My internet activities are being secretly recorded!!


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Jun 27, 2007
I recently found out that a surveillance software has been installed on my notebook for the purpose of monitoring my internet activities.

How would I uninstalled the software?
do u have administrators prevalages ? if yes u can uninstall that sasa ujue kwanini wameweka huyu mtu aliyeweka na monitoring anaweza kufanya kupitia computer zingine sio lazima ya kwako
Asante Shy,

Ndio nina administrative privileges.

Well, sidhani kama aliyeweka ana ujanja waku-reinstall kupitia computer nyingine. Hii ni personal notebook yangu, haiko kwenye shared network ya aina yoyote.

Ni vipi naweza kufuta hii surveillance?
Hi Quickmover, how did U know? Kuna njia gani ya kugundua kama computer yako imewekewa hiyo mitego? I am curious, p'se help.
To see the running services, just go to services in the "administrative tools" folder.

That said, there are two ways to monitor:

1. A program on your PC. These can be hidden to look like innocuous programs in much the same way spyware is. A good spyware scanner will usually ferret them out though.

2. Remotely. If this is the case, it can be done a dozen different ways, and can be terribly hard to block if you don't have permission to change the network settings in your workplace.
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Hi Quickmover, how did U know? Kuna njia gani ya kugundua kama computer yako imewekewa hiyo mitego? I am curious, p'se help.

Well, sina uhakika kama surveillance softaware zote zina style moja.... Lakini jaribu kuangalia program zote usizozielewa kwenye bar ya chini upande kulia (kwenye saa). Some or all of these surveillance software zinabandika a symbol itakayo onyesha recording activities. Kwa mfano, kwenye notebook yangu kuna little red round, na nikipeleka mouse yangu pale, inaniambia kwamba "my activity is recorded"

Kunaweza kuwa na njia nyingi za kugundua,lakini hiyo ndiyo iliyonisaidia kushtukia software hiyo.
Hi Quickmover, how did U know? Kuna njia gani ya kugundua kama computer yako imewekewa hiyo mitego? I am curious, p'se help.

kuna software inaitwa Hijackthis!!it is the simplest way for a newbie to get front knowledge on what is going on in his/her computer!!!just download it install it,scan and then post your logfile here for experts to tell you if you are OK or something is FISHY or DAMN WRONG with your computer!!

just for your help check posts on how to protect your computer here in JF!!anyways more importantly is to prevent!!

antivirus software,antispyware software and most importantly a firewall will do!!

and if u don't want anything in your computer to be accessed by anyone even th one sitting next to you then simply find encrypting software!!the stronger the encryption the safer the data's!!

since i assume that people record your activities so that,one day they will use them against you!!make them record less or nothing!!!

through ISP's and servers you can protect yourself too..,

too bad that the methods are too complex for less skilled to apply..,and if you can't use them that means you have less to worry about the government knowing what you do on the net!!since what you do is rarely harmful!!

(imagine a guy who constantly tries to bypass CIA database from a remote location!!sure he gets more attention from the feds than a guy who just checks emails!!and do some few downloads)

a good firewall can stop normal attacks..,and if you attract high attacks then you must be skilled otherwise you're dumb!!
Je Siwezi Kuangalia Bila Programu Maalumu Kama Hijackthis ?

waweza ndugu,just go to running services in your taskmgr.exe,BUT as far as my knowledge reaches..,i have never seen an easier way to go around that problem than Hijackthis!!

u know if ur hacker or whatever the ciulprit it is,is smart enough then he will make the rootkit to look as similar to the genuine procces as possible..,

making it very touhg for a newbie to realise!!!so incase you dont want to delete something useful and leave something bad!!then you have to use HIJACKTHIS!!!

BUT if you want to do it manually then be ready to crack more brains and face more risks!!
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