Apr 27, 2006
Wanabodi what is up with na hii hadithi?

BY: Lameck Masina

(1). MALAWI:
Has honoured Pres. Mugabe by naming a road in Malawi after him, a 49Km road linking commercial capital, Blantyre, with the tea growing district of Mulanje in the south, was built by Malawi using local money 1.2BN Malawi Kwachas, and deemed it proper to name after an African hero. It found no other person than a certain Robert Mugabe.

The Mugabe's choice send Malawi's local NGOs, which depends on Western donors to survive, mad. Mugabe demonised by by the West could not be honoured by Malawi without these NGOs protesting. They held a press conference and warned that if the government didi not rescind the decision they would hold demonstrations for the four days Mugabe will be in the country to open the road! They argued thet naming the road after Mugabe, an African president would negatively affect Malawi's diplomatic ties and send a wrong signals to Western donors who would think Malawi subcribed to Zimbabwe "disastrous" policies, including the land redistribution programme and poor human rights record. That would amount to Malawi, heavily dependent on Western aid to balance its budget, "Committing suicide".

(3). MALAWI:
The government countered that human rights record are internal policies of zimbabwe, and Malawi was in no position to take Koffi Annan's responsibilities. People in zimbabwe voted for Mugabe, which shows that they trust in him, should Malawi intefere with internal matters of zimbabwe? If some countries have problem with zimbabwe should not concern Malawi, as a sovereign state is fully intitled to choose its friends freely. Zimbabwe has been a friend of Malawi for a long time and it is playing host to 5 million Malawians, if we quarrel with them where will those people go? Will some of these Western countries and donors host them?

(4). MUGABE:
Despite the heated debate, Mugabe arrived in Lilongwe on the appointed date-May 2, in a typical African heroic style. Interestingly, Western diplomats were among the dignitaries at the airport to welcome him. And the demonstratora were no where to be seen! Mugabe told reporters at the airport that "Africans should listen to themselves and not ot other people." "Wecannot listen to other people's views about us. We listen to ourselves, to our own people, to our own leaders". He then went on to open the road!

Malawi's president said Malawi decided to honour Mugabe because of his role he had played in the struggle for peace in Africa, and also in liberating and and stopping civil wars in Mozambique, Angola, and DRC. Mugabe also played a big role in African union, Commonwealth, Nonallied Movement and many other regional forums such as the Common Market fro East and Sourthern Africa (COMESA), and SADC. "Who else, and I repeat, who else is more eligible to have this honour of the highway name than Mugabe?", there are many streets in Malawi named after colonialists perhaps for killing more Africans, here we are, we have a hero, an African hero, and someone in his proper sense of mind, born here in Malawi, will come and say no to it is not right and proper to honour Mugabe and other true sons of africa? Who can we honour? The Europeans we do not know? When are we going to end colonial domination?."

(6). MUGABE:
Mugabe reacting to those he desribed as "noises" in the media and local NGOs and Europeans countries complaining about his visit, "And this are voices of some blacks speaking on behalf of their white masters, who forgets that this man, Mugabe hideous he may be, he is 200% African. He does not belong to Europe. He is not British. He is not American. He is a true son of African soil, and does not desire to live in Europe. He loves his people. He also said " it is a great honour to be recognised by the government and people of Malawi". He argued Maliwians to stand strong by not allowing anybody to undermine or dictate to the country what direction it should take on various matters.

Sasa what is up with this?
Field Marshall ES

He was, nobody can deny that.

Until he forgot about his people, and turned to a nasty tyrant.

Stupid old man, he could have become another Nelson Mandela!
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