MP queries coastal land plot allocations


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Feb 11, 2007
MP queries coastal land plot allocations

2008-07-12 10:10:24
By Hannah Mwandoloma, Dodoma

An MP yesterday called on the government to repossess all coastline plots sold to both foreign investors and Tanzanian nationals at give away prices.

Debating budget estimates of the Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources yesterday, Kigoma Urban legislator Peter Serukamba (CCM) said time would come when the government would need the beaches for improving coastal tourism but nothing would be left by then.

``People are using dubious means to secure these plots. They build big tourist hotels but contribute nothing to national coffers nor improve the lives of the surrounding community,`` said Serukamba.

He said all the way from Tanga to Mtwara Regions, there were plenty of beautiful beaches yet the government was turning its back on them, in contrast with state authorities of Madagascar and Mauritius, who treated the coastlines as their prime investment that brought in huge revenues.

Serukamba said Tanzanian leaders did travel a lot abroad, yet little did they learn from those countries compared to the shopping that they undertook.

He called on Tanzanian leaders to change their mind set and learn from others.

Riziki Lulida (CCM- Special Seats) claimed Kilwa had the biggest coastlines but only Tanga Region had been mentioned in the budget estimates of the Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources.

Lulida urged the government to improve the coastlines of Mtwara and Lindi Regions.

She singled out Msimbati, Kera and Kijiweni shores as locations that had been abandoned for quite a long time.

``Gone are the days during colonial era and even after independence when helicopters were landing at Kijiweni shores. People of the area call the place a white man�s stone,`` said Lulida.

Minister for Tourism and Natural Resources Shamsa Mwangunga, when presenting 2008/2009 budget estimates on Thursday said that in the previous year, her ministry had worked jointly with the Ministry of Lands and Human Settlement to spot out and evaluate areas for coastline tourism.

Mwangunga said that the study was conducted in Tanga Region, particularly at Muheza, Pangani, Mkinga and Tanga districts.

She said in the coming financial year, the government would identify more areas that were suitable for coastline tourism in Lindi and Mtwara regions.

SOURCE: Guardian
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