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Men Have A Longer Sex Life in USA

Discussion in 'JF Doctor' started by Dr. Chapa Kiuno, Apr 17, 2010.

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    Apr 17, 2010
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    Study Shows

    [​IMG] When it comes to a long life, women beat men hands down. On average, American women are expected to live to be 80, but men are expected only to live to about 75. However, the quality of that life - especially when it comes to sex - is quite different. Why? Because men may have shorter overall lives, but they have a more active sexual life than women. Just how much more sex are men having? At least five years according to a University of Chicago study.

    Well, ladies, here's another reason to be annoyed with the men we love: They're going to have more sex than we are over the course of their lives. At least that's the finding of a
    new study conducted at the University of Chicago and published recently in the British Medical Journal. Researchers found that, by age 55, men have about 15 years of sexual activity left. Women at the same age have only 11 or fewer years of sexual activity left, and only about half of women over 75 rated their sex lives as "good". Over half of men aged 75 said their sex lives were "good."

    The study found that, not only are men going to have more sex, but that they're going to have sex later in their lives than women. Bah, on that, I say. This is the 21st century and it's time we women took our sex lives into our own hands ... actually the hands of a really accomplished lover would be good, too.

    Researchers found that more than 70 percent of men over age 75 have sexual partners but only about 40 percent of women the same age do. So are men simply more interested in sex? The short answer? Yes! About half of men bages 57 to 85 are quite interested in sex, but only about 11 percent of the same-aged women are interested. Another factor: Men are choosing younger and younger mates, leaving older women out in the cold. So, ladies, maybe it's time you took a page from the Men's Sex Handbook and started dating younger men!

    And having sex isn't just about the physical gratification. Sex can actually add to the quality of your life, for both men and women. Older couples with a mutually satisfying sex life are found to be happier in general with their lives, family, work and friendships. Yep, another reason to stay stocked up on condoms, even after the child-bearing years are over: Having sex helps you have a more satisfying overall life.

    The study, said lead author Stacy Tessler Lindau, MD, "affirms a positive association between later-life health, sexual partnership and sexual activity."

    So, if you're having sex, great! And if you're not, take a look at the reasons behind your abstinence. Of course you should never randomly pick someone up just to have sex, but if you're in a relationship and sex isn't happening, think about the reasons why. And then turn life upside down by rejuventating -- or reinventing -- your sex life. You'll be glad you did!