Mpesa theft tricks Options !!!

Rich Dad

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Dec 15, 2010
Wizi kupitia huduma ya M-Pesa ulioanza kujitokeza nchini kenya si ajabu akaanza kufanyika pia ndani ya nchi yetu hivyo tujitahidi kuchukua tahadhari!! soma visa vifuatavyo hapo chini ili yasije kukukuta yaliyowakuta ndugu zetu wa kenya:


Hallo YP's,

There is a new style of stealing cash from you by the name mpesa.
What happens is that someone will borrow your phone to call and
request for Mpesa, then ask if they can receive on your phone since
they do not have Mpesa and they are on Zain. They will pay you extra
100 or 200.

They takes your phone and save a number under the name Mpesa.
Then they will ask you what balance you have, then using their code,
they will tell the other party.

Then you wait for Mpesa...which eventually comes in and you see Mpesa,
then you give him cash, kumbe ni sms. You do not look to the end!

I am a victim of this fraud from a long time friend, tafadhali...warn
your friends and sambaza!

David okello

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David otieno Okello
P.O. Box 27626-00100
Nairobi, Kenya
Orange: +254-770-045590
Safaricom: +254-722-125005
Zain: +254-733-251660


Dear All,

Please indulge me just one more time to pass an important message:

Kindly take note of a new brand and scheme of conemanship that involves those who appear very familiar to you. They might even call you by name, but usually not.

You will receive a phone call and the person on the other side of the line tells you to very kindly send back to them money they have mistakenly transferred to your phone. Usually they call you shortly after they have sent a text message saying "you have received ..." This message is not your official Mpesa message. If you are as busy as I am, you may fall prey like I did once and actually sent the money. As soon as you send, he withdraws it and puts his phone off.

Safaricom can see all the process on their system but they cannot help except pass the case to their anti-fraud unit. Sadly, it has to be a police case where you spend thousands to chase the little amount you have lost to the coneman.

Just ensure that you only respond to real Mpesa messages.

May God bless you and keep you vigilant.

Reuben Kigame.
Reuben Kigame
Managing Director Fish Media
Barng'etuny Plaza
P.O. Box 3608-30100
Office Tel: 254 53 2060767
Cell: 254 733 437270 /254 710 384 384


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From: Ibra <>
Sent: Tue, November 16, 2010 12:36:39 PM
Subject: Re: Chunga M'pesa Transfers

Just forwarded this to some MPESA fraud guys. Thanks for the alert.

On Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 11:07 AM, mercy siprin <> wrote:

>It is around 5.00 pm and you are waiting to catch your matatu home or you are
>walking out of a supermarket and a smartly dressed person approaches you.
>>With a phone in the hand and says he/she is stranded and cannot find an open
>>M-pesa point anywhere nearby and wants some money urgently. He/she requests that
>>you give him/her maybe 2000/= or more and is willing to send you the money on
>>your M-pesa account. You sympathetically accept but insist that he/she sends the
>>money to your account first. He /she sends you the money plus maybe 500/= as a
>>token of appreciation for going out of your way to assist. The transaction is
>>done and you check your phone balance and see the money has actually been sent.
>>You give out the money and the ‘gentleman/lady’ thanks you and walks away or
>>even drives away as he/she may be driving!

>>Immediately the person disappears, you receive a message on your phone! You
>>scroll to check the message and you find it has come from M-pesa and says the
>>M-pesa transaction done just a few minutes ago has been cancelled/reversed!!.
>>Your balance is as was before the latest transaction! And you have already given
>>out the 2000/=. You try desperately to get the person but it is too late. He/she
>>is gone. The person craftily cancelled the transaction by calling M-pesa
>>hot-line and claiming that he/she erroneously sent some money to a wrong number!
>>And the transaction is legally cancelled. You have been conned!!
>>You are left with no proof that someone has taken your money!!.
>>Hey you love your fellow citizen forward to him or her



Hi all,

Please I need some clarification of a story I have heard and I am not believing it. Someone deposited money in her phone two hours later she receives a call from the agent for some clarification, half an hour her mpesa total is zero. The lady was coming to Nairobi she goes to Safaricom customer care, she is told that the money has now been transferred to almost five people. The solution? pay 1000/ we print the transactions for you to forward to the police. On hearing the money to be recovered by police!!! the lady ignores and for gates the whole saga!!! People working
with safaricom shed light about this issue please.
Theresia Nduku


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>>>>To: Agnes Juma <>; cyprine anyango <>;
>>>>Gordon Agenga <>; Ogolla Elisha <>; Eunice
>>>>Nguku <>; Kimalel Ozelle <>; Fabian
>>>>Mwalo <>; Faith Mwagona <>; Franscisca
>>>>Muthoni <>; John Mwedadi <>;
>>>>Keith Michael <>; marcia chebet chemorei
>>>><>; Rehema mote <>; Sheila mwallo
>>>><>; Reuben Kanja <>; Serah waiyaki
>>>><>; William Kimani <>; Nana
>>>><>; cecelia <>
>>>>Sent: Tue, August 10, 2010 10:01:45 PM

>>>>Hi People!

>>>> This incident happened to me yesterday.A bad experience indeed.
>>>>I received a call from someone claiming to be calling from Safaricom customer
>>>>care M- pesa unit.The caller was very composed.

>>>>The caller identified me by my full names and told me 'thank you for being our
>>>>loyal and valuable MPESA customer.' The caller then went ahead and told me
>>>>that Safaricom was running a reward promotion scheme for their loyal MPESA
>>>>customers and went ahead to ask me to confirm my National ID number and year of
>>>>birth.The guy suprisingly had all my correct information including the fact that
>>>>i had replaced my SIM sometime back!!! Unsuspecting,i confirmed that
>>>>information.The guy posed for a while and asked me whether 19- - (say 1977)
>>>>was my year of birth. I again answered in the affirmative.

>>>>He went ahead asking me for my M-pesa transactions details e.g. the last time i
>>>>withdrew or deposited money. He gave me a figure to confirm if that was the
>>>>right amount in my account of which he was right. What saved me is that, the guy
>>>>wanted to have the original PIN number of the SIM card usually issed by
>>>>safaricom- I did not have the number in my head so i told the guy i did not know
>>>>he number. He promised to call me back once he consulted with his boss on my
>>>>case since i did not have the crucial number that would have helped them
>>>>confirmed if i am the bonifide owner of the SIM. I immediately called M-pesa
>>>>customer care on 0722-002234 to enquire is there is any promotion going on! of
>>>>course it was a big lie! there was no any promotion.

>>>>The thing according to Safaricom customer care was, if i had given out the
>>>>original PIN, the guy would have been able to deactivate my SIM immediately and
>>>>my phone would have gone off giving him an opportunity to reactivate the number
>>>>and have access to my account.

>>>> After 10 minutes i tried to call back the number to confirm status of the
>>>>alleged gift only for the following message to appear :"Barring all outgoing
>>>>calls activated for SMS services activated for all data circuit async".

>>>>Later in the afternoon, the guy called me again apologizing for not being able
>>>>to get back to me immediately. I did not give him a chance, i let him know that
>>>>i was aware of his deals, realizing that i knew the guy hanged up and went

>>>>Incase you receive such a call or message please please people, dont be conned,
>>>>they might be having all your details but they are real crooks!!!. You can call
>>>>M-pesa customer care on the number given above or send the number to 333
>>>>including a brief detail of your incident. 333 is Safaricom's Fraud hotline and
>>>>its free of charge.

>>>>The question uppermost in mind is how the guys got all my personal information
>>>>and correct account ionformation. I had a substantial amount in my Mpesa
>>>>account.Could these thugs be getting targeting lines-with good balances through
>>>>connivance with Safaricom staff.
>>>>It is unlikely Safaricom will admit culpability,but tujichunge wenyewe.Keep

>>>>The caller identified himself as Someone (cant remember the first name)
>>>>Wetangula (Of course fake name) and called using 0722 881 788

>>>>S. Juma.

>>>>The Young Professionals NPC Thika Road is a fellowship for those who are 25
>>>>years and above regardless of their marital, employment or education status.
>>>>That means you too!



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Apr 12, 2008
wakenya wako mbali sana aisee... sio bado tunafungasha sabuni na kuuza kama simu

no wonder hata andengenye anapa promo arusha


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Oct 13, 2009
Hivi mbona M-pesa imekua popular sana kenya. Kuna watu wametajirika kwa kua na M-pesa selling points.

King kingo

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Sep 6, 2010
Hivi mbona M-pesa imekua popular sana kenya. Kuna watu wametajirika kwa kua na M-pesa selling points.

Hata hapa Mkuu itakuwa hivyo hivyo sasa hivi ukiangalia utakuta point za M-pesa ni nyingi sana kuliko ilivyokuwa mwanzo

Mama Nim

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Oct 15, 2009
people have to survive na wengi wanaona utapeli ndio njia rahisi. I don't trust these mobile banking services kwa sababu ya security reasons na ndo maana i don't use them. Thanks for the warning.

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