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"Mtoto wa Rais Moi alimbaka na kumuua mwanangu."... John Ward

Discussion in 'Kenyan News and Politics' started by Ab-Titchaz, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Ab-Titchaz

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    Mar 5, 2012
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    Jonathan Moi Raped And Killed Julie Ward


    By John Ward

    In September 1988, Julie Ward, a young woman enjoying her holiday, disappeared in Kenya's Masai Mara National Game Reserve.
    Immediately, Jonathan Moi was rumoured to have been involved in Julie's death. The first information concerning Jonathan, the son of Kenya's former President Daniel Moi, came from a Swiss TV crew working in the park.

    They had offered their five radio-equipped vehicles to assist in the search for the missing tourist. Senior warden Simon ole Makallah abruptly told them to mind their own business. The crew had heard rumours about Jonathan being seen with a group of men in the park.

    After six weeks of filming, the Swiss left Kenya. By now, some of the dismembered remains of Julie Ward had been discovered in a remote corner of the game park rarely visited by tourists.

    Before leaving, they went to the Makallah's office to settle their account, and found him sitting head in hands. He said he had been summoned to a meeting with President Moi.

    Simon ole Makallah

    On September 12, 1988, I arrived from the UK to search for my daughter, six days after she was reported missing. I launched an air search on September 13 and located Julie's Suzuki Jeep. It was in a deep gully, several miles into the harsh bush.

    On arrival at the scene, I found an empty vehicle. I assumed that Julie had somehow got stuck in the mud of the gully and was now attempting to walk to safety. Why and how the vehicle had arrived at that remote location remained baffling. But that could wait; the priority was to find her.Although Makallah was aware of the situation and responsible for all activities and tourists in the park, he had not ordered a search by any of the 113 rangers under his command.

    At 11 a.m., on the day Julie's Suzuki was spotted, Makallah was informed immediately. Instead of rushing to the scene to take command of the ground search, Makallah drove to Serena Lodge, 50km in the opposite direction.

    Makallah already knew a search would be pointless. It was not until mid-afternoon that Makallah finally arrived at the scene. By then, over 30 other people – rangers, police, council workers – had been to the scene and left for the search. Before leaving the vehicle, a police inspector known as Anthony Mwaura instructed two constables to remove Julie's personal possessions from the vehicle and take them to the Sand River Police Post for safe keeping. The constables removed maps, a pair of trainers, two bottles of beer, a pair of binoculars and various other items, including tents and sleeping bags.

    Then the police and rangers commenced the search. When Makallah arrived at 3p.m., there was no one at the vehicle.
    While giving evidence in court during the trial of two rangers, Makallah was asked by the trial Judge, Mr Justice Fida Hussien Abdullah, what he had done when he arrived at the vehicle. Makallah said he "peeked" inside the vehicle. He listed what he saw: some maps, a pair of trainers, two bottles of beer, a pair of binoculars. These items had already been removed by the police three hours before he arrived.

    However, Makallah was only a witness. The accused were two rangers, who had been arrested and charged with murder on the advice of Scotland Yard. They were eventually acquitted. Nonetheless, the trial Judge said that Makallah must have had prior knowledge of Julie's Suzuki before the afternoon of the September 13. Therefore, Makallah had knowledge of the circumstances of the murder that he had not disclosed to the Court.

    The spotlight of suspicion fell squarely on Makallah – and for good reason.

    Back to the afternoon of the September 13, the vehicle was discovered. Makallah had stayed at the scene of the stranded Suzuki for an hour. This was confirmed by several witnesses, including his driver John Teeka, an inspector Odhiambo (who was in Makallah's vehicle), a group of rangers and Assistant Warden James Sindyo, who arrived at the scene in a separate vehicle.

    At 4p.m., Makallah joined the ground search. The gully where Julie's Suzuki was found is a tributary of the river, on the north side of the Sand River. The river flows through the game park contained within steep sided banks. There is no vehicle crossing at this point.
    Even on foot, the river would normally be impassable. On this day, September 13, the water level was low and it would have been just possible to slide and scramble down the steep bank, wade across the river, and scramble up the opposite side.

    Why on earth would anyone think Julie had done that? Her vehicle had left clear tyre marks in the long grass on the North side. Logically, if she had got the vehicle stuck in the gully, she would have followed these tracks across country, back to the road between Keekorok and Sand River Gate, from where she had allegedly started her journey.

    However, logic has no place in the events surrounding Julie's disappearance. She was returning to Nairobi to fly home, after her brief visit to the Masai Mara. The allegation that she had decided to turn off the main road, drive across the trackless, rockstrewn bush before attempting to drive through a deep gully, is as ridiculous as it is illogical.

    It became obvious that someone else had driven Julie's vehicle across the bush and into the gully. The spotlight of suspicion on Simon ole Makallah became brighter and even more focused, thanks to his actions.

    Instead of searching on the north side of the Sand River (where the Suzuki was stuck), Makallah went to the south.

    To cross the river, Makallah had to drive along the top of the bank of the Sand River for three kilometres to a place called the Sand River Crossing. Here the riverbanks are less steep and crossing with a 4x4 vehicle is possible at certain times of the year.

    Once on the South side, Makallah was confronted with a vast vista of featureless bush, stretching a full half circle of 180 degrees from the distant horizon in the east to the west. For Makallah, it should have been a difficult decision to pick possible directions to take to start his search.

    Makallah had left the Suzuki in the gully at 4p.m. At 4.26p.m., he sent a radio signal to park headquarters, informing them he had found Julie's remains. The place was 10km, in a south-easterly direction, a desolate corner of the Masai Mara. There are no tracks leading to it and it is identifiable only by a distinctively shaped large tree set among dozens of other smaller trees and bushes.
    Police have retraced Makallah's movements for that day. They have re-enacted Makallah's journey from the gully, across the Sand River, and to the site of Julie's remains.

    Even though the police now knew where the site of Julie's remains were located, the quickest time for their journey was exactly 26 minutes. (And, because this evidence is so crucial, the journey has been re-enacted many times and 26 minutes is the shortest elapsed time).

    Twenty-six minutes is also the precise time it took Makallah to drive from the Suzuki in the gully to the site of the Julie's remains. Makallah claimed he had no idea which direction to take and that his search had been random and his discovery was just a matter of chance.

    It was clear that not only had Makallah lied about his prior knowledge of the items in Julie's vehicle, he had also lied about his knowledge of the location of Julie's remains. He undoubtedly knew where to go. By sending a timed radio message on his arrival, he confirmed his own lies.

    A copy of the timed radio signal was discovered at park headquarters. It is now with British Police.

    In trying to extricate himself from the situation, Makallah claimed he had been led by vultures circling in the sky. It was pointed out to Makallah that you could not see an elephant at that distance, let alone the speck of a vulture in the sky. Makallah stopped offering that particular explanation but was not able to offer any alternative.

    Within a few days, after the discovery of Julie's remains, he disappeared from the park. At first the official line was that he was "on leave". But when weeks turned into months, the story changed. Makallah had been suspended. In fact, he never returned to his position of Senior Warden of the Masai Mara Game Reserve.

    However, before he disappeared, Makallah wrote a report to the clerk of the Narok County Council, dated September 24, 1988. It claimed he was absent from the game park at the time of the murder and implied that Julie had committed suicide.

    In an attempt to support this suggestion, he said Julie and her companion had been involved in an argument at Serena Lodge and she was upset. But documentary records show that Makallah was in the game park at the time of the murder. His allegation of an argument was also untrue. This was subsequently confirmed by her companion, whose passport showed he had left Kenya and was actually in Rwanda at the time of Julie's death.

    In any case, medical and all other forensic evidence showed that Julie had been murdered.

    In an attempt to prove he could not be responsible for driving Julie's vehicle into the gully – thereby gaining knowledge of the vehicle's contents – Makallah visited Kilgoris Police Station on September 16, 1989. He recorded a voluntary statement claiming that he could not drive a motor vehicle. He had never driven a motor vehicle. He did not know how to drive and did not possess a driving licence.

    A copy of his statement is retained by British Police. Makallah's statement was completely untrue.

    Makallah's driver, John Teeka, has said that Makallah often took over the driving. Makallah's assistant warden, James Sindyo, gave evidence that he had often seen Makallah driving. Makallah had, in fact, driven me and Frank Ribeiro to Sand River Gate. The police discovered records of a motor accident involving a vehicle Makallah was driving.

    After giving evidence on oath in court, again stating his inability to drive, Makallah was followed by a newspaper reporter. He watched Makallah take his vehicle from Kenya Wildlife Services headquarters and drive to his house. The reporter gave evidence the following morning about what he had seen. Nothing happened to Makallah as a result of his perjury.

    The secondhand clothes seller

    Nonetheless, while the evidence against Makallah grew, information concerning Jonathan Moi's involvement continued to emerge, suggesting a linkage between the two.

    One afternoon, as I was waiting for transport outside Keekorok Lodge, I was furtively approached by a large lady, who pressed a tightly folded note into my hand. She sidled away. Opening it later, it read simply, "The man who killed your daughter is Jonathan Moi" There was also a post office box number for Mombasa.

    Later, I contacted the lady and asked how she was able to make the allegation against Jonathan. She explained that she was a second-hand clothes dealer.

    The lady regularly visited Masai Mara and surrounding villages, selling the second-hand clothes. She said local women, who were her customers, included the wives of park rangers. She said she had heard the allegations about Jonathan Moi everywhere in the park, but particularly in the villages near Sekanani Gate and Olaimutiek Gate. The latter gate and adjacent village are near the location Julie's dismembered remains were found. The world famous Cottar's Tourist Camp, then owned by the equally famous, Glen Cottar, is also in the same area.

    I retained the folded note and passed it, with the information, to Scotland Yard.

    Jonathan Moi's farm

    In early 1989, soon after Julie's death, I received information that required a visit to Lolgorien. The route from Serena Lodge was via the 0101010 Gate, then climbing up the steep winding track onto the escarpment and from there towards the Lolgorien-Kilgoris main road. On the way, the vehicle passed many small farms and villages. At one point, a very impressive farm came into view. Whereas the local farms consisted of small huts, with thorn hedges, this property was modern and with good fencing. The crops were planted in neat rows and the whole complex was obviously well run and maintained.

    Out of curiosity, I asked the Serena driver who owned the farm? "It belongs to Jonathan Moi, one of the President's sons," the driver replied.

    About two years laters, I had reason to visit Kilgoris and once more, the driver took the same route from Serena Lodge. On passing the same farm, I noticed that it appeared to be nearly derelict. The previously neat fencing was sagging and damaged, and the place appeared to be deserted and generally in a state of disrepair. Uncertain whether it was the same farm I had seen, I inquired whether that was Jonathan Moi's farm. The driver confirmed, adding: "He doesn't come here anymore." I asked: "Since when? "About two years," the driver replied.


    The Nairobi Law Monthly
  2. Ab-Titchaz

    Ab-Titchaz Content Manager Staff Member

    Mar 5, 2012
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    Kuna vipande muhimu vya kunukuu kutoka hii ripoti:

    He said that on the September 6, 1988, Jonathan and his farm manager, together with two bodyguards and a driver, had left the farm. Jonathan's group used a short wheelbase Landrover on their way to another farm belonging to Jonathan. Their route took them through the Masai Mara, using the 0101010 Gate to enter, and the Sekanani Gate to exit.

    On the 6th September, Julie had left the Serena Lodge and would have travelled on the same road. (There is only one road). Her journey would eventually have taken her past Keekorok Lodge and then on to Sand River Gate.

    The informer said Julie was taking photographs when Jonathan's vehicle stopped. At first a joking conversation and banter took place. He said the banter turned nasty and the situation became aggressive. The informant said that Julie was raped by Jonathan Moi.…

    The informant's story continued, that later in the day, believing that Julie would report Jonathan's assault, he instructed his bodyguards to kill her.

    The informant provided the names of the bodyguards and their locations. He also provided the name of the driver and the other witness to the rape, i.e. the farm manager. This man's name was Ibrahim Choge.

    He said Ibrahim Choge was a close friend of Jonathan. He said that he was not just the manager of Jonathan's farms; Choge also acted as navigator in Jonathan's Moi's rally car.

    In fact, at one time, such was the closeness of association between Jonathan and Ibrahim that Ibrahim married one of President Moi's daughters.

    The informant said Jonathan and Ibrahim had contrasting personalities. Whereas Jonathan had the reputation of being the irresponsible rich playboy son of President Moi, Ibrahim was of a more serious nature.

    As such, Ibrahim is said to have been appalled by the rape and murder in the game park, which he had allegedly tried to stop. Mr X said following the events in the Masai Mara, Ibrahim refused to be associated with Jonathan any more and resigned his position as farm manager. He also ceased his role as navigator in Jonathan's rally car.

    According to Mr X, in due course, Ibrahim bought his own rally car and from time to time happened to compete in the same motor rally as Jonathan Moi.

    Mr X reported one incident, when an argument took place between Ibrahim and Jonathan. Allegedly, Ibrahim was heard to shout at Jonathan, in anger: "One day, I will blacken your name around the world for what you did to that girl in the Mara".

    Sometime later, while in the UK, I read Kenyan newspapers online and noticed an article about an inquest. There was also a photograph of the inquest court at the scene of a motor accident. Several high-ranking police officers were in attendance, one of whom I recognised. Reading on, I saw that the subject of the inquest was Ibrahim Choge.

    The article stated that the authorities and the were insisting that Ibrahim had died as the result of a car accident. However, Ibrahim's father, Mr Kiptum Choge (by then, an Assistant Minister of Post and Telecommunications) was claiming his son had been murdered.


    Dr Jason Kaviti

    Kaviti was the Government's Chief Medical Officer and also acted as the Chief Government Pathologist. Although not connected with the case, Kaviti left his office at Nairobi Hospital, visited the City Mortuary, and without examining Julie Ward's remains, her file and ordered the typist to alter it.

    The words cleanly cut were replaced with the "torn". And the word "cracked" was substituted in relation to the jaw. "Sharp" instrument was altered to "blunt" instrument. The post-mortem report had changed to indicate an animal attack.

    That raises the question as to who had sufficient authority to order Kenya's Chief Government Doctor to do that. Only State House had. So, the second question is, Why on earth would President Moi be concerned about the murder of a young woman tourist in a game park?

    Off course the killer was Presdient Moi's son...Jonathan
  3. M

    Mnairobi JF-Expert Member

    Mar 5, 2012
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    you guys are too much..........argh...!...kwani hamna stories from your country?....
  4. Mlamoto

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    what a good read!.
  5. p

    punainen-red JF-Expert Member

    Mar 5, 2012
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    Haahaaahaaaa! Mazee, hii mutu imekuchafulia sebule?! Kumbe watu hawana haki ya kuwa informed kuhusu maovu ya watu wengine wa nje ya mipaka ya nchi zao??? Pole sana mazee, usikonde hii mitu itaacha kuchafua nchi tukufu ya kenya!!!
  6. H

    Hofstede JF-Expert Member

    Mar 5, 2012
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    Don't you know that this is International forum?. You sound like implicated in the story!
  7. Edward Teller

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    Mar 5, 2012
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    anatakiwa kujitambulisha kwanza yeye ni wa kabila gani
  8. Abdulhalim

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    Nchi ya samaki mkubwa kumla mdogo, thuggery and cover-up.
  9. Bumpkin Billionare

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    Hata na wewe umezidi, kwani hamna FORUM za your country?....

    Kumbe mnapenda vitu za TZ mazee?
  10. Ab-Titchaz

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    Mar 6, 2012
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    much respect to you for being a member of JF. I don't know if it has occured to you that this is the International Forum
    of our esteemed blog. Consequently anything outside the borders of The Republic of Tanzania is posted here. So your
    criticism is a little bit flawed. If you want 'stories' about Tanzania you can go to the other sub-forums for they abound!

    ....The former President Moi was a major political figure in East Africa and his high handedness and dictatorial ways are
    known to all. Thank God for the opposition and civil rights activists who put to rest his deadly grip to power. With the passing
    of time we have seen this great house of Moi being torn down slowly by slowly and made to be just like the regular
    mwananchi. 1st we had the courts ordering the arrest of one Phillip Moi for non-payement of child support...something
    that was unfathomable during his fathers time. Now we have this explosive report by Mr Ward showing the world how
    the Kenya Govt in collusion with the British High Commision are trying to cover up a murder most foul. Then also we get
    the Choge angle too...wow!

    Moi's family was evil and that is news worth reporting and confirming because the fool is still around in Kabarak in a big
    way...being paid by the taxes of the same people he screwed over! If the Kenya Judiciary has teeth (now that a new
    constitution is supposedly in place) let me see if this case will be revived because after all the verdict of the Justice
    Mango inquest concluded that Julie Ward had been murdered!

    ...over to you bwana DPP.
  11. Geza Ulole

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    welcome to "where we dare to talk openly"! be reminded that is our mantra here if u don't like it kindly stop visiting this forum where right of information is the foremost adhered principle!
  12. jmushi1

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    Mar 6, 2012
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    Kenya ingekuwa na wese, the whole world would've know the issue by now, na "Baba Moi" pengine kuwa na historia ya tofauti.
  13. jmushi1

    jmushi1 JF-Expert Member

    Mar 6, 2012
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    Halafu jambo jingine linalonishangaza kuhusiana na hizi death squads za wakenya, ni jinsi wanavyochakachua, yani hawana aibu mzee! Eti wamebadili na kusema ni shambulio la mnyama.

    Kwenye ile kesi ya Dr Ouko, walisema alijiuwa na baada ya hapo akajichoma moto! lol!

    Wenye taarifa tukumbushane...
  14. The Quonquerer

    The Quonquerer JF-Expert Member

    Mar 6, 2012
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    Ajichome moto amekuwa yule Mtunisia aliyejichoma na kuanzisha Maghreb crisis / riots ambaye haijatulia mpaka leo?
  15. M

    Marytina JF-Expert Member

    Mar 6, 2012
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    Rip eac
  16. Ab-Titchaz

    Ab-Titchaz Content Manager Staff Member

    Mar 6, 2012
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    kuna kitu mzungu anaita impunity...that is the characteristic of the Kenya Govt tangia siku za Jomo
    Kenyatta...a fact that was abetted by the constitution that was in place then. In it, the President was
    guaranteed total control of all arms of government...The Executive, The Judiciary and The Legislature.

    Kwa hivi kuchakachua hizi dili za mauji ilikua sio ishu maana nani ange-investigate? Tatizo na binadamu
    kua 'drunk with power' ni kusahau kua ipo siku the ghosts will come back to haunt you. Huyu Rais Moi
    aliamini kua atakufa na heshima kuu kama ya Mwalimu Nyerere and like, but as things are turning out,
    the man is toast. Haya mauaji yote alofanya au kusaidia kuficha will come out and they will haunt him
    to his early grave. Hebu fikiria saa hii watoto wake wawili (Phillip na Jonathan) wana skendo za nguvu
    na magazeti yana uhuru wa kuchapisha story without fear or favor...thanks to their new Constitution.
    Kisha nasikia kutoka vyanzo vyangu kua kuna mwengine anaitwa Mark anabwia unga kishenzi!!! Hope
    yake yote na ku-save face in the political circles ni Gideon Moi ambaye kidogo amekita kibiashara na
    hana vituko kama hawa wengine. Kisha pia ana watoto wa kike lakini sina nyeti yao kwa sasa.

    Ile ya Ouko nadhani wahusika wote, Moi aliwabwaga kwa namna moja au nyengine isipokua jamaa
    mmoja ambaye alikua DC kwa jina Anguka...nadhani kajificha sehemu humu marekani. Hio skendo nayo
    nadhani Nicholas Biwott yumo in a big way. Kinachoniudhi ni kua hawa mabwana wapo wanakula hela
    ya kuiba na pension kutoka kwa walipa kodi na hawaguswi!!!...Yataka Rais mwenye moyo kusafisha
    uozo uliopo katika ofisi kuu za serikali ya Kenya.

  17. Bukanga

    Bukanga JF-Expert Member

    Mar 6, 2012
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    Another Moi's son in court!!!!!!! Gratitude to a new constitution, tuharakishe yetu. Na nadhani Tanganyika Law Society should start publishing some kinda of Law publications na kama ipo iwe wazi kusomwa na wote hapa nchini ili hata sisi tusiokuwa na uelewa wa kisheria kama kina Jmushi tutoe tongotongo na tujifunze...
  18. jmushi1

    jmushi1 JF-Expert Member

    Mar 7, 2012
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    Yes, Biwott was the main character kwenye hii scandal!

    Moi itabidi atumie pesa nyingi sana ili aweze "kufa kwa amani"

    However lazima kuwe na fundisho.
  19. Smatta

    Smatta JF-Expert Member

    Mar 7, 2012
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    Mkuu, Biwot is untouchable like Elliot Ness, regardless of who is in power. remember the attempted rape of a chamber maid at a hotel in Auckland? the man walked Scott free, his intelligence, affluence and power has rendered him an untouchable in the present, past and possibly future regimes. I don't support what he did, am just being a realist here, he will meet his death before he is charged or full indicted in any of the crimes he committed.
  20. jmushi1

    jmushi1 JF-Expert Member

    Mar 7, 2012
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    Sintoweza kukujibu mkuu kuhusiana na riots, pia hayo hayakuwa maneno yangu, wala i dont wish riots kwa wakenya.

    Nilichosema ndicho kilichosemwa, walisema ni suicide na wakati Dr. Ouko alikuwa amechomwa moto, sasa ndo hapo wananchi wakajiuliza ilikuwaje akajiuwa and then akajichoma moto?

    Labda mngesema alitayarisha mazingira ya kujichoma moto,ie akauwasha, then akaijpiga risasi, all that for what? Mtu anayetaka kujiuwa anafanya mambo hayo yote?
    Does it make any sense?

    Tukumbushane tu, hakuna shida, ndo maana ya forum.