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Mfano wa Siasa za Bongo

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Baikal Aguido, Jul 13, 2009.

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    Jul 13, 2009
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    Life is like a bundle of rope.
    Whoever wishes to make use of it, find its beginning. The higher demand s/he becomes, the more careful s/he need to be with the pulling. Otherwise, the entire bundle tends to be mixed up and hence loose the whole direction.
    And once such situation occurs, the need for either tided-up or a cut the bundle of rope and a new beginning-arises.
    Both physical scientists, social scientists including politicians and great leader have ambitious and visions that rely on defined road towards their visualised Goals. Even the books of wisdom including the Bible and Quran insist on this. That defined road, could lead you to either positivity or negativity. This may be depending on the mission and vision of your life goals.
    To facilitate the movement to one’s road, individual discipline is of greatest importance. Pirates, arm robbers, prostitutes, doctors and even the prophets have defined goals and a road towards enriching their visions. The question is on how that discipline is applied to facilitate the maintenance of individual road towards personal visions and ambitions.
    If I am clear understood, I wish to welcome all readers of this article on board.
    Let we together glance on the happening to our beautiful country, as a reference point to our Africa, the only soil in the world where the unconscious blessed dwell.
    Look at the existing social services.
    The public sector hospitals, schools including the higher learning institutions, and the transport systems; let only these depict us to social facts.
    Currently there have been a mass increase of schools, we thank those who facilitated that, but my question is where is the man power toward the efficiency of the competent products to this competitive world.
    Does it mean we were not aware to what we saw?
    If I am allowed to ask, is it better to have a flock of unqualified, unskilled and incompetent graduate roaming around the streets earning nothing; or a flock of graduates with highly defined entrepreneurial skills?
    What our dear tutors in a name of Prof.s and Dr.s are upon regarding this? Is this competitive world trade us to another era of economist rather than patriotisan? What the use of cracking the institution into number of pieces by the name of college? Who will then benefit from it? Is it for the efficiency of the out products or the few, by the name of HEADS?
    We also thank the availability of number of buildings by the name of heath centres. But if I may ask, are we majority poor reside at difficult areas, impressed and eager for building, or the available services? Is it appropriate to be advocated the availability of sensitive services such as HIV/AIDS Testing and enrolment to treatment at the absence of skilled and qualified health providers?
    I regret to begin by saying that, it is a shame to go on public proudly praising the existence of beautiful resources reside in some regions, where the HEADS have never consider or recognise the importance of the existence of those provinces.
    I wish if someone responsible could at least go through this paragraph and advice the responsible HEADS to start peeping on advancing the transport systems, especially roads to the southern corner of this beautiful country. Precious resources like minerals and tourist attractions are also present in places like Ulanga, Mahenge and Newala. If someone has ever reach the horizon that shows the divergence of Mozambique and our beautiful country; or have ever went through Shimo la Mungu may conquer with me.
    Our current Politics
    I wish if someone could hurry and make me stop pressing the buttons to a sentence to be followed.
    Are we in Politics or Political pollutants? Is there any patriotism among our so called politicians?
    Favouritism, friendship without attention to individual competence to the post is what we are sailing for.
    My eyes sees only greedy for power and generation of clusters to which in ten years to come we will be able to leap what we are currently sawing in a name on DEMOCRACY.
    Economic Wise
    I real fail to understand whether our Institution of Higher Learning has ever generated a generation of Economist who works for the benefit of our country.
    Are our leaders aware to the ongoing situation among we, majority poor? If I force myself to a day-light dream, I wish if the past 15years to be on board and the almighty God save us from the ongoing mess.
    Those who sit in golden chairs with their fore head taking charge to ridiculous contracts for the benefits of the few, most of who from the external world while the competent residents remain bare hand. Too pity once we begin to dig the root course of the whole situation.
    Is this how the world dances the rhythms of the New World Economic Order?
    Our dear Leaders and HEADS,
    At the beginning of each HEADS' ambitious and visions, you all had a road to guide and take through to where you are today.
    I do not wish to say whether -failure to maintain discipline towards achieved ambitious is what has lead us to the loosening of the whole-pulling.
    I think, it is the right time now to decide on either to tided-up or a cut the bundle for a new beginning.
    Best of Luck,