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Relax! Baby gorilla takes time out from aping around

Last updated at 12:29 PM on 03rd February 2010
It's a hard life for some .... but evidently not this baby gorilla as she relaxes in an incredibly human-like pose in the sun.

Seemingly without a care in the world, six-month-old lowland gorilla baby Yewande leans back with her arms behind her head, resting against a strip of cloth suspended between two wooden struts in her enclosure.

Heart-warmingly even her tiny feet are clasped together like hands in this picture of contentment.

Chill time: Yewande leans back with her arms behind her head in a remarkably human-like pose

Yewande - from Calgary Zoo, Canada - decided to take this time out after spending a good half-an-hour playing with her favourite pink blanket.

In another shot Yewande's huge silverback dad Kakinga dwarfs the youngster as he wanders over to check on his chilled-out offspring.

Yewande's exploits were caught on camera by zoo visitor Nancy Chow, 66, who was amazed by the pose struck by the baby primate.

Nancy, from Alberta, Canada, said: 'When I took this shot I loved it right away because the baby gorilla was so adorable, Yewande looks so human-like.

'It is easy to see how closely we are related to these great apes, Yewande's pose could be any one of us taking a well-earned break.

'Except I don't think I could do that with my feet.

Babysitting: Dad Kakinga checks up on his daughter

'She had been playing around with her blanket just before she decided to relax.

'What was she thinking, perhaps that life is good, she is such a happy baby and well cared for.'

Nancy said that the reason for Yewande's happiness may have something to do with how many relatives she has looking after her.

She said: 'Actually when she was born Yewande's mother Zuri lost interest in the mothering department shortly after the birth.

'But the zoo keepers had stepped in to make sure Yewande was getting enough to eat, and so did three more gorillas.

'That included Yewande's big sister, five-year-old Barika who spends a lot of time with the baby.

'If both mother and sister are away, the male silverback, and father, Kakinga, will sit with the bab

so cute !!!!! AT last some news about worthwhile creatures !!!!!
- anon, Sussex, England, 03/2/2010 17:23
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He looks nothing like Mugabe - what a horrible thing to say.
- percy, london uk, 03/2/2010 17:21
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Yewande is so adorable and I love the second picture with her father watching over her.
- Debbie, London, 03/2/2010 16:56
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Two magnificent photographs.
- B. Bailey, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, 03/2/2010 16:52
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One word: HUMAN, another word being totally cute and adorable.
- Heather, Mumbles, 03/2/2010 16:44
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Looks like a girl I dated back in high school. Glad I didn't get married!
- George Earl, New York City, USA, 03/2/2010 16:43
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