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Jun 20, 2021
In an expected trend, 36 sitting CCM legislators were trounced in the constituency primary polls.
Getting through the primaries though is just the first hurdle. There will be a vetting process at various levels to choose candidates to carry the party's green and yellow flag into the election campaigns scheduled to kick off on August 26.
The shrinking of the democratic space and open opposition harassment over the past five years have led to an increasing number of parliamentary aspirants concluding that they would stand a better chance of winning on a ruling party ticket.

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Mc green

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Jun 1, 2021
Dear boys and girls,today I would like to welcome you to chew this complicated topic,the demarcation between "power and authority" and "power and politics" starting with power and authority , authority is the right to ask other people to do something while power is the ability to make other people do something. Forexample a Manager may have a power to demand high performance from his subordinates but may lack the ability to carry out this right. An informal leader does not have the formal authority to demand credible performance from co-workers but he can have power to demand high performance to influence them to produce ( now a brainstorming question to jamii forum fans,who gives those powers and authorities to managers,father of the family ,village chiefs etc), more over, managerial effectiveness and credibility Increases what is said to be inevitable for the be manager to be hegemonize both power and authority,keep in your skin matter that authority is vested in position while power is a personal trait/ qualities.power is Associated with leadership;while authority is associated managership and achieving achieving the organization goals.Apparently power and politics has a close relationship with power and authority,in politics,since organizations are structured like pyramids in power positions become fewer as one moves up the organizational hierarchy, due to survillance of this situation and the added scarcity of economic resources people are forced to compete for power in organization (this is why those leaders entrusted to power are commited to corrupt, frauds cases due to fact that they are not sure to get back to their former positions). when people compete for power, regardless under what circumstances,they play politics.politics are those activities intended to increase one's power.But not all activities that increase man's power can be considered to be politics.politics usually involve intentional acts of influencing other people for the purpose of enhancing or protecting the self interests of inviduals or groups,my dearest friends those leaders we entrusted them to power they are doing for their benefits,not for the benefits of the majority,this is how politics is.see you tomorrow byeeeeee

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