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Museveni opposes Gaddafi on African political union

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by ByaseL, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. B

    ByaseL JF-Expert Member

    Jul 2, 2009
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    By Barbara Among

    PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni has reiterated that he supports the idea of regional political federation before an African political union.

    In a speech read by foreign affairs minister Sam Kutesa to heads of state attending the Africa Union conference in Sirte, Libya, Museveni argued: “Since 1963, I have always belonged to the latter school — the school of regional political federations.”

    He said at the regional level there was more potential for cohesion and compatibility than at the continental level.

    Museveni did not attend the summit that opened in Libya yesterday to deliberate on issues relating to agriculture.

    Iran’s hardline president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, both of whom had been invited by Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, cancelled at the last minute. Gaddafi is the chairman of the African Union (AU).

    Press reports said Gaddafi wanted to use the summit to pressure African nations into accepting his vision for a greatly empowered AU executive.
    Gaddafi wants to bring all African Union’s organs under a single federal authority, as part of his campaign for a “United States of Africa”.

    However, many countries, especially in the eastern and southern Africa, favour a more gradual approach to integration, according to press reports.
    This is the third time Museveni is expressing his stand against the formation of a ‘United States of Africa’ at an AU meeting.

    In February, in Ethiopia, he clashed with Gaddafi after the two disagreed over the direction of the formation of a single government for all African states.

    Museveni calls for the strengthening of regional blocs. “I would not like to miss this historic opportunity by undertaking more complicated tasks that, in our view, have little viability.”

    He said Uganda supports a three-tiered-integration process: regional political federations, a common market for the whole of Africa and areas of joint or common action.

    “As far as Uganda is concerned (and we already have a rough authorisation for this through consultations throughout East Africa), we are prepared to transfer sovereignty only to the regional federation level,” the speech read.

    He pointed out that his position since 1963 has been in support for African political integration through regional federations.

    Giving an example of East Africa, Museveni said the shared borders, languages and cultural linkages make it acceptable to all the groups of the region, Congo and parts of Mozambique, to federate.

    Museveni said one of the obstacles to continental political unity is lack of a common language.

    “You cannot have a country without a common language — indigenous or borrowed. USA uses English; India uses English, their own huge linguistic groups (Hindu, Gujarat, Tami and Bengali) notwithstanding; Soviet Union used Russian and Brazil used Portuguese.”

    Museveni added that lack of a common language could also be a source of tensions and even conflict. He also pointed out that there is almost no infrastructure; rail and road linkages.

    “Economic integration does not demand the same degree of cohesion as political integration. A federated East Africa could eventually be a very cohesive part of Africa, using Kiswahili enriched by Bantu and Nilotic/Cushitic dialects. Such a cohesive African state would become the strategic backbone of the African peoples,” he explained.

    Museveni said the AU Committee of seven, which was set up to look into the matter, also identified areas that cannot easily be handled at either the national or regional levels even when regional federations are formed. 

    The areas of concern include trade negotiations with foreign countries, dealing with the desert (the environment) and inter-state security issues.

  2. Josh Michael

    Josh Michael JF-Expert Member

    Jul 2, 2009
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    Ukiwatazama viongozi wawili kati ya Mseveni na Gadaffi utaweza kujua kuwa Gadaffi is more nationalist than Mseveni na pia Gadaffi alikuwa ni moja ya viongozi walikuwa na moyo kama wa mwalimu kabla ya dunia kumtenga au mataifa ya magharibi, But tuanze taaratibu kwanza kabla ya kumaliza tofauti zetu hapa Africa
  3. Kamakabuzi

    Kamakabuzi JF-Expert Member

    Jul 2, 2009
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    Many African leaders are not serious abount USAfrica. Museveni for example, is bringing problems in the East African Community: Once he showed that he will not leave the prsidency of Uganda untlill he gets the EA presidency, So he is ready to change the constitution for that purpose - and he has done so. He is currently quarrelling with Kenya on the ......island in lake victoria; they are about to fight.
    Gadaffi on his side, is the life president of Libya; certainly he wants the USAfrica immediately so that he can be the first USAfrica president and possibly desires to the life pesident.
    These two are all power hungry, their views should be watched cautiously
  4. Lambardi

    Lambardi JF-Expert Member

    Jul 2, 2009
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    Wote walafi na wana uchu wa madarakaa nani zaidi.........
  5. Josh Michael

    Josh Michael JF-Expert Member

    Jul 2, 2009
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    Hakuna Tofauti kati ya Gadaffi na mseveni kwa ulafi wa madaraka maana wote wamekaa madarakani zaidi ya muongo mmoja
  6. MwanaFalsafa1

    MwanaFalsafa1 JF-Expert Member

    Jul 2, 2009
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    Musseveni anataka regional intergration kama the EAst African Federation kwa sababu anategemea kuja kupewa uraisi wa East Africa. Gadafi nae anataka "United States of Africa" kwa sababu ana tegemea kuja kupewa uraisi wa Africa. Wote ni tamaa tu na nia zao zina conflict with each other ndiyo maana mnaona hivi. Typical African leaders, nchi zao zimewashinda bado wanatafuta kupanua wigo la utawala wao.
  7. Mwiba

    Mwiba JF-Expert Member

    Jul 2, 2009
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    Hata hivyo mnafikiri wazungu wanalitaka au wanapenda kuona umoja huo ukipatikana ? Ila tuelewe kuwa wakati wa kuungana umepitwa na wakati sasa kila mmoja anataka awe peke yake ,angalia kuna madai kule Pemba,chokochoko Tanga wakati wa Mwalim Nyerere na msukumo wa shida kule Kigoma na Bukoba nao walihoji ikiwa hawatashughulikiwa wanaweza kuwashawishi wananchi wa huko kudai uhuru au kujiunga na Burudi na Rwanda sasa sijui kujiunga vipi kama kinchi au kuingia msituni na kuanzisha mapigano ,unajua shida zikizidi uvumilivu unaondoka.
  8. Eqlypz

    Eqlypz JF-Expert Member

    Jul 2, 2009
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    Urafiki wa Museveni na Gaddafi ushakufa? Wote wana tamaa za madaraka.
  9. Sophist

    Sophist JF-Expert Member

    Jul 3, 2009
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    What if you leave out the power hungry concept alone, to allow Africans think big of the African big picture?
    I think one needs to leave mortal personalities alone, M7 vs. Gadaffi, when charting out the future position of Africa in world politics, economy and science.
    The unification approach, between, the one presented by M7 and Gadaffi, is better? One has to remember that nothing is new in this debate. It was the bone of contention between Nyerere (his views now represented by M7) and Nkrumah (his views now represented by Gadaffi) in 1963.
    Please let argue substantive issues
  10. Tumain

    Tumain JF-Expert Member

    Jul 3, 2009
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    Swala siyo wazungu kutaka je waafrica tunataka umoja huo? waboresha east africa au sadcc then AU.
  11. Tumain

    Tumain JF-Expert Member

    Jul 3, 2009
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    Mimi nafikiri AU ni muhimu lakini waanze na common africa interest with outside world e.g. Kuongeza biashara among african nations.
  12. Juma Contena

    Juma Contena JF-Expert Member

    Jul 4, 2009
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    How eerie for Museveni to suggest that a Union should be based on commom language yet he runs a country that every region has its own language resulting Ugandans to discriminated each other based on a tongue. Here is a man who does not want to quit against the wishes of many Ugandans who wants to see the end of him. I know some will say so as Gaddafi, but no one in Libya will stand against the man knowing he'll win anyway.

    Gaddafi despite of his uncertainity he has done a lot for his country and its people unlike Yoweri. You have to understand where he is coming from having stood up with the West for most of his political life. He understand we are weak as individuals that is a fact, and this valnurbility help others exploiting us on. I think he wants to see better deals on the table for African assets and a strong continent with a voice not just being puppets on the strings. you have to understand the south will have a strong view against the idea as there's still a lot of British Influence politically in those parts. I think Africans leaders should sit down and discuss indepent autonomies on this proposed Union than discredit the Idea as being bunkum. we are weak as individuals lets unite. However Gaddafi should not think he will have super influence over other leaders on the matter but that is the way forward for Africans or else our people will always be on at the bottom of other races.
  13. Natty Bongoman

    Natty Bongoman JF-Expert Member

    Jul 7, 2009
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    There is one issue here we all are, seemingly, not finding it important... the fact that Northern Africa is predominantly Arabs who are members of Arab Unions such as OPEC and other political unions. Would Ghaddafi having achieved Afrika Union turn around and insists that 'his Afrikan brothers' be allowed to join Arabs unions and benefit ???

    Whose alliance, when it comes to choosing, would Northern Afrika, having becoming part of Afrikan union, respect more ??????????

    * Has Libya ever opposed OPEC from raising petrol prices on behalf of poor Afrikan countries getting squeezed by OPEC vs the West war of oil ???

    Without disrespecting anyone, it is InI opinion that majority if not all of Arabs and Indians who were born and/or live in Afrika - considers themselves Arabs or Indians LIVING IN AFRIKA, not Afrikans of Arab or Indian descent ...
  14. A

    Amwanga JF-Expert Member

    Jul 7, 2009
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    Tz hiyo haipo miaka kumi mtu anakula kona(achia ngazi)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! except Komando ZnZ alitaka chafua file
  15. Juma Contena

    Juma Contena JF-Expert Member

    Jul 8, 2009
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    ndio tunachosema thinking in terms of division is not good, how can arabs dictate our prices of oil when they're not even buying oil its the market that dictates these prices stop thinking in terms of us and them lets make the first step and see how it goes. countries that think that dont have common intrest in the future they should leave. the EU started with few members look at it now.

    umoja ni nguvu utengano ni udhaifu its a fact we have people of different races in our continent but we shouldnt back off because of that silly thinking lets just make the first vital part create the Union and see how it goes from there. However countries should hold to their autonomies and home politics, that keep friends they want to keep and pursue interest they want to persue. at first the union should create a bench mark on what we should get for our assets as all (africa), better deals on medical purchases and stopping them exploiting us that should be the first part of the union. In short we need to make them see us equal human beings who deserve the best of everything just like in other continents. (to some when i say the best i dont mean electronic and staff maana humu....., i mean quality of life support that is medications, infrastructure to create job opportunities so we need those better deals on the table, this is why i say we need a strong one voice).
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2009