responsible in taking care of our environment, taking care of our natural resources, taking care of public funds.We will learn to be faithful to one another and to the country too.

    Those who feel proud to be associated with anything from the west are doing it because there is nothing binding them to Tanzania.They feel nothing and some do regret to be born Tanzanian.It is very easy to identify such kind of Tanzanians especially from among the youth today.Their life style speaks a lot. When they complete form six they think of America,SA, Canada etc.They were t-shirts, caps and jeans written:I love America, NY, Las Vegas, Cape Town, Paris, G-UNIT, Jordan etc.Others go far by putting on gears decorated with USA and South Africa flag colours.

    Its time we take this problem seriously and consider effective ways to make things better.We can not continue leaving in a country we do not love.Our war against ill practices in this country will not bear any fruits if we not fighting together does not result from common love for Tanzania.We may have a common target but fighting spirit can not be strong unless we fall in love to Tanzania, our dear country.

    The one in deep love with Tanzania!
  7. H

    Haika JF-Expert Member

    Jun 24, 2008
    Joined: Mar 3, 2008
    Messages: 2,318
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    Pundit, do not be carried away with all this.
    Or is it me who is carried away by some myth?
    I do not know, but the feeling of belonging is still very nice and necessary to me.
  8. Pundit

    Pundit JF-Expert Member

    Jun 24, 2008
    Joined: Feb 4, 2007
    Messages: 3,741
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    Carried away? No. There is a reason some parts of my post are bold.

    Love of country notwithstanding, I am striving for realism, not dogmatic patriotism.
  9. WomanOfSubstance

    WomanOfSubstance JF-Expert Member

    Jun 24, 2008
    Joined: May 30, 2008
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    And now with the evils such as corruption leading to grinding poverty the hate will be even more than the love for one's country!
  10. Kevo

    Kevo JF-Expert Member

    Jun 24, 2008
    Joined: Jun 12, 2008
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    I wish to express my thanks for this thread.Watu ambao nimekutana nao ambao wanasoma abroad kweli wanafaidi.Hivi majuzi mmoja wa marafiki zangu ni mzalendo kwa kweli na alikuwa anataka kusoma Tanzania tuu wala sio kwenda abroad.Sasa akafikiria kuomba mkopo wa chuo katika pilikapilika zake akakutana na afisa mmoja wa bodi ya mkopo akamwambia kama unataka mkopo hundred percent ampe $500.rafiki yangu akakosa so aka decide kuomba grants from embassies akapata scholarship.sasa jamani mtu kama huyu hata akiimba naipenda tanzania ni kosa?hakutaka ila circumstancs zilimlazimu.
  11. Pundit

    Pundit JF-Expert Member

    Jun 24, 2008
    Joined: Feb 4, 2007
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    Sasa huyu kaenda abroad kwa sababu ya Tanzania au fedha za wafadhili embassies? Na kama anatumia kigezo hiki kwa nini aimbe "Nakupenda Tanzania" wakati nchi imejaa viongozi wala rushwa waliotaka kumzuia kusoma kwa kumnyima scholarship kwa sababu hajatoa rushwa?
  12. Maxence Melo

    Maxence Melo JF Founder Staff Member

    Dec 3, 2008
    Joined: Feb 10, 2006
    Messages: 2,606
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    Baada ya kusoma topic ya Mwanakijiji hii ( Tupe Nguvu Subihana! ) nimejikuta naikumbuka hata hii topic. Mungu ibariki Tanzania na wananchi wake.
  13. Kaa la Moto

    Kaa la Moto JF-Expert Member

    Dec 3, 2008
    Joined: Apr 24, 2008
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    Nina imani ni wachache sana ambao wanamaanisha kabisa kama usemavyo wewe, wakifika katika suala la kuipenda nchi hii.

    kwanza, hata serikali haiwahamasishi wananchi wake kuipenda nchi yao kwanza. Na kwa sababu hiyo wananchi wengi kama watanzania wamepoteza upendo na nchi yao. Ukiwambia wachague kati ya nchi yao na nchi nyingine wako tayari kuchagua nchi nyingine. Kwa viongozi wetu, kwao mtu anayeipenda nchi ni yule anayeiba pesa ya serikali au kupokea za rushwa na kuchangia sehemu ya pesa hiyo kuirudisha serikali hiyo hiyo madarakani.

    Angalia katika bunge letu jinsi ambavyo wabunge wetu wasivyokuwa na aibu kwa kusali sala ndefu bungeni kila siku asubuhi, yenye maneno mazuri na mwisho wa siku wanawatetea wahuni wachache wanaohujumu uchumi wa nchi hii kwa sababu tu wanatokea chama kimoja, huku walio na haki kama wakina Zitto wakipewa vifungo. Hao ndio wanaojifanya wanaipenda Tanzania kuliko watu wote. Mapenzi yamehama kutoka katika kuipenda nchi na sasa watu wanapenda vyama vya siasa wala si nchi. Heri wewe uliyechagua kuipenda nchi na si chama.

    Ninadiliki kusema tunao viongozi wengi ambao ni wanafiki na kama upo moto tunaohubiriwa kila siku kwamba upo, kweli wengi wao wawe tayari kuungua maana unafiki lazima uwageukie.

    Huwa najiuliza kuhusu vile viapo wanavyotoa wale viongozi wetu kama kweli wanajua nini wanafanya na kama hasa haya ndio mapenzi ya nchi.

    Kwa kifupi mwenye mapenzi na nchi kwanza anaanza kuwa na mapenzi na watu wa nchi hii na kujaa huruma kwa ajili yao. Mwenye mapenzi na nchi hii lazima awe tayari kupoteza si uhai tu bali akubali kuwa hata yeye asipopata kitu in terms of kulipwa yuko tayari kuwatumikia watu wa nchi hii waishi vizuri kuliko yeye. Huyo ndiye hasa mwenye mapenzi na nchi hii.

    Lakini hawa wanaopigia zumari wimbo wa Tanzania nakupenda wakati wa uchaguzi ni wanafiki na wazandiki. Ni waongo wa hali ya juu na wanastahili kuhukumiwa kwa unafiki wao na kutokuwa na mapenzi na nchi yao. Wanatakiwa kushitakiwa kwa kukiuka viapo vyao vya kweli! Lakini nani yuko tayari kufanya hivyo?

    Maana hata wananchi tu tumeshajikuta kuingia katika mkumbo wa kutoipenda nchi. Je kweli twaweza kusema tunaipenda nchi kwa kuchagua viongozi wabovu kama hawa simply kwa sababu nimepewa khanga na kofia na tshirt na pombe ya kinyeji ya kunywa siku moja au hata sinia la pilau? Hapo kuna mapenzi kweli? We need to show a real love of our country in true actions. Mpaka hapo Hizi zingine zitabaki ni porojo.

    Nasikia baadhi ya viongozi wetu wana hold uraia wa nchi mbili. Je hapa hawa nao wanayo thubutu ya kusema wanaipenda Tanzania?

    We subiri Ndesamburo apeleke ile hoja yake bungeni next year ya kuomba kuondolewa kinga ya kutoshitakiwa Mkapa, ili apate kushitakiwa pamoja na wezi wenzie. Hapo ndio utaona kichekesho na true patriotism yetu tunaojifanya kuipenda nchi yetu hii. Kama hawakuishia kusema mwache mzee wa watu apumzike, watasema tukilinde chama na si tuilinde nchi! Wakisema nchi itapata mtikisiko wanamaanisha chama chao kitapata mtikisiko! Na hapo utaelewa ni nini nasema!
  14. A

    Alpha JF-Expert Member

    Dec 3, 2008
    Joined: Aug 30, 2007
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    You wrote a nice piece.

    You do not have to put down other countries, peoples or cultures to show your patriotism. The only thing it shows is your ignorance and insecurities. I am also proud to be Tanzanian and one of the things that makes me proud is the fact that Tanzanians are known for being open minded, tolerant and respectful of other peoples cultures, religions and ideas. Maybe you and your friends should read up on the History of Tanzania and what it means to be Tanzanian.

    Love your country and yourself, but respect others.
  15. Azimio Jipya

    Azimio Jipya JF-Expert Member

    Dec 3, 2008
    Joined: Nov 27, 2007
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    Kinachomfanya mwanadamu tofauti na vingine vyote ni Utu wake.

    The Nobility and humanity in us is what make us not all other things in the creation. UTU is our nature! Is what make us be what we are!

    Tunaupenda utu wetu na kuuheshimu good for Us.

    Utu hausalitiki mwanadamu akabaki salama kwa namna yeyote ile......period...!!!

    Kuupenda utu wetu....That is the basic unit of existance. Then we have The farmily out of that....iliyojengeka under those characters....Humanity...nobility....UTU

    We Love our nature....That means we love ourselves and our farmily...which finaly give s the comminity and the nation.

    Loving our nation explain how we love our nature...which is immutable.....The most postive entity we can identify with.

    Loving our Nation is lovig our farmily and our community..its our true nature...

    Loving our loving being ourselves....This Love if its true and honest ..has massive postive energy!


    Perhaps the only energy and force we can dare to hold fast and advance to ...confront any type of enemy on earth or comming from helll!!


    Good Lord ...I hereby place My love for my coutry Tanzania in you own hands so ...Bless our Country!!
  16. B

    Bulesi JF-Expert Member

    Dec 4, 2008
    Joined: May 14, 2008
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    I love my country dearly but its development is hampered by a leadership that lacks vision.

    Pundit's contribution to this thread should be compulsory reading to the leadership of this country whose thinkig happens to be very static; witness Tanzania's reluctance to the implementation of the EAC"S common market accords!!

    The future for our country lies in its intergration with its neighbours to reap the benefits of larger markets and to learn from them whatever advances they have made in sectors that we are deficient.; inward looking idealism will not help our country's advancement, we need to embrace change.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2008
  17. N

    Nationalist Member

    Dec 5, 2008
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    Hi all!

    What Max posted is pretty invigorating. My country (Tanzania) should come right before my personal ambitions. Let us denounce selfish motives and promote selfless principles. Let the full force of ancestral wrath, curse and vengeance consume the wicked (corrupt and greedy leaders). Amen.

  18. Maxence Melo

    Maxence Melo JF Founder Staff Member

    Oct 3, 2009
    Joined: Feb 10, 2006
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    The problem with our African Leaders (especially Tanzanian Political leaders) is that they have consistently ignored all our cry for help even though they know our plights very well.

    Aren't they appalled by the scale of poverty and the living condition of the people? They're not appalled to see children selling on the street instead of being in classrooms? Are they not appalled to see children sleeping rough on the streets of our capital cities and scavenging for food while you and you cronies frequent between five star hotels? (People in Dar can prove this).

    Don't you leaders care about the dignity of the people you claim to be serving? For years you have asked us to sacrifice and even today we are still sacrificing. How many more years should we continue to sacrifice and tighten our belts why you and your cronies enjoy from our sweat?

    We are tired of you using our money to procure arms for your own protection while children go to school barefooted and on empty stomach; while hospitals are without essential medicines; while homes and factories are folding up for lack of electricity; and while harvested crops remain in the bush for lack of good roads. We are tired of all your inactions, the 'wait and see' and the 'do nothing approaches' to problem solving.

    Above all, we are tired of your excesses. We are tired of your corrupt practices and the looting of the treasuries. Your foreign bank accounts are swollen with hundreds of millions of dollars, pounds and Euros while hundreds of millions of people live on less than one dollar a day.

    Well, a word to the wise is enough but remember that you can fool some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time! Time will tell...
  19. Triplets

    Triplets JF-Expert Member

    Oct 4, 2009
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    this is nice an cool...maan!! I will be back...
  20. Hunyu

    Hunyu JF-Expert Member

    Nov 27, 2014
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    Habari za usiku huu wana JF.

    Kwa heshima na taazima napenda kutoa sifa zangu kwa nchi yetu tukufu ya Tanganyika. Sory i mean Tanzania.

    Amani. Ktk hali ya kawaida ni ngumu saana kuishi kwa amani katika nchi yenye makabila zaidi ya 120 mkaelewana bila tatizo na kushirikiana. Kwa hili Tanganyika naipongeza sana. Mbali na makabila mengi, kuna makabila ambayo ni makubwa sana, lakini kwa utaratibu ule ule wa kuheshimiana, makabila hayo hayo makubwa mfano Sukuma, Nyakusa n.k hawajawahi kuonyesha dharau kwa haya makabila madogo au kutaka privilage zaidi na hivyo amani yetu inaendelea hata kama mikoa yao ni ya mwisho kwa maendeleo pamoja na kuwa na rasilimali za kutosha.

    Uzalendo. Nakupenda sana Tanganyika (sory i mean Tanzania) kwa kuwa watu wako ni wazalendo wa kweli. Tuna rasilimali nyingi ambazo pamoja na baadhi ya watu kuzimisuse, sisi wananchi tumeendelea kukaa kimya kwa sababu ni wazalendo wa kweli.

    Umasikini. Nakupenda sana Tanganyika hata kama mimi ni masikini. Pamoja na kuwa na tofauti kubwa ya kipato kati ya walionacho na wasiokuwa nacho kuendelea kusota, bado nakupenda tu maana naamini nimipango ya Mungu mimi kuwa masikini hata kama Tanzanite ni ya Tz lakini naamini ni ya kenya.

    Mwana JF, najua na wewe unachokitu cha kujivunia kama mtz.