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Mrs Lucy Kibaki

Discussion in 'Jokes/Utani + Udaku/Gossips' started by Namtih58, Feb 18, 2009.

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    Feb 18, 2009
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    After the molo tanker tragedy, and after a few ministers went to the site, this is what lucy saw best to say!!!!

    ""es unfoshunate,that we donti have a woman menesta,in the ministry the administreshono... menestry

    naitha in interno securete. we can! women we can! if theya was a woman meba of pariament,in the menestre of interno securete she woodi hav stopped this accidets. the menesta who es there today, ad am going to say

    minister Saitoti. he waits antiro he hears of bad-aches in north eastern,bad-aches some-o-where eros, ad the nexti day, you wilo see him there. enterno securete menestry means you protect efribody in Kenya . You stop accidents! adi donti tero me that es the job of the menesta for transport or for roads, no! etes yours, etes for porovesa saitoti, etes yours, I was angry yesterday

    last evening when I saw him on tifi, he has gone to thati spot where 118 kenyans died and this is oro he had 2 say "I hope you kenyans, this tragedy wiro teach you a resson"

    He tod us, that this tragedy wiro teach us a resson. how cani dedi people be taught a resson?, theiya orede dead. ad I wadad why did he fry oro the way from nairobi to go to moro to say that.. to hurt the people who are orede mourning their dead, and he asked us kenyans when will you ever learn.. wiro. em.. i repry to him.. wiro rearn.. when you come to us, give us siviki ediocation, teach us, there in the ruro

    that petro is dagerous, dont sed your choodren to go adi correct et from a tank, when the tanki hasi forren........""

    hehehe!! we have such a tough mother here!!!!