Men if you want to live longer never marry these 7 types of Women

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Oct 22, 2016
Something occurs frequently on the path to marriage and meeting "the one." While dating, it's simple to ignore issues that may not seem like a huge concern, but these behaviors could develop into harmful habits after getting married. However, love need not be blind. There is no justification for accepting toxic or destructive relationships in order to pursue marriage.

Each of us struggles with sin on a daily basis. All of us have made mistakes that we frequently wish we could undo. The grace and freedom that only Christ Himself can provide are things we all need. But when we choose to see difficulties in our dating relationships rather than recognizing red signals, our marriages are healthier.

God is interested in the choices we make. He is interested in who we marry. And we can have faith that He will give us direction and make it easier for us to spot warning signs along the way.
1. The Unbeliever
Be careful not to accept anything less than what God would desire for your marriage's spiritual well-being. When you combine the strain of divergent spiritual beliefs with the difficulty of marriage, you may find yourself in serious problems when everyday stresses arise. Don't make the mistaken assumption that you can persuade her to "turn around" or modify her ideas later if your beliefs at the time are so drastically different. It may happen or it could not.
- 2 Cor. 6:14

2. The Abuser

It's common for people to think that "abusers" are men, but women can fall into the same trap, and the man in her life could find it challenging to discuss the issue or seek assistance. Men may frequently suffer from severe feelings of shame, remorse, and inadequacy as the invisible victims of relationship abuse.
- Ps. 11:5

This scripture serves as a reminder of how God feels about a violent heart. Nobody should be mistreated. Ever. When someone hurts you physically, verbally, or deeply emotionally, get away from them as soon as possible. They are not going to be saved by you. That is God's creation. Abuse of any kind has no place in a marriage, which must be based on a foundation of profound love and respect.
3. The Controller, Manipulator

The dangerously subtle actions of this person may portend severe trouble. What may appear to be "I just care about you," but is actually a need for ongoing control or envy. She might try to control you and make decisions for you, particularly in terms of who you spend time with. She might constantly check in on you, keep a close eye on you, or make up stories about you cheating on her. The person who needs to be in charge will constantly question her ability to "trust you." Under her control, you may occasionally begin to experience breathing difficulties. It's oppressive. You're being held closely, so that's how it's supposed to be.
- James 3:16

4. The Angry, Contentious Woman
Your partner won't be able to manage her fury after you get married if she can't before. Most of the time, her behavior will deteriorate. It doesn't matter what kind of personality we have; it still doesn't allow us to trample everybody in our path with vile remarks and rants. Observe her behavior in various situations, especially while under pressure.
- Proverbs 25:24

5. The Seducer

Before getting married, you may have developed some behaviors that won't suddenly disappear after saying "I do." Once caught in these destructive patterns, sexual sin can be a hard habit to break. Sexual sin can be a deep trap set by the enemy. However, the suffering or errors of the past shouldn't have any influence over the present or the future. God seeks to renew us and to set us free.

Together, decide to hold your relationship to His standards. The lies of the world claim that having sex prior to marriage is common and unproblematic. However, it's a big thing. Avoid believing the enemy's lies. When someone is loved, the heart of Christ always wants the best for them, wanting to strengthen, defend, and promote safe, healthy routines.
6. The Deceiver, Liar

The foundation of every marriage must be trust. Without this as a solid foundation, disaster is bound to follow. So what about those "small white lies" you began to pick up on along the way? Little white lies don't exist in the real world. Any lie is intended to conceal, mislead, or twist the truth. In a strong, loving relationship, lying has no place. It's a potentially fatal trap, and you'll never know what she's trying to conceal.
7. The Addict

This person needs the freedom that can only come through acknowledging a problem, getting help from a professional, and relying on the power that only God can provide. Deep problems will arise as a result of addiction to alcohol, drugs, pornography, or other behaviors. Don't be deceived into thinking that just because your relationship seems to push her in the correct direction, she will readily "give it all up for you" without the support and responsibility of professional counseling.
Both freeing her and attempting to alter their hearts are not your responsibilities. Only God is capable of doing that.
- 1 Cor. 6:12

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