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Men v. Women

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Kimbweka, May 5, 2010.

  1. Kimbweka

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    May 5, 2010
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    Let's face it. Men and women want different things. They think differently, talk differently and learn differently. Many women want self defense training, but they shy away from firearms training for one reason or another, whether it is they do not like guns, they are scared of guns or a number of other reasons. However, many of our husbands OWN guns... and what happens if something happens in the house and our husband cannot run to the rescue? Say there is an intruder. Your husband grabs the gun. He gets shot and though he is still breathing, he hits the ground, the gun inches away from his hand. The burglar holds out his gun and aims it at you. Do you have the skills to disarm the attacker and save your husband's life? Or are you going to be helpless, allowing this masked shooter to spray his bullets at you, too?

    How about a different scenario, also involving a break in? You are single and live alone. This time, the intruder pins you down beneath him, holding a gun to your head. Do you have the self defense skills to escape?

    Maybe it is time our views on firearms training changed. There is no reason we should have to rely on the men to save us every time. Not only is there no reason, it is just plain impractical. (No offense, boys.) The thing is, as a woman, many of us are worried with being treated differently on the shooting range because of our sex. Will firearms training instructors look down upon us? Will they harass us? Will they feel the need to censor their training and not give us the chance at self defense that we deserve? Or will they go the other route, being lewd and chauvinistic, forgetting that there is a woman among the crowd of Y chromosomes? Dr. Ignatius Piazza wants us to feel equal to the men because he knows we need self defense training as much - or MORE - than they do, but at the same time he shows women the respect they deserve to receive.

    James R Eckburg, a retired United States Air Force Pilot, says, "I saw men, women, and teenagers of all experience levels treated professionally with respect and having FUN! All of the instructors were truly interested in the students' skills, progress, and safety. You cannot believe on Friday what you'll be capable of by Monday. Worth the training at twice the price!" Front Sight offers superior pistol training, UZI submachine gun training, Select Fire M16 training, shotgun training, rifle training, knife training and martial arts training to law abiding citizens everywhere, no matter if they are male or female. Women can feel comfortable coming to Dr. Piazza with all of their self defense training desires. Susan Marsden, an administrative assistant says, "Front Sight and its instructors made me very comfortable with my firearm. I was impressed with the knowledge of the instructors and was grateful for the individual attention I received."

    If you want to handle yourself in the real world, rather than living in fear, Front Sight is the place to find yourself. Yes, men and women think, act and learn differently. But Front Sight will help you succeed, no matter what.