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Museveni gets Shs88bn jet - Ni Gulf Stream Extra Special

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Shadow, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. Shadow

    Shadow JF-Expert Member

    Jan 19, 2009
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    Hivi kwanini viongozi wa kiafrika hasa wale wa kusini mwa jangwa la Sahara wanapenda ufahari? viongozi wengi wa nchi zilizoendelea ukodi ndege kwa ajili ya safari zao za kikazi na mfano mzuri ni Waziri Mkuu wa Uingereza. Vongozi wetu wanatenda mambo kama wafanyabiashara wakubwa wa nchi tajiri, wakati nchi na raia zao ni masikini wa kutupwa? Natumaini ya kwamba JK atauza Gulf Stream ya "Mkapa na Mramba" maana aina faida yoyote unless robo tatu ya mwaka awe anaitumia kwenda nchi za wenzetu.

    Museveni gets Shs88bn jet
    Richard Wanambwa


    The government has paid the dollar equivalent of Shs88.2 billion for a new Gulfstream V extra-special performance executive jet for the President despite protests from Opposition members of Parliament.

    According to highly placed sources, who participated in inspection of the aircraft in Savannah, USA, government paid Shs88.2 billion financed through HSBC Bank, an American bank.

    “We have already given the plane a registration number as per recommendation, the government received money from HSBC Bank and two pilots have already undergone training on how to fly a Gulfstream V,” the source told Sunday Monitor on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the matter.

    According to the same source, the new Gulfstream jet -- the only one its kind known to be owned by either an African head of state or anybody else on the continent -- is outfitted with enhanced anti-terror capabilities.

    “The plane is the latest in Africa and it is like one flown by the Aga Khan and we are the only country to direct purchase it because those states that have used this kind of plane have hired them or borrowed from companies operating in air transport,” the same sources said.

    Sunday Monitor learnt that a Ugandan team has traveled to Savannah to carry out last checks on the aircraft before it is flown to Uganda around the end of January.

    Another source has intimated to Sunday Monitor that the government appears to have reneged on its promise to sell off the Gulfstream IV, the current jet.

    When controversy over the huge cost of a new jet for President Yoweri Museveni first broke last year, Parliament was told that the old plane would to be sold off to help raise money for the purchase. State House officials on July 22, 2008 told Parliament that the old Presidential jet was up for sale at a cost of $24 million (about Shs40 billion) to expedite the acquisition of the new jet.

    During a meeting of the House Presidential and Foreign Affairs Committee, State House Comptroller Richard Muhinda told MPs that the Gulfstream GIV SP, which the government procured in 2000 at a cost of $31.5 million (about Shs60 billion) would be sold to pave way for acquisition of a new jet.

    “We have put the current presidential jet on sale because we are soon acquiring a new jet,” Mr Muhinda said then. “We are going to sell it at $24 million and we don’t want any delays because the more we delay the more the resale value diminishes.” He also revealed then that financing would be processed through HSBC Bank.

    The jet issue first came up in December 2007, after Mr Muhinda and the Presidential chief pilot Maj. Gen Ali Kiiza, gave a detailed report to the Presidential and Foreign Affairs Committee about the state of the current plane and the justification for a new jet then estimated to cost Shs82 billion.

    The Presidential and Foreign Affairs Committee then chaired by Mary Karooro Okurut (NRM, Bushenyi Woman) drafted a report on the jet matter, which report was, however, not debated.

    The current chairperson of the committee, Mr Gerald Menhya (NRM, Bugabula South), who was criticised by many of his colleagues for leading a delegation of NRM MPs on his committee to meet the President over this matter, and later on travelling with State House officials to Savannah for the inspection, refused to comment on Thursday.

    “I am in a meeting, I cannot comment on that issue now,” Mr Menhya said.
    But his predecessor, Ms Okurut defended the deal saying that it was a matter of urgency. “We were told that it should be approved without delay though it takes like six years for delivery [of a new aircraft on account of a long waiting list],” Ms Okurut said.

    Resistance to the hurried purchase, however, came from especially Opposition politicians led by Mr Livingstone Okello-Okello (UPC, Chua) who questioned the huge sums involved and the transparency of the entire procurement process.

    As the matter threatened to boil over Mr Menhya was summoned by the Business Committee of the House chaired by Speaker Edward Ssekandi to explain why their report appears to have disappeared. Mr Menhya calmly told the business committee that this matter had been settled when NRM leaning members of Parliament met President Museveni. Further discussions on the matter were subsequently dropped, clearing the way for the deal to be proceed.

    The Minister for the Presidency, Dr Beatrice Wabudeya told Sunday Monitor that the MPs who opposed the purchase were doing so in order to reap political capital.
    “Those were political gimmicks by Opposition as far as I know, it was a budgetary issue,” Dr Wabudeya told Sunday Monitor on Friday.

    Presidential Press Secretary, Tamale Mirundi also defended the delay in selling the old plane saying, “I think selling a plane is not like selling a car. When the new one arrives they will sell the old one. The President does not own a fleet.”

    However, Mr Okello-Okello insisted that by time the budget allocation for this purchase was brought to Parliament for approval State House had in fact already paid up, contrary to constitutional dictates.

    “When the committee passed the budget; they had already paid for the plane. We pointed out issues concerning it but the majority passed it,” he said. The purchase of this plane comes at a time when government is trying to borrow $100 from the African Development Bank to carry out massive overhaul of the ailing health sector where access to basic but essential drugs and equipment have become a thing of the past.

    It is also comes against the backdrop of the 1986 promise by then newly-sworn-in President Museveni to run a frugal and responsible government.

    Unlike Uganda, Rwanda whose leadership is being credited for making a raft of progressive reforms, does not own a jet for President Paul Kagame. Rwanda instead hires private jets from aviation companies in South Africa when Mr Kagame is travelling abroad.

    Monitor Online | News | Museveni gets Shs88bn jet
  2. Shadow

    Shadow JF-Expert Member

    Jan 19, 2009
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    Gulfstream V overview

    The Gulfstream G500 large-cabin, ultra-long range business jet flies at at Mach 0.85, and will carry an eight-person management team 5,100 nautical miles in record time. For longer flights to far-off capitals, the G500 offers a range of 5,800 nm/10,742 km, easily linking Los Angeles with Tokyo or London with Johannesburg.

    The G500 is equipped with the Gulfstream PlaneView® cockpit, the most advanced flight deck in business aviation. Based on Honeywell's next-generation Primus Epic® integrated avionics suite, the PlaneView cockpit has Gulfstream's signature Cursor Control Device and the optional Gulfstream Enhanced Vision System II™. The CCD aids pilots in flight planning, navigation and communications.

    The EVS significantly improves situational awareness by enabling pilots to see runway markings, taxiways and the surrounding landscape at night or in murky weather.

    Its roomy cabin features up to four distinct living areas, three separate temperature zones and a choice of available configurations that seat up to 18 passengers. Separate groupings, thoughtfully arranged, encourage working, dining, entertaining or resting.

    By combining ample sunlight from Gulfstream's signature oval windows with continually supplied 100 percent fresh air and a low cabin altitude of 6,000 feet, the G500 counters the effects of jet lag and delivers its passengers relaxed and refreshed at their destination. Measuring the value of a G500 ultra-long-range business jet is simply a matter of mixing traditional and nontraditional factors.

    Consider, first of all, the airplane's extensive range and impressive speed. Then there's a living environment that accommodates multiple layouts and configurations. Now mix in nontraditional factors: its advanced flight deck, a dispatch-reliability rate of more than 99.8 percent, and Gulfstream's top-ranked worldwide product support network. It is the first airplane designed expressly for business travel more than 50 years ago.
  3. C

    CottonEyeJoe JF-Expert Member

    Jan 19, 2009
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    Hey.....they got the largest deposit of oil discovered on the African Continent, that will be in production in three years time...whats wrong with a small advance????
  4. Shadow

    Shadow JF-Expert Member

    Jan 19, 2009
    Joined: May 19, 2008
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    CottonEyeJoe, wasalaam,

    Mbona suala la msingi ni kuhusu kuboresha maisha ya waganda. Nilivyokusoma, Nasikitika kusema ata wewe ukipewa utajiri kama wa Bill Gates, utafirisika siku chache tu kwa sababu wawaza kujirusha zaidi kuliko kulinda maslahi yako na ya kizazi chako na taifa kwa ujumla. Wafujaji kama Mseveni ambaye anaendesha Uganda kama kampuni binafsi ya yeye na wananyankole wenzake usitegemee kwamba ataendesha hizo dola za mafuta kwa manufaa ya Taifa. hata tone moja alijashuka alishaanza kupanga bajeti ya kufukuzana na mfalme wa Saudia.

    Yale yale ya kizazi cha nyoka. hawana tofauti hawa viongozi wetu na tofauti yao ni katika nyakati za tawala zao lakini chapuo zao wote ni zile zile.
  5. Mbu

    Mbu JF-Expert Member

    Jan 19, 2009
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    ...the case of rags to riches(?), nadhani mheshimiwa alipokuwa anapiga shoto kulia enzi za pale chuo cha ushirika Moshi, na vumbi kibao kwenye viatu, moyoni alijiwekea nadhiri "...ipo siku yataisha haya!"