Mkulo na Ludovick, mbona mwajichanganya?

Sam GM

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Mar 3, 2008
Hapa naona kama tunaletewa kiini macho hivi, Juzi Ludovick kasema Mkulo mwenyewe aelezee watu kayatoa wapi hayo kuwa pesa za EPA si za serikali wala BOT. Leo Ludovick kama vile kaletewa maono sijui kutoka wapi ana-support kuwa pesa sio za serikali. Hii ni dhahiri kabisa kuwa tayari mbinu za serikali kufuta na kutupilia mbali issue ya EPA ndiyo imekolea sasa. Kweli nchi imekwisha!!

check hii link kisha soma hapo chini

Daily News; Thursday,June 26, 2008 @08:43

CAG backs Mkulo on EPA cash

CONTROLLER and Auditor General (CAG) Ludovick Utouh has backed Finance and Economy Minister Mustafa Mkulo’s statement that the funds involved in the External Payments Arrears (EPA) scam were not government’s money.

Mr Utouh said in an interview with journalists in Bagamoyo after the opening of the Annual Auditors Conference yesterday that Mr Mkulo’s statement “had truth” in it -- because the funds, tracing back EPA’s history, came from people in the business community because the government lacked foreign exchange to import goods.

He said that the money in EPAcame about from a ‘mixture of monies’ but didn’t go further in elaborating what this meant. He added that for clarity, it was best to consult Mr Mkulo since he was the one who made the statement and he is in a better position to explain what he meant.

On Tuesday, Mr Mkulo maintained to the National Assembly that the funds involved in the External Payments Arrears (EPA) scam were not government’s money but belonged to a number of private firms and that the Bank of Tanzania (BoT) was just an agen
It is really kiddish the "game" they think they are playing with "wananchi". All I can say is "their days are somehow numbered"!!!
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