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Museveni -Niko 'fit' kutawala, Ukileta Fujo Tutapambana

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Shadow, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. Shadow

    Shadow JF-Expert Member

    Mar 19, 2009
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    My take: Baadhi ya magazeti ya Uganda yameripoti kuhusu kuumia kwa M7. Amekuwa akionekana amefunga bandeji kidole chake kitambo sasa.

    By Henry Mukasa

    PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni is still fit to lead the nation, he told teachers on Tuesday.

    The President, who said he will be 65 in September, added that he was ready to handle anyone who disturbs the peace.

    “I am not lazy or weak,” Museveni said. “If someone brings fujo (chaos), I don’t procrastinate; I take him on immediately.”

    Museveni made the remarks while addressing 150 teachers from Kampala schools at a patriotism workshop at Rest Gardens, Bweyogerere on Tuesday.

    Museveni, spoting a plaster, asked the teachers to excuse his handwriting, saying he had injured his finger.

    He listed the six commandments of a patriot as love for Uganda, East Africa, Africa and the environment, love of self and working for social-economic transformation.

    Love for oneself, Museveni said, means that citizens aspire to live healthy and meaningful lives.

    He blasted drunkards and the promiscuous, saying they were wasting away their lives.

    “I have never understood why people drink! Beer tastes like mululuza (a sour local herb used to treat fever). Then there is whisky, which is like fire. It burns,” Museveni said.

    “You drink, spoil your liver and weaken your body because of indiscipline,” the President said. “You must be determined in spirit and body to love yourself.”

    He called for faithfulness in sexual relationships. “Obwamalaya (promiscuity), instead of being inspector of schools, you become inspector of something else...,” Museveni said, pausing for effect.

    The house burst out in raucous laughter.

    “The result is they say, ‘he has died after a long illness,’ and we lose a patriot.” Long illness is euphemism for AIDS.

    Museveni explained that citizens provide market for goods and services which lead to a robust economy.

    This awareness, he said, had enabled his government to weather many storms and stay in power longer than previous regimes “that would collapse like mushrooms.”

    “You would hear that gavumenti egudde (the government has collapsed). This one is buttressed,” he said, laughing heartily.

    Museveni said he had began weeding out unpatriotic teachers through the patriotism seminars.

    Museveni attributed the success of Government to patriots.

    However, he said, more should be created to handle the millions of children enrolled in universal primary and secondary education programmes.

    In an opening prayer, the teachers asked for more pay. Museveni appreciated their plight, but urged them to be patient and understand national priorities.

    He said if the sh4,000b revenue collection doubled, secondary school teachers’ pay would also be doubled to sh800,000.

    He said if the Government had opted for the policy of “education for some”, the teachers would earn sh2m per month surrounded by a sea of backwardness”.

    Just as the biblical King Solomon did not ask God for daily food, but wisdom, Museveni argued, the teachers should first understand the health of the economy.

    Source :I am still fit, says Museveni
  2. Nyani Ngabu

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    Mar 19, 2009
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    This guy cracks me up many times when he opens his mouth....