MPs want leaders linked with graft out


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Feb 11, 2007
MPs want leaders linked with graft out
Daily News; Thursday,August 14, 2008 @20:05

TANZANIA should not be left to go to the dogs, the National Assembly was told here as some legislators were venting out their anger against unfolding earth-shaking incidents of grand corruption and thieving.

Kishapu MP, Mr Fred Mpendazoe (CCM) expressed grave concern over what he described as “fast growing sleaze mania,” saying the trend threatened to rock the country’s economy, image, democratic foundations and social fabric.

Mr Mpendazoe said of late people were stealing billions of shillings and getting away with it.

The MP was debating the budget proposals for the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs which was moved in the House on Wednesday.

“What is the government doing to end this mess which is tarnishing the nation’s image,” the MP charged.

The legislator cited recent scams including billions of shillings that were allegedly swindled through the cases of Richmond Company Limited, the Bank of Tanzania (BoT) External Payment Account (EPA).

He further said some filthy people were now infiltrating political ranks using their own financial muscle or sponsored by some barons.

“We may end up having people in political offices serving interests of tycoons and elites, instead of millions of poor and downtrodden peasants who voted for us,” the CCM legislator said.

The MP said in his inaugural speech of the current Parliament, President Jakaya Kikwete, underscored that the government derived its power and authority from the people.

He said the government should therefore vigorously promote the people’s interests, as opposed to a certain class which he described as “an oligarchy.”

Mr Stephen Galinoma (Kalenga – CCM) rose to hammer more nails on leaders linked with graft, amassing of wealth and thieving.

Mr Galinoma urged for enactment of a more punitive law against economic saboteurs.

He recalled the days of the late Edward Sokoine, who dealt heavy blows on the saboteurs when he was the prime minister.

“We are now having bigger saboteurs than the ones we witnessed in 1983,” the MP said.
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