Mute greedy politicians (cheap politics).

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mzalendo namba moja

mzalendo namba moja

Oct 26, 2018
mzalendo namba moja

mzalendo namba moja

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Its clearly understood that what's done here is because we took the sides since those times (ccmism and cdmism) and culturally we never appreciated what the oppositional side did instead we disvalued and yes underscored (deeds of oppositional side)..
Open ur eyes today, put aside ur oppositional spirits, I hope u gonna see the different Tanzania as compared to the ancient one...the man has patriotically made it and some how he has flied our dignity to those international societies...

Honestly,the man isn't perfect but he is the man of men, honestly the man isn't greedy of the authority and he can step down anytime leaving the chair to the successor, all are possible. but who is to be left on the chair, who shall withstand imperialistic arrows, who shall stand on behalf of innocent Tanzanians despite it may mean despised with all insults on the world?...frankly speaking I haven't seen anybody among them, they are running race for their wombs and their families and yes for their legendary dream of having the state power..

Greedy in the name of democracy is what is portrayed before the world eyes, the game for presidency, using the poor political propagandas that you was been hunted by the government so as be downed forever.#The simple fact#
1.if the government could decide assassin Mr lissu forever there were simple ways, probably injecting him the toxinated injection for he die silently(after he was referred to Dodoma hospital)
2.Assassins could wait him at his hom after he get in his gate and they put him down silently
3.they could set the timed bomb to his track and so forth

I believe, the elite killers couldn't do that, my many enemies Lissu has apart from Government? "business rivals, intra party political opponents, probably from family disputes, probably from daily disputes Lissu is making with people" these are all possible threats that could down Mr Lissu...

So why he is sourcing the government as being the reason of his murder trial?...(????)
"Chadema has lacked the new points to make before civics (developmental criticism), rather its openly engaging in mobilizing the acts for violence against the government, it tries arousing the sense of infatuation a midst innocent Tanzania (unfruitful deeds), getting quenched by the government they stand claiming government is less democratic..." For cricitical reasoners, Chadema is the dried ocean of agendas"..getting back to my point, they have landed to one poor political capital..."LISSU ASSASSINATION TRIAL"

Lissu will never ever be a thorn to a government ,because his innermost will testies him being a political puppet and his readiness be used by imperialistic countries for their gains (yes u have a presidency, they have what they want, Tanzanians becomes more poor)...that's suicidal of our lovely mother Tanzania, that's making Tanzania the cave of foxes and warthogs...."NON ACCEPTED DEEDS"..You are the thorns to the innocent Tanzanians

The Democratic value you that of validating our kids and daughters transgendering?, is that one validating abortion as being the means of family planning?, is that one validating homosexuality, is that one validating prositution as one of beneficial businesses so getting licenced, freedom of doing what you want????????

"Dear great thinkers, help me to think, what the hell these guys are, what they want from us, have we turned Tabulalasa minded
People???,stop their greedy, stop their insanes stop their blaspemity....Its a big trepasss.

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